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Canada’s “Indian Affairs” Financed War Machine To Attack Kanehsatake Mohawks On Jan. 12 2004
Tuesday, 29 January 2008 23:58
by Kahentinetha Horn

Government documents received through an “Access to Information” request prove that the attack on peaceful Kanehsatake Mohawks by a heavily armed 67-man paramilitary force was planned, financed and implemented by Indian Affairs, Solicitor General’s Office and the Prime Minister’s Office of Ottawa. The documents reveal that the initial lay out of over $900,000 was illegally provided by Indian Affairs to Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness for this coup. [PSEPC Code 0880; Ref. Code 5000020336].

The documents show that a total of $40 million was spent on this attack. [$20 million from Canada and $20 million from Quebec.] Secret bi-lateral agreements between Canada and Quebec laid out funding arrangements. Canada was to provide 52% and Quebec 48% of the policing funds. Indian Affairs has no authority in policing. It was strictly illegal – a blatant violation of Canadian law and a misappropriation of Indigenous resources and Canadian taxpayers’ dollars at a time, when many Indigenous communities are suffering from third world conditions, without even clean water to drink. Despite the huge number of blanks where crucial information was “whited-out” from the documents, it was still possible to piece together the ghoulish story that’s going to haunt the corporate government players to their graves.

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To set it up, the culprits, Indian affairs, appointed a third party manager, PriceWaterhouseCoopers [who were allegedly paid over $1.5 million a year in fees over several years], to divert Kanehsatake community funds towards this phony ‘coup d’etat’ [MCK & Minister No. 186-2004-00069]. In a March 24, 2005 memo for the Deputy Minister of PSEPC, Chantal “Public-Wrong” Bernier, the Assistant Deputy Minister, pointed out that diversion of funds was “illegal” but went ahead and signed the authority anyway, “because the Privy Council Office and Treasury Board recognized their authority in the fall of 2003”. The first check was recorded by PWC as having been cut in July 2003. [Denise Charron PSEPC Aboriginal Policing Directorate]

As there was no way for Indian Affairs to fund such a “military” attack of Indigenous people, Indian Affairs made the first payment to get it started. They diverted money out of core funding for Kanehsatake into cars, weaponry, bullets, hotels, meals and everything needed for their hired “mercenaries” to play their lethal game. Their mission was to take down the Police Commission, the police force, the cigarette trade, take over the police station and council house and to bring the Mohawks into submission. They were instructed to protect James Gabriel’s four chiefs. They had a “hit list” of Mohawks who were to be taken down “on sight”. Whatever happened to Canada’s boasting about the “rule of law”?

Canada abrogated the “death penalty” years ago. These executions appear to have been ordered and approved at the highest levels of the Canadian government. This operation was given a blank check by Indian Affairs, Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness, Treasury Board and the Privy Council Office under the guidance of the Prime Minister’s Office. Kanehsatake was kept as a separate file, directly under the Prime Ministers, first, Jean Chretien [now of Heenan Blaikie] and then Paul Martin. The man in charge was Eric “Alter Boy” Maldoff, of Heenan Blaikie, Chief Federal Negotiator for Canada “with” Kanehsatake, according to his own website. In a Question Period Note, by Jean Chartrand & David Hallman, of Aboriginal Policing Directorate, dated May 30th 2005, they referred to a television report aired on Radio Canada on May 27 2005, “Chief Mediator, Eric Maldoff, appointed in 1995 by then Prime Minister, Jean Chretien, received $429,248 last year alone”. They went on to state that, “Mr. Maldof would have received more than $2 million for his services. Ten years later, Kanehsatake is still on the “front pages” of the written press”.

A reliable source stated that in 2003 and 2004 Maldoff was making $1.5 million a year from Kanehsatake funds. On the 13th January 2005 there was a conference call of the “Federal Working Group on Kanehsatake”. Present for Indian Affairs were Eric Maldoff, Walter “Wailing Wall” Walling, Christian “Lucifer” Rouleau, Andre “Turn” Cote, Stuart “Swan Song” Swanson and Paul “Shoots- First-Asks-Questions-Later” Leblanc; for PSEPC it was Jean “Trashes-Human-Rights” Chartrand; and for the Privy Council Office it was Yvan “Tag-Along-and-Say-Yes” Dery. This was followed by Assembly of First Nations [a colonial government invention], Ghyslain “Flaunts-His-Low-Self-Esteem” Picard, who requested that he, Steven “Mutant” Bonspille and James “How-High-Do-You-Want-Me-to-Jump” Gabriel [the corrupt grand chief of Kanehsatake], have a meeting. Stephen Bonspille had been a “dissident” with Pearl Bonspille and John Harding trying to stop the band council-colonial government corruption. Did somebody make him an offer he could not refuse?

