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John Edwards: Too Soon for Political Obituary
Wednesday, 16 January 2008 13:18
by Jayne Lyn Stahl

So, maybe the media has timed out on John Edwards. Maybe the pay for view press has decided to shrink the contest for the Democratic presidential nomination to two candidates, but this would be premature evacuation. Every contender with the stomach for it has the right to remain in the race for as long as he or she wants without the benefit of primetime postmortems.

Isn't it bad enough that we try, and convict, those who are only suspected of committing a crime on our TV newscasts? Is this any way to run a democracy? Yeah, into the ground, I think.

If we, in this country, weren't so insistent upon novelty, and looked instead to competency, John Edwards would be, by far, the clear leader as the nominee of the Democratic Party. Yet, in keeping with their time-honored tradition, the Democrats will instead show their uncanny ability to foul it up all just when a victory is most needed, and instead of delivering an end to a war which has lasted longer than Vietnam, we will, yet again, deliver a nominee who is guaranteed to pull an LBJ and keep fanning the flames of war in the name of bringing the boys home. The lies are the same; the only thing that's changed is the calendar.

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While it's true that any Democrat nominated must secure as many crossover Republican votes as possible, if we think of government as a large ship, what happens when all the weight is in the center?

As long as any candidate places his, or her tonnage solely in the middle, the ship of state must sink. That was John Kerry's problem; not willing to go out on a limb, sticking with the tried and true — is this what it means to be experienced? But, even more daunting for him, Kerry wasn't a fighter. If Kerry were a fighter, he'd have held out for every last vote to be counted, in Ohio, and we would not have had a second term of George W. Bush who didn't even deserve a first term.

It would be ingenuous to think, even for a minute, that only the experienced stick with the tried and true. No one who is unprepared, or unwilling, to take a risk belongs in the Oval Office, in the first place. George Washington took risks, John Adams, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy — even Richard Nixon took risks; not all risks are created equal, after all.

Make no mistake, whether one likes Hillary Clinton is beside the point just as whether one likes Barack Obama is also beside the point, the only candidate who has stated emphatically that he will withdraw all troops from Iraq is John Edwards. The only candidate not beating the war drums with respect to Iran or Pakistan is John Edwards.

Moreover, the only Democratic contender not luxuriating in generalities and abstractions is John Edwards. And, ultimately, the candidate, besides Dennis Kucinich, who poses the greatest risk to the corporate lobbies, and big business in Washington, is John Edwards. Edwards is a fighter which is what the Democratic Party needs if it's to win the presidency in 2008. Edwards will fight for economic equity, he will fight for the working man and woman in this country at the expense of the corporate elite. He will see to it that more of our sons and daughters are in college than on the front lines of battle.

Yes, and go figure, John Edwards just happens to be the guy the corporate media machine is intent on writing off, trying to figure out how to siphon off his votes while they're racheting up John McCain. Well, guess what, Winning one or two primaries doesn't make a presidential candidate anymore than losing one or two breaks one.

For remembering this, one needs to thank former President Bill Clinton iwho, throughout his wife's campaign, has often reminded us how he lost the first five primaries, and still won the presidency to go on to become one of the most accomplished presidents in recent history until Gingrich and Co. got their teeth into him . No doubt, Romney and Huckabee are sharpening their fangs, and salivating at the thought of a Clinton redux. What makes anyone naive enough to think Hillary has a chance when she comes up against the evangelical lobby that brought down Bill Clinton, and George H.W. Bush before him?

Well, then, as the mainstream media would have us believe — that leaves Barack Obama. Senator Obama needs to learn a lot more from John Edwards about articulating a clear, and straightforward position on domestic and foreign policy before anyone can take him seriously enough to vote for him behind closed doors. We've already had seven years of abstractions like "war on terror," and "axis of evil." If Obama doesn't step forward in real time, and with plan talk, tell us his position, in vivid detail, on all the contentious issues like gun control, and health insurance,, you can bet your bottom dollar his Republican counterpart will if he gets the nomination.

Further, were Obama to get the nomination, by the time the Republican spin masters got through with him, he'd make Noam Chomsky look like Mike Huckabee.

As for Hillary Clinton, I think this country has had enough of political dynasties, with the possible exception of the Kennedys, and apart from an important thumbs up from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.,the Kennedy clan is conspicuously silent.

Ultimately, Edwards and Obama have one thing in common: they both need to broaden their base. Edwards has to appeal to those who drive a Lexus, as well as the middle class; Obama has to appeal to everyone over 40.

More importantly, it's time for the pundits, and the press, to hold off on the eulogies, as well as divvying up any candidate's estate, or declaring anyone down for the count until many more voices are heard, and votes counted.
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Comments (4)add comment

Sandie G said:

Thank you so much for bring out the strengths of John Edwards! As the campaign
progresses, everyone has begun to take bits and pieces from his platform.
Recognizing that it is a message the people want to hear, they've presented it as their own, but he is the originator of the message of change, war on poverty, greening the environment, health care, education, illegal immigration. The proof his book! He is the only candidate to put his stand on the issues in writing, a year ago!
January 17, 2008
Votes: +0

P. Crosby said:

People who vote for Obama or Hillary must have aa egocentric view of their very existance. At the end of the day this election is about the war in Iraq not domestic policies (which is rather unfortunate), and for those who vote for a pro-war candidate are very ignorant of the very facts of war itself.
January 17, 2008
Votes: +0

YeahOk said:

It doesn't matter how we vote. The fascist machine of our new government has already determined how they're going to count the votes.
January 17, 2008
Votes: +0

Leslie Geddes said:

John Edwards is a credible, articulate candidate who clearly offers the best platforms on withdrawal of troops from Iraq, health care, education and the environment.
Its time the media stopped denying the American people the opportunity of participating in a democratic election.
I encourage calling the media on its lack of attention to John Edwards, and insisting the media raise its standards to provide equitable coverage of his campaign for President.
January 18, 2008
Votes: +0

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