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Impeachment Advocates Crush Server, But Still No Reports in the Corporate Media
Wednesday, 19 December 2007 12:58
by Dave Lindorff

The push for hearings on Dennis Kucinich's Cheney impeachment bill (H Res. 799) continues, with the number of signers of Wexler's petition now topping 90,000.

The rush to sign on has been so heavy that on Monday it crashed the server. Rep. Robert Wexler's people have since changed to a better server, but in the process, there were some resets of the tally, which has led to a lot of concern and even to anxious conspiracy theories among impeachment backers. Wexler's office says there has been no problem with sabatoge, and that the current number, just over 90,000 as of 10:45 am Tuesday, is accurate. The list has been checked for duplicates and other signs of trouble, and looks clean, they say.

So impeachment advocates should continue to push for support for this call for action. Get people to the petition site and signed on.

But don't stop there. This important breach in the impeachment stonewall at the House of Representatives has still not been reported at all in the corporate media. We need an avalanche of phone calls and letters to corporate media editors demanding that they stop censoring out this story.

I spoke at a political theater event on Sunday in New York City produced by the Culture Project Theater, and was part of a staged "grand jury" investigation into impeachment, under "prosecutor" Marjorie Cohen, president of the National Lawyers Guild. With me were Columbia University law professor Scott Horton and former Rep. and Nixon impeachment panelist Elizabeth Holtzman.

Rep. Holtzman made the salient and crucial point that it is the people who drove the effort to impeach President Nixon. She notes that even after White House lawyer John Dean's powerful testimony before the Senate Watergate Committee about a "cancer on the presidency," Congress didn't act on impeachment. Only when there was a tidal wave of demands from the public for impeachment, following Nixon's firing of Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox, was Congress moved to act and set up an impeachment hearing in the House Judiciary Committee.

She says the same is true today. No matter how obvious this administration's crimes against the Constitution and its threats to the survival of democracy, Congress will not act to impeach unless the public demands action.

Now is our chance!
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Radical priest said:

Cheney was in Charge of NORAD on 9/11 ! as well as.........
the 5 (25) war games which were conveniently going on at the same time.
THAT alone should convict and hang him
9/11=PNAC Plot
December 19, 2007
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