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Notes From A Dying Nation Number One, Part 1
Wednesday, 30 January 2008 00:29
by Eric Larsen



In a land of lies, of lying leaders, of lying presidential candidates, of lying newspaper editors, writers, and columnists, of lying figures throughout the media — including publishers and novelists — in a land with a population that seems made up largely of deluded and/or self-deluded people incapable of recognizing the truth if it walks right up to them — in so degraded and false and fraudulent and dying a land as this one, it's a welcome experience to chance upon someone who can see the truth for what it is and can speak it the same.

You may not agree, but Tom Tvedten seems to me such a person — and also one who works indefatigably for truth, justice, nation, and the world. Luckily, I'm on his recipients' list, and so I got the following two emails from him. I think they're worth reproducing here, for a number of reasons that we'll get to later. I asked Tom about doing so, and he said that was fine by him, so here they are. It's possibly that they'll frighten you, particularly the first one-or, on second thought, maybe the second. Either way, if you're scared or not, stick around afterward and we'll talk about what Tom is saying. Or, I should say, I'll be here doing that whether you stick around or not.

Don't overlook the subject line:
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 From: Thomas Tvedten
Subject: A brief essay on a scenario for the future

Friends, I will try to be brief and un-spammish.

First, It struck me this morning that an excellent description of organized religion, or even a synonym for it, could be communal schizophrenia.

New bumper sticker idea: Religion = communal schizophrenia

In schizophrenia, the patient bases his or her actions and decisions on a well established and unquestioned delusional system. The same is true of the devoutly religious.

Of course this schizophrenia parallel applies to all religions except mine — and yours.

Secondly, more food for thought: What do you reckon will happen, what will be the response of the American people, when they realize what has been done to them and their children by their trusted leaders? When they awaken to such things as 9/11 Truth, that the folks living in the gated and guarded McMansion communities got there through scams such as usury, abusive lending practices, over charging for health care through over-prescribing, over-diagnosing, over-billing the state, and over-treating, through investing in the war industry that has killed many and maimed more? When they realize that the debt generated in their name is now being passed on to their heirs, and that the profits garnered from the creation of that debt has concentrated in those mansions paid for with the blood, sweat, and tears of the foreign, the poor, the working man, and the "lower" classes?

Known and very popular cialis coupon which gives all the chance to receive a discount for a preparation which has to be available and exactly cialis coupons has been found in the distant room of this big house about which wood-grouses in the houses tell.

Will the opiate of religion be able to contain their rage? Will they be willing to give up their homes and watch their children go hungry while the kids of the "upper" classes continue to use their personal credit cards to buy meals at The Olive Garden and the like while chatting on their own iPhones? When they realize the fact that over the past three years the increase in income of the top 1% of our population exceeded the total income of the bottom 20%, will they quietly sit in their cold and heavily mortgaged homes, eat their Ramen Noodles and accept the fate that this corrupt system has dealt them? The newly disenfranchised and poor of this nation are different from many of their counterparts in the Third World where the poor have never known or expected prosperity and have accepted the police state that preserves the social order. But the parallel class of people in this country is for the most part literate, even if poorly educated — and they are armed. There are more guns in private hands in this nation than there are people.

We all recognize the preparations that have been made both legislatively and through the construction of detention centers for the institution of martial law. Will the sheeple remain sheeple and allow themselves to be herded if their cheap gas and cheap food are taken away? Or, will they use their right to hold and bear arms to take back what they, rightly or wrongly, feel has been stolen from them?

It is my feeling that their silence has been purchased at a price, and that when the rulers are no longer able to provide enough things to buy their silence and denial, the fat will be in the fire and the devil will demand his due. As the social fabric begins to unravel martial law will be incrementally instituted. This will have the unintended effect of increasing instability, variations on Iraq taking place right here in the "Land of the Free." Clearly, our rulers will not tolerate this, and, being the psychopaths [click here and here — EL] that they are, will unleash their hired killers, the US Military, on the populace here. But this won't work either, since the people of this nation, unlike those in the Third World, are armed and dangerous.

