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Spouting Change to Stay the Same
Friday, 18 January 2008 01:11
by Walter Brasch

All of the presidential candidates are spouting “CHANGE” as their “catch-word of the day.” Change the health care system. Change the economy. Change the corporate hold on middle-class Americans. The only thing they’re not relying upon to get votes is spare change. A multi-million dollar campaign needs corporate investment—the kind the candidates say they oppose, but most are taking, nevertheless.

From Iowa in January to the last primary in June, candidates are dishing out heaping platters of rhetoric that are meant to make us believe that not only are they the forces of righteousness and, yes, change, but that they’re the Avis Rental Car underdog trying to topple the establishment. But, every one of them is establishment. On the Democratic side, we have three U.S. senators and a governor leading the pack. Sputtering at the bottom of the leaders is a congressman who opposed the PATRIOT Act and the invasion of Iraq, and has as much a chance of getting the nomination as does a social worker becoming a Fortune 500 CEO.

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Leading the Republicans are two U.S. senators, a former senator, a former governor, and a former big city mayor who, Sen. Joe Biden once said, constructs every sentence with three words—a noun, a verb, and 9/11.

It’s understandable that the Democrats want change. After all, for the past seven years, Americans have been subjugated to the arrogant abuse of power, innumerable constitutional violations, myriad no-bid multi-million dollar federal contracts that benefit corporations with White House connections, an undeclared and unprovoked war in Iraq, a failure to protect the environment or American cities, and an economy that is in nuclear decay. What the Democrats don’t say is that for most of the seven years, by their failure to organize and speak out about the problems, even if it may have cost them votes in re-election campaigns, they solidified their position as part of the establishment.

But, the Republicans are also calling for change, as if they weren’t part of the problem to begin with. They quietly say they support President Bush, but never mention his name in public, and secretly hope the tainted President and Vice-President puppet-master won’t bless them with an endorsement.

Somewhere in the mix is a congressman from Texas, whose third party candidacy is marred by his honesty that change is necessary to return the nation to the eighteenth century.

The American people themselves may say they are tired of the same old politics, and they want change—thus precipitating the pollsters to tell the candidates that “change” will work in the campaigns. But the voters continually re-elect incumbents.

The problem with pushing for “change” is not that change is good or bad, but that the political process is soiled by a reality that transcends all others. Those out of office want to be in office, so they drag out populist appeals to try to convince voters that things will be different once there’s a new person in the—fill in the blank—city council, state legislature, congress, presidency. For the entire campaign, promises will flow until the flood eventually drowns the people. Once elected, the politicians’ mission is to stay elected. They can’t understand why their new opponents, the ones who want their jobs, are so mean as to attack them. After all, the officials, so they believe, only have the people’s best interests at heart—even if it appears to violate the constitution or benefit friends of the officials.

“Change” may be the new buzzword of this campaign, but “establishment” is what perpetuates the system.

[Walter Brasch is professor of mass communications/journalism at Bloomsburg University. His latest book is Sinking the Ship of State: The Presidency of George W. Bush, available at amazon.com and other bookstores. You may contact Brasch through his website, www.walterbrasch.com]
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Comments (3)add comment

Dale Mastarone said:

What change do we really want?
Taking us back to the 18th century is not necessarily bad - because that was when the Constitution was written. The office of president is a constitutional office and should be governed by the Rule of Law. In the 18th century we had statesmen in the three branches of federal government that obeyed the Constitution because they knew that to not do so would change America back to a monarchy their fellow citizens spilled their blood to be rid of, and the Constitutional Republic flourished. Now we have a monarch in the oval office that makes up the rules as he goes along, and disobeys the rules that Congress sets forth by issuing signing statements. America prospered in the 18th century when the Rule of Law (the Constitution)was in force. And, by the way, the Texas Congressman in the mix is not a third party candidate. Ron Paul is the only true Republican in the mix that has any respect for the Constitution. Look at Ron Paul's voting record in 10 terms in the Congress. All the other candidates in the mix care for the Constitution about as much as the present occupant in the Oval Office. Just look at their historical Congressional voting records or executive acts as governors.
January 18, 2008
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walt brasch said:

Sentence about Paul was neutral. He wants to get back to the 18th cent. values of the founding. This includes constitutional issues. Also includes other issues as well. Of current crop, Kucinich agrees with Paul on constitutional issues--and Clinton, et al., have not been strong in opposition to PAT Act or significant const. violations. (John Kerry was almost silent in 2004.) Paul IS a 3rd party candidate--he may be a Republican, but he is running on Libertarian party label and support. Thus, he IS 3rd party.
walt brasch
January 18, 2008
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Yaminy said:

Surrogate Ersatz Pseudo Fake
Walt, I do appreciate your thoughtful writing, but I must take issue with your representation that Kucinich agrees with Paul on Constitutional issues. He, as far as I can tell, considers the Second Amendment archaic.

Regarding Paul's third party label, I must respectfully differ from your opinion thusly: All the other Republicans are actually third party candidates posing as Republicans, and only Paul is an actual Republican. The entire edifice of government poses as either Republican or Democrat, while actually belonging to some nameless Chthulun party of horrific torment and tyranny.

The evidence for this is that regardless of the claims they make regarding their policies, their actual performance produces continued deliverance of privilege to the privileged, torment to the present victims, and further broadening of the vulnerabilities to which the electorate is subject. These are not Democratic, nor Republican, party planks, so they are but poseurs regarding their party status.

Only Ron Paul will actually deliver the policies he claims he will, and thus he is the only Republican in the race.
January 19, 2008
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