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What Is Spiritually Wrong With America: Shrinking From the Necessary Battle
Wednesday, 19 December 2007 13:34
by Andrew Bard Schmookler

What is spiritually wrong with America, that the American system could not protect itself better against these bushite forces?

Are we to believe that things could have happened like this — that a criminal regime of this sort could endure, not signficantly confronted — at just ANY time in American history?

One thing we know: there has NEVER been such a pervasive pattern of lies and crimes in the American presidency as with this Bushite bunch.

Here we have a list of scandals — some of them profound scandals — that sometimes gets to seem like almost every day brings a new one. And — still — America deals with this administration as if it were a genuine presidency, as if it were more than a bunch of criminal suspects.

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What does it say about the state of the country that we have not reached consensus on regarding this regime as criminal and fascist and downright evil, and has not used the mechanism designed for the nation to defend itself from this kind of usurpatious power.

It cannot be assumed that the battle against the Bushites COULD be won. But if this battle IS winnable, but the necessary countervailing powers are simply shrinking from fighting it, what does it say about the spiritual state of America? Why has the system failed to do what it was supposed to be designed to do?

The people failed. The press failed. The Congress failed. The opposition failed. (”The Lament of a True Patriot” at www.nonesoblind.org/blog/?p=919

What is the reason for this failure?

The battle must be fought somewhere, or it will be lost. John Cochrane wrote in a comment: “When the most powerful nation in the world abandons the principles that require a prisoner to receive a fair trial and hearing within a reasonable time all of us might note that what happens to them today may happen to us tomorrow.”

To which I respond: Yes, the nature of the forces behind this Bushite regime is that there is no limit to how much power they would seek, no point at which they would not push toward complete power. So there is no truce line between allowing their violation of the detainees rights and their marching further and violating ours. You’re right, John.

Therefore, the battle must be fought. And quite likely it is better to fight it sooner rather than later.

So why does America not more forcefully confront this regime? What is the spiritual defect that could explain this failure?

[To Be Continued]
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