The only solution will therefore be The Final Solution. As a Viet Nam era general famously said, "In order to save the village it became necessary to destroy it." At this time, the gloves will really come off, the mask will be stripped away, and the WMDs will be found to have been hidden right here in the US and will be unleashed on the populace as they were on the civilian populace of Hiroshima and Dresden. Chemtrails [click here — EL] will be used along with other vectors and means to clear large segments of our now pesky population with pathogens and chem- ical agents [click here — EL]. At this point, chaos will ensue as it has in Iraq and we will further exterminate ourselves in our search for food and scapegoats. After a time, when the dust settles and the depop- ulation plan [click here — EL] has been completed, the New World Order, who had been on a long vacation abroad [click here, will step back in and the highly structured society of their dreams, the feudal system of the future, will be instituted. The enslaved dark-skinned peoples of the South will be used to work the plantations of the lighter skin- ned masters of the New World Order and will be held in check by the iron fist of a military class whose sole function [click here — EL] will be to protect the property of the "Master Race."

IMHO, the best way to prevent this night- mare scenario — nightmare if you are not a family member of the ruling elite — is to share the vision of the nightmare with others so that they will prepare for it and recognize it as it begins to unfold. (We all know that this process has already begun and we can date its birth as either 9/11/01 or perhaps 1/20 of the same year [click here — EL].) To be warned is to be prepared. This is why 9/11 Truth is so important as a move- ment. When people realize the extent of the complicity within our media and government that is necessary to not only commit the crimes of that day, but also to cover them up and to suppress a legitimate investigation into them [click here — EL], they begin slowly to recognize the truth about our nation and its potential for unbridled evil. 9/11 Truth is the best tool we have for awakening the people of this nation before Armageddon is upon us.

The fate of the Earth is in our hands. If we fail, there will be hell to pay.

Peace and 9/11 Truth,

Tom Tvedten, M.D.


I have no idea whether what you learned, be it a lot or a little — or nothing — from reading Tom's first letter. All of that would depend, I suppose, on what your own starting point was vis a vis Tom's.

I am sure, though, that if you did read to the end, you learned that he's a medical doctor. Whether this fact surprised you or not, I have no real idea, although I can't rule out the possibility — just the possibility, mind you — that if you had by any faint chance begun to think of him as, well, what shall I say, a bit off the deep end, maybe not firing on all eight cylinders, or, god forbid, conspiracy minded — if you'd begun to form any such impressions of Tom, then I can imagine that you might well have been surprised to learn that he's a medical doctor.

And so he is. I myself had known that for some time, but when I wrote Tom about using his emails for this essay, I also asked if he'd also be willing to say a little more about himself personally. Here's part of his response:
Brief bio: I'm 61 and a primary care physician who graduated from medical school in 1977 and has worked in primary care medicine ever since, working in the rural South where I focused on Obstetrics for the first 20 years but now confine my practice to family medicine, having retired from OB, ER, and hospital practice. My wife, who has been my nurse for over twenty years, and I together have eight children. The three we have together are still at home with two others still in college. We are home schooling our two youngest on our rural farm in the foothills of the Ozarks, where we also raise a small herd of organically fed cattle and some organic vegetables.
My point is not just that Tom sounds like a most fascinating person, but that he also sounds eminently if not absolutely normal. And yet this very same, perfectly normal, professional, highly educated, obviously dedicated father and family man is talking about things that would cause the ever fair and open Frank Rich to label him a "conspiracy nut" and imperiously cross him off the list of intelligent human beings.

The example of Tom Tvedten helps emphasize and make absolutely clear what a fraud and abomination the corpo-media's lock-step cover-up really is — its cover-up not only of 9/11 but of much, much else of huge and overwhelming — global life-and-death, I dare say — importance.