He’s the only one who turned his coat. Ghislain wanted to broker the forthcoming election that took place in June 2005. Why were police dollars being used to run an election?

Everyone knew that the government’s “point man”, James Gabriel, could not win. He was a dud for his stupidity, his depravity and his partnership with a convicted criminal wanted all over Ontario. He was a soft hot potato! Even so, James’ legal fees of over $1 million and Communications Strategy of $250,000 was paid by the government [Chartrand, Hallman, Question Period Note APD May 30, 2005]. Quebec wanted Stephen Bonspille in. The election got rigged so that Stephen Bonspille and the six James Gabriel “groupies” would win. Everyone knew it was “fixed”. Before the election, Stephen Bonspille, John Harding and Pearl Bonspille filed a $90 million suit [T-436-04].

Stevie “No Wonder” Reynolds just happen to walk in to do it all “pro bono”. It looks like Stevie’s handlers do not want this to go to trial. [Annik “How-Much-More-Pain-Can-We-Put-On-the-Mohawks” Pelletier of Justice Canada, to Martin “If-This-Keeps-Up-We’ll-Have-to- Resort-to-Water-Boarding” Reiher, April 7/05]. On January 11th 2008, Pearl took a trip to Ottawa to make sure the disclosures go in and no side deals are cut. Chantal “Spits-at-the-Law” Bernier of PSEPC reported to Sheila “I-Forgot-to-Wear-My-Glasses-When-I-Looked-at-that” Fraser, the Auditor General of Canada, that vehicles were illegally purchased with band funds. Sheila “Suddenly-Remembered” that it was not in her mandate and referred Bernier to “National Allegations and Complaints Coordinator of Indian Affairs”- the very foxes who were stealing the eggs from the chicken house! [Jan. 11, 2006, Bernier to Fraser]

How does a criminal organization operate?

There is a “handler” way up there somewhere, controlling all the “assets” or underlings, who go out and do the dirty work. In this case, it looks like Eric Maldoff of Heenan Blaikie, which are also the legal counsel for the Sulpicians who are in a big land dispute with the Mohawks of Kanehsatake. [Hey, guys! Haven’t you ever heard of conflict of interest?

Maldoff coordinates all this wickedness from the Prime Minister’s Office. The assets are trained and controlled by their “handlers”. It’s the old colonial hierarchy corruption of moral principles system. He has “spotters” in Indian Affairs, PSEPC, Treasury Board and other departments who get orders from him and report back to him. The Assembly of First Nations and band councils are another set of “assets”. In Kanehsatake his assets would be James Gabriel, Stephen Bonspille and others. When Steven got into office as the new Grand Chief, he did not appear to be doing any work. He never had any portfolios. He just sat there and collected a pay check. That was the deal. In the meantime, the real asset is James Gabriel who stays behind the curtain and gets his strings pulled by Eric Maldoff. All these assets are real liabilities for the real people, the Ongwehonwe

These documents reveal that there was a master plan to take us out. They will do anything, especially if it’s confusing. It doesn’t bother them one little bit if it’s criminal. Why should it?

They’ve got the fix in with the PMO and the Justice Department. So anyone who thinks they can get a straight deal from Canadian courts is dreaming. As far as we can see, this plan is still in effect, by hook or by a lot of crooks. The Kanehsatake land claim is a farce, especially when Heenan Blaikie sits on all sides. There is presently a forensic audit being conducted on all of the perpetrators – PWC, co-managers Hartal of Ottawa, the Kanehsatake band council, Eric Maldoff [of Heenan Blaikie], Indian Affairs [Andre Cote, Walter Walling and Pierre Nepton of Indian Affairs in Quebec], Solicitor General’s Office [David Hallman, now at Economic Development, Indian Affairs], the Prime Minister’s Office, Ryan W. Mansour, Policy Advisor, Quebec Caucus, to name a few. The forensic audit addresses a crying need. The whole infrastructure dealing with Ongwehonwe is so horrendously corrupt that a band aid is not going to fix it. What do you think?

With so much corruption, is there a chance for us?
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