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Daily Roundup from Willard Payne (Night Watch Information Service)
Sunday, 04 November 2007 15:04
by Willard Payne
Night Watch: GAZA - Hamas and other Palestinian miitant units have followed up their recent statements about going on the offensive with a barrage of 12 Qassam rockets that have caused heavy damage but no casualties. Debka reports the Israeli settlements near Gaza which were hit are: Sderot, Shear Hanegev, Nir Am and Gavim. Israel’s air force has already responded by attempting to destroy the rocket launch sites but as of this writing there seems to be no immediate preparation for Israel’s major offensive which they have been threatening. Currently Israel is still conducting large scale maneuvers near the Lebanon border. Virtually every Palestinian militant unit is involved in the offensive and they have stated this will continue with “hundreds more a day.” There are 40 Israeli communities within range of the Qassam. In addition to the Qassam rockets the town of Netiv Ha’asara has been hit by constant mortar fire
Gaza - Gulf Times-AFP report, according to senior Israeli security officials Hamas is more prepared for a major conflict than ever before due to the massive preparations they have been making in increasing their defenses and the tons of weapons smuggled through Egypt. Brigadier Moshe Tamir observed, “There is a process of production and arming of the Hamas. We are not ignoring it and it is felt on the ground. There are more weapons.” Recent assualts by Israeli armor into Gaza have been met with anti-tank rocket fire resulting in more casualties for Israeli units. 8,000 militants are estimated to be based in Gaza trained in the same guerrilla tactics used by Hezbollah last year in south Lebanon. Yuval Diskin, head of Israel’s Shin Beth Internal Security Services stated, “Hamas are busy digging trenches, fortifications and tunnels. They have laid down mine fields.”

Diskin continued by saying Hamas has created local weapons manufacturing workshops using over 70 tons of smuggled explosives from Egypt in addition to pipes and fertilizers trucked in from Israel. He added there is also a “clear chain of command and well trained regiments and brigades. They are developing their training programs with activists who return from long training in Iran and other countries.” Last year Israel’s offense, in response late June to the captured Israeli soldier, killed 400 Palestinians but just three Israeli soldiers however this time, according to the head of Israel’s National Security College, Jacob Amidror, Major-General reserves, “The army will have to go in with much more force. The price will be paid by Gaza’s local population because Israel is preparing for war against a growing force that has sophisticated weapons and is well entrenched. The Israel Defence Force army will have to use more fire power and armoured vehicles that will cause much more casualties on the Palestinian side but also on our side.”

These assessments are no exaggeration. Teheran wants the war to cause as many deaths as possible, not just among the combatants but also among the civilian population on both sides. Spritual-political leaders in Iran and other Islamic countries will celebrate the deaths-martyrs as a sacrifice to Allah.
Beirut - Debka reports United Nations Secretary - General Ban Ki-moon has stated, in a report to the Security Council, Hezbollah has tripled its anti-ship missile arsenal from last year, the C-802 anti-ship missiles that damaged an Israeli destroyer during last year’s war with Hezbollah in Lebanon. The report mentioned Hezbollah has now stationed its entire rocket force north of the Litani river, the rockets being the Zilzal and Fajr with a range of 125 miles (205 km) and can reach Tel Aviv. Hezbollah now has, unlike last year, anti-air units trained by Iran equipped with Iranian anti-aircraft missiles and guns. Iranian engineers are also paving 600 miles (1,000 km) of strategic highways all over Lebanon to improve the transit of military convoys.
Katwari Post - KONS news service reports six Islamic inflitrators were killed in heavy action along the Line of Control (LoC) the demarcation drawn in 1972 separating the part of Kashmir controlled by Pakistan/India. India’s army intercepted two attempts at infilitration, one at Katwari Post between Bohinar and Khanabai in Machil sector that resulted in a night long battle. Four Islamic militants are known to have been killed and India has sent more units to the area to increase patrolling. The second encounter took place in the Gogar Wudri area of Keran sector resulting in the deaths of two infilitrators. The Islamic uprising, which began this current wave of fighting, and has nearly led to the fourth major war between Pakistan/India, began in 1989-November.
Srinagar - KONS reports the head of India’s 15th Corps based in Kashmir, Lieutenant-General A. K. Skhon has issued a new estimate of the number of Islamic militants currently active in Kashmir- 800, with 300 based in the south of the province. This is the number estimated in August and half the number a year ago. General Skhon also mentioned quite of few of them are not from Kashmir. This does not count the nearly 3,000 militants stationed in what are called launching pads in Pakistan, bases and camps Delhi has threatened to attack. Islamabad has stated if the bases are ever attacked Pakistan would be forced to respond and I suspect Teheran-Islamabad intend to cause enough attacks this month to force Delhi to use its “Hot Pursuit” policy.
Daily Roundup from Willard Payne (Night Watch Information Service)

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