That's why you found all those bracketed "click here" notes from me in Tom's first letter — to show that for each "nut case" or "conspiracy-theorist" subject mentioned by Tom, there are books, studies, essays, scholarship, and intellectual argument that discuss, examine, and show evidence in regard to each. So our rulers are "psychopaths," are they? Well, take a look at Paul Levy's The Madness of George W. Bush or at the revised edition of Justin Frank's Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President and see for yourself what you think about psychopathy or sociopathy in our leaders.

Or — oh, yes, chemtrails, it was, wasn't it, a favorite of the Rich-rejected nut cases. But take a look at Michel Chossudovsky's "Weather Warfare: Beware the U.S. Military's Experiments With Climatic Warfare" and then see for yourself what you think about chemtrails and what they suggest — you might even be interested enough to click on this entire "Archive of Global Research Articles on Weather Warfare" and really start getting an education on the subject.

And — oh, no, sighs the entire mass media , here we go again — it was talk about eliminating "large segments" of our own population by means of "pathogens and chemical agents." Are you doubtful? Well, my advice is to hold those doubts until you've gotten at least a little knowledge — by reading Francis A. Boyle's Terrorism and Biowarfare, just for openers. Oh, and you could take a quick peek at Dr. Doom, too.

On the subject of a "depopulation plan," Richard K. Moore's "The Post-Bush Regime: A Prognosis" is required reading, and as for the question of how the "elite leaders" of the New World Order will blithely return from their "long vacation[s] abroad" once 90% of the planet's riff-raff has been eliminated — the better for the elites to enjoy the wealth of the left-overs — well, I'd accept no one's assertion that such an idea is preposterous until after they'd read, for starters, Daniel Estulin's The True Story of the Bilderberg Group.

Finally, more rash, nut-case talk, like "nightmare scenario" and "We all know that this process has already begun" — but no one is entitled to dismiss or denigrate Tom or anyone else for words like these until they've done their homework at least well enough to talk intelligently and pass a quiz on the timeline that every U.S. citizen should know by heart, and should know it for very obvious reasons.



Here's the rest of what Tom sent when I asked for a bit of his personal info:
For the past several years I have devoted my spare time, what I don't spend on family matters, in the quest for 9/11 Truth. I do not feel that a full accounting of the events of that day is possible without a thorough, independent, criminal investigation.(Thomas Keane and Lee Hamilton distancing themselves from the report issued by the com- mission bearing their name lends credence to my con- tention.) I have established the 9/11 Truth DVD Project

in order to help activists in the 9/11 Truth movement get at-cost videos and dvds of 9/11 related documentaries for distribution and handing out. This is a way to spread the word about the facts that have been discovered since 9/11 but that have gone without coverage by the mainstream media. We have so far distributed over 200,000 documentaries over about two years, and I plan to continue to pursue these issues until the above-mentioned criminal investigation has been completed to my satisfaction.

In addition to 9/11 related issues, I focus on the issue of Universal Health Care, vote fraud, campaign finance reform, the anti-war effort, International banking, NAFTA and fair international trade, environmental issues such as the use of Depleted Uranium weaponry and other crimes against humanity. Oh, I failed to mention Truth in media and media reform. These hobbies keep me pretty busy.
I'm sure they do keep Tom busy, and I for one hope they continue to do so for a good long time, and with the most fruitful, beneficial, and humane results. Meanwhile, I extend deepest gratitude to him for every effort.

And here is Tom's second email:

Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008
From:Thomas Tvedten

Subject: Fwd: Useless Information

On the lighter side, but before you open this amusing message [I wish I knew what that amusing message was, but the link didn't make it to my screen-EL], please consider this concept.

