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The Temporal Talisman
Tuesday, 25 December 2007 14:37
by Ahmed A/Kadir (Shiine)

The plight is extremely massive, a mist of dust and smoke covers the entire city of Mogadishu, the indiscriminate Shelling of the Ethiopian army is still unremitting, but the covered concealed tragedy is finally transpired and turned to a visible heartbreaking catastrophe.

Since the Ethiopian troops invaded Somalia, the Situation of war devastated Somalia was getting worse and tainted to a point where thousands were killed, others were banned to bury the bodies of their beloved ones, much more wounded and couldn’t be transported to the overloaded poorly facilitated hospitals, millions flee from their homes and the humanitarian aid was rebuffed to reach them.

Mogadishu, the capital city is totally demolished, crowded city markets, hospitals and other public places are the targets of the Ethiopian tanks and mortar shells. The sidewalks of the major streets are nastily destructed, dug then hollowed out and today like the border line between the two neighboring countries are the trenches of the Ethiopian troops.

After the city markets were devastated and isolated, that magnified the scarcity of food supplies, the Ethiopian troops cordoned many residential areas, constraining poor civilians including infants and unfit ailing elders to stay in their homes for several days with no food or water, and a bullet was simply fed for those that came out for foodstuffs. That was really a death sentence that silently killed hundreds of innocent civilians that luckily survived from their merciless indiscriminate shelling.

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To exterminate the weak remainders after the heavy bombardments, it is common for the Ethiopian troops to invade the attacked neighborhood, where cottages totally disappeared, buildings are flaming, others are Smoldering, and they contemptibly slaughter the shocked and wounded leftovers with their bayonets on their napes. Reporters are always killed, local radio stations are already suffocated, they are not allowed to tell the truth, and human rights groups are under a constant and everlasting attack.

Assuming the temporal talisman that covered the terrible war crimes they commit in Somalia as a timeless one, the tyrant Ethiopian regime is now trying to tackle the accusations of their tremendous inhumane activities, and shamefully condemning the united Nations aiming to silence the international organizations in a similar way as the local radio stations and Mogadishu human rights organizations that they already muted.

Almost everything is taped, facts and proof of evidences are available at all times, Mogadishu massacre and genocide made by the Ethiopian troops was always an absolute truism, but its transpiration to the outside world will certainly be the beginning of a new chapter that can simply content the victims of that horrific inhuman influx of assaults, and incriminate the responsible tail coated cruel tarantulas that must be taken to the world tribunal of war crimes.
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Zakaria said:

This is really a wonderful and fascinating article.
It is well written and attracting.
December 25, 2007
Votes: +0

Sri Ramon Jun QUITALES said:

Social Crediter
Let the truth out and have those criminals out of
Somalia and be prosecuted - where's the US and British
troops? No oil in Somalia that's why they don't want
to be involve?
December 26, 2007
Votes: +0

ceydiid said:

maad somali wax ku qorto? yaad ula jeeddaa maqaaladan
War afkaaga hooyo maad ku qorto? Qoraalkan English ka ah waa mid tayo xun oo aan u qalmin in la akhriyo. Welina waxaad sheeganeysaa inaad tahay aqoonyahan. Cajiib.
March 31, 2010
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