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"The Second Succumbing"
Sunday, 03 February 2008 00:25
by Sheila Samples
– Apologies to W.B. Yeats / The Second Coming
Turning and Spinning in the Widening Mire
The Congress cannot hear the Precedent;
Things fall apart; the Party cannot hold;
Sheer Conarchy is loosed upon Democracy,

The freedom-gouging tide is loosed, and everywhere
The Standing of America is downed;
The best convictions are too polite, while the worst
Are full of obtuse intensity;
Surely some Reason is at hand.

Yet there instead, the Patriot “Act”!
The “Patriot” Act!

Hardly are those words out
When an Orwelled image out of Posse Comitatus
Troubles my sight:

Somewhere in the martial curfews of this seminal Treachery
A shape with Oz-lion body and the head of a borne-again fool:
An ‘Aye’ blank and clueless as the GOP itself
Is moving its leaky Trojan Agenda, but who knew?
While overhearing guffaws & careless cheering
from the belly of the beast, that all about it now should
gather threats of patriotic fillibuster, lighting & passing torchfire.

…Wounded cowardice drops again; but indignant courage
finds unexpected stride, in the edifying irony
that a Sitting President was on his Game after all,
as if afloat, fishing! entirely untorn,
glued from National Nightmare to “My Pet Goat.”

And what Hellbent Vision Thing,
its Truthless Power come round at last,
$louches towards Liberty to be Borne?

- Artist General Michael Masley

Berkeley street musician Michael Masley has appointed himself "the Artist General." [http://ArtistGeneral.com] He is an accomplished player of the large hammered dulcimer and was grand marshal of the How Berkeley Can You Be Parade... "Patriots for a Fair Contract with America" [http://LieJinx.com] asks "Martial Planners"...

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Wyatt Happins said:

What-We're-Up-Against : "On Screen":


February 03, 2008
Votes: +0

Artist General said:



February 03, 2008
Votes: +0

peter said:

Minister of Joy
Squander neither thy days nor joy on foul poofery emanating from the Pale Walls. There is vitriol to spare on both sides of the false field-- all the players stand condemned. Concentrate golden energies on creating a new word, not on damning the one so tenuously slipping from their fingers, as fish though bamboo.
Extending them the disdain so richly deserved neither lessens nor obstructs
them in their unwinnable quarry, nay merely makes them stronger. Just walk away and grasp the inevitability of the new.
February 06, 2008
Votes: +0

Artist General said:

Beware the council that would earn the grinny approval of Hou$e Bushelzebub--the Decider, the Vice Precedent, Turd Blo$$om