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Quebec City Wants To Celebrate 400 Years Anniversary Of Carnage, Genocide & Death Of Indigenous People.
Saturday, 05 January 2008 20:48
by Kahentinetha Horn

Some people have a twisted view of history. Josee Legault, who writes for the Montreal Gazette, complains that the 2008 New Years celebration in Quebec City was a disappointment.

Colonialism is a mental illness. Some can see this. According to Legault, Quebec’s major artists were absent. If they were boycotting the event, they showed good sense. For the world to escape the “colonial disease”, the most honest and sensitive artists will lead the way. They will break out of the delusion and find the vision needed to affect a cure. Healing is certainly needed here. The illness that pervades colonial society and all of its agencies and institutions is plain to us, the Indigenous Peoples. We’ve been waiting for the rest of the world to wake up.
Legault seems to criticize Le Devoir for saying “the founding of Quebec City was an historical mistake”. Right on! What’s to celebrate? Theft of our land? Vandalism? Plagues? Genocide? Complete denial of our existence? Establishment of twisted and diseased European social customs on our land? Pollution and destruction of our environment? We would have all been better off if the French and English had stayed home and cured their sicknesses instead of contaminating the rest of the world's.

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When Jacques Cartier arrived at the modern site of Quebec City in 1534, he found a beautiful stand of nut trees. The new arrivals behaved strangely. Cartier kidnapped Donnacona’s sons! He must have known this was wrong. When he came back, they chopped down our nut trees to build a fort where they barricaded themselves. Weird! Legault complains that the founder of Quebec City, Samuel de Champlain, “was all but ignored” in the celebrations. Let’s take a look at this guy. He was a shameless promoter of colonialism, and a dangerous psychopath.

When he first saw the Mohawks he opened fire on them with his new toy, the 'Arquebuse'. He then declared a campaign of genocide to wipe every last one of us out. From 1608 to 1635 he wreaked havoc on every part of Turtle Island that he could reach. In one of his campaigns he wiped out 30 of our villages. This was meant to support the French lie that our territory was “empty”.

Did Legault expect a re-enactment of this carnage? If so, she’s a blood-thirsty vampire! According to Legault ignoring Champlain is “like the United States celebrating the by-centennial of the American Revolution without uttering the name of George Washington”. She’s right! George Washington is known to our people as the “Ranatakarias” - “destroyer of villages”. He ordered General Sullivan into our territory to destroy everything. They torched our longhouses, our barns, our agricultural equipment, thousands of fruit trees, bushels of grain, our corn, our beans and our squash. When the people ran out, they were shot. They brought down over 100,000 of our people to almost nothing. The survivors fled to Fort Niagara . The British were no better!!! They sent General Amherst to finish the genocide with gifts of small pox infested blankets. Let’s not kid ourselves, the aim of the American Revolution was to grab our land. The French allied with the Americans. The British made illegal agreements in Paris giving free reign to the “rebel” rabble to escalate the colonial land grab. Let’s have truth before reconciliation.

Admission and acknowledgement are required before there can be healing! The arrival of the European “found’l’ings” at Quebec City marks the beginning of an era of an apocalypse. An apology is not enough. Colonial society has to admit the devastation to us and our environment that has now been destroyed to the point where survival of the human race is in question.

A few days ago the Montreal Gazette complained that the head honcho, Queen Elizabeth II, can’t make the Quebec City bash. Are she and her handlers showing some good sense? This mindless nonsense is meant to stoke the colonial delirium and keep the public in a trance so they can keep being manipulated.

All it produces on 'St. Jean Baptiste Day' is a bunch of drunken yahoos, driving around with their radios at full blast, their stinking feet hanging out the windows and ‘fleur de lis’ flags stuck in their gas tank. Who needs that?

The 400th anniversary of the colonial disorder should be recognized. We need a full confession, an exorcism, whatever it takes to cure and wake people from this crazy fantasy.

Quebecers and Canadians both need to stop being proud of genocidal maniacs. They need to stop celebrating the holocaust that plunked their ancestors on our land while killing most of us. They need to get the “pure laine” cobwebs out of their minds. Then we can examine the real character of our historical relationship.

Legault seems to think that “It’s a pretty sorry statement that this anniversary cannot be seen and presented for what it is”. We agree! She doesn’t know our history. It’s not Quebec versus Canada or Canada versus Quebec . It’s about theft, killing and lies. It’s about colonial delusions.

The Quebec City celebration committee shouldn’t listen to Legault. If they do, they might be temped to bring in a bunch of cabaret “Indians” from some "Indian" village wearing vinyl buckskins dancing to “Yankee Doodle Dandy”. That goes for the "Willy Two Willies" and the “plastic medicine men” too. We’ve seen this kind of nonsense before. Now we have a smart new generation of indigenous youth who would never demean themselves this way.

Quebecers, Canadians and all residents of Turtle Island , it is possible to develop immunity to the colonial disease, to see history for what it was. 40 of the 50 U.S. states have indigenous names. So do Saskatchewan , Manitoba , Ontario , Quebec , Nunavut and Nunavik.

To promote healing, an appropriate first move would be to restore the Indigenous names to every place on Turtle Island . Quebec already bears an Algonquin name. If you look at the word in French, it sounds like “kiss my ass” [cue, bec]. It’s time to take the lies and profanity out of history. In other words, let’s kill the ill[ness]!

Horn is of Kanien'ke:haka and Mohawk decent. She is an elder from the Kahnawake of Mohawk Territory. She has a Masters of Arts from Carleton University (Ottawa, Ontario). Horn teaches at Concordia University and runs the Mohawk Nation New
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Lysandre Tremblay said:

By the way Colombus wasn't the first european to "discover" America. Vikings and Basques knew centuries before about Newfoundland, the St-Lawrence and the Saguenay for instance.
I hope quebecers and canadians will start realizing what has been made by their ancestors in the name of colonisation and the present-day consequences. Have you seen the movie "le peuple invisible" by Desjardins? Its not perfect, but its at least a first step done by us quebecers.
Like pretty much all quebecers, I'm also part native (montagnais). I believe that in those genocides, we also left a bit of ourselves.
January 06, 2008
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Indigent Vagabond said:

Indigenous Poverty: The True Story!
And "Indigenous Severely Sabatoged"
January 23, 2008
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sikak iskwew said:

isnt kanien'ke:haka known as "mohawk" in english?
January 03, 2010
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