Almost every person getting this message is fairly cer- tain that the use of touch-screen voting opens the door to rampant voter fraud and believes that the only way to insure a semblance of a fair national election is to return to a traceable paper ballot that can be traced from the voter to the vote count. If we do know this, it's because it's been proven by the documented fraud in 2000 and 2004 in Florida, Ohio, and New Mexico, as well as elsewhere. And we know it also because it's been shown by variation in the predictability of exit polls in precincts where paper ballots were used as opposed to others. Exit polls were very good at predicting results in paper precincts, while wild variations occurred between exit poll results and the final tally in precincts where touch screen machines did the counting.

Now, if we are aware of these things and consider them very serious threats to democracy, why is it that none of the candidates for the presidency, Democrat or Republican, has made the issue a major plank in their campaign?

If the candidates themselves know how easily the election is thrown and the machines hacked, why would they tolerate the use of these machines — unless they were just acting as a player is some great play that was already scripted and the final act already written? I am left with one seemingly inescapable conclusion. They aren't really running for office at all but only playing their assigned role in the farce we still call the democratic process.

Their only job as candidate is to help our "rulers" make us imagine that we still live in a democracy where the common man has a voice. Any legitimate candidate would be screaming at the top of their lungs about the near certainty that using touch screen machines or any other form of com- puterized voting system insures that vote fraud will determine the results of the election. Any legitimate candidate would be demanding im-mediate court action to place an injunction against the use of these devices. Since none of the major candidates are raising this most important issue, we must assume that they have accepted their predetermined roles in the this farce turned tragedy. "When machines count, votes don't." — T.H.T.
And there we are. Now I can get to the point I want to make about Tom. I want to hold him up as an example of what Americans must become — all of us: you, me, everybody — if the U.S. is ever to survive (or it it's ever to be reborn) as a free republic. The nation and republic are dying before our very eyes, and it's only the slightest of exaggerations to say that nobody says or does a thing about it.

But a person like Tom is different, and he's different in this very, very simple and yet inexpressibly important way: Tom Tvedten is still a real person.

And the great importance of that? The great importance of it is that only a real person can still have real thoughts.

And "real" means what? In a person, it means someone who sees things as they are; who has the intelligence, independence, and courage to judge them as and for what they are; and who therefore can still think, and who does still think, and whose thoughts in turn are not false, prefabricated, ersatz, or empty, but real.

Let's take vote-fraud first, and then after that turn to the fakeness of the presidential candidates.

We all know that Tom is right about the election fraud back in 2000 and 2004. We all know he's right about the paperless voting and the Diebold machines (if you're doubtful, click here and start reading). Greg Palast, a first-rank investigative reporter dubious only for the huge reason that he's a cover-up person for 9/11 truth, has a chapter in Armed Madhouse on the stolen 2004 election in Ohio — a chapter the mentioning of which, by the way, helped get Florida student Andrew Meyer both tazered and arrested while John Kerry stood idly by and watched.

And yet? Nothing is done. It happens again, January 2008, in the New Hampshire primary — with what result? Nothing is done. Some people see it for what it is and even study it and gather evidence of the crime — as I said before, you can click here and start reading — but most others do no such thing, and we also know that Tom is absolutely correct in observing that those most others do indeed most, most definitely include the candidates themselves (except for the courageous Kucinich, who's now all-too-conveniently gone).

This isn't the place to settle the New Hampshire argument, though anyone who likes can read Dave Lindorff's measured but suspicious take on it, or Michael Carmichael's notice that the "mainstream Italian media" say the vote was rigged, or even Mike Whitney's customarily powerful piece that begins with an epigraph from Joseph Stalin ("It's not who votes that counts. It's who counts the votes") and ends by saying, "The primary was stolen. End of story. Now, it's our move."

Still, this isn't the place to settle the New Hampshire argument because New Hampshire isn't the subject here. I mean, it's not the subject of this essay, this present essay. The subject of this essay is nation-wide. The subject here is the subject of nation-wide psychological denial, the subject of nation-wide abandonment of empiricism (that is, nation-wide abandonment of scientific method), and the subject of nation-wide substitution of habit and feeling as replacements for thinking.

br>That is, it's the subject of real people, like Tom Tvedten, as opposed to people who aren't real, people who don't or can't think in ways that are real, and people in all probability don't even live in ways that are real, although that's a subject too big for an essay like this one, more suited to a whole book.
All right, let's begin drawing to a close by moving on to Tom's second point — that the presidential candidates are phonies, that they're illegitimate. We all know that the votes are going to be jimmied yet again, and any real person — like, say, Tom Tvedten, or you, or me — who knows that fact would scream and yell about it, as he and I are doing — and you, I hope — or trying to do. But what about someone who knew it and was actually running for high office? Isn't Tom right? Wouldn't they scream bloody murder about it and insist it be made fair? Why wouldn't they?

Well, how many conceivable reasons why they wouldn't scream bloody murder about it and insist it be made fair. Of course, a person could claim that a candidate didn't know about the rigging and manipulation of elections, about the hackable Diebold voting machines, about the stolen elections in Florida, Ohio, and so on — but such a claim is patently absurd. A person would have to have been living under a rock for the past eight years to be so ignorant as that. There are plenty of Americans who are that ignorant, indeed, but to claim that among them are the professional, life-long politicians now running for president — such an idea patently cannot be believed.

And so? Now how many conceivable reasons remain that could account for the candidates not screaming bloody murder and insisting on fair elections?

Not many. I come up with three.
1)A candidate knows the elections are going to be jimmied or slanted but is convinced — or knows — that they'll be jimmied or slanted in his or her favor. Criminality aside, to say anything would therefore clearly be a tactical mistake.

2)A candidate knows the elections are going to be jimmied or slanted but, not knowing or not yet knowing which candidate they'll be jimmied or slanted toward, continues living on the hope that they may end up being jimmied or slanted toward him or her. To say anything would therefore be improvident.

3)A candidate knows the elections are going to be jimmied or slanted. They may or may not know in which direction they're going to be (or, perhaps, already have been) jimmied or slanted. They may or may not know — in fact, they may or may not have even the faintest idea — of exactly from where or by whom or by means of what agencies or groups the jimmying and slanting is going to be or already has been accomplished. But they do know this, and they know it perfectly well: Whether they're going to be the beneficiaries of the jimmying or slanting or not, they know that to say anything whatsoever about the existence of the jimmying or slanting, let alone to say anything whatsoever about the wrongness or criminality of the jimmying or slanting, would be to commit political and possibly real suicide. Why? Well, it's quite simple. To tell the truth about any aspect of the criminal operations required every minute of the day for the maintenance and expansion of corpo-fascist empire is to betray the hidden masters of that empire — and, just as surely as a mobster's betrayal of the capo will result in a rubout, so will any presidential candidate's equivalent betrayal, by truth-telling, result in the same or in its equivalent.

To tell the truth about the operations of the criminal, corpo-fascist empire called the United States is so dangerous that it must not and cannot be done.
So Tom Tvedten is right. That's because Tom Tvedten is a real person, and, having used his mind in a real way, has come up with a real thought. Another word for "a real thought" is a "truth."

In short, Tom Tvedten used his own individual and independent mind to see through a certain swath of lies of the type that are everywhere around us all the time and that Americans by and large will not and do not or cannot see for what they are.

We owe Tom Tvedten a debt of gratitude — for showing what it is still to be real, still to be a thinker, an observer, a participator — still to be, not a consumer, but a citizen.

Next time, following the start Tom has given us, I'm going to look at some of the examples, large and small, of the sorts of lies that are being used-purposely, incessantly, and programmatically-to destroy our nation, destroy our republic, destroy our people, and destroy our culture.

Then, once the enemy and its motives are exposed and known, we can look at the way to stand up and try to prevent the awful entirety of that massive, insidious, ruinous destruction — to fight against it, with the real as our weapon.

— Eric Larsen
— January 27, 2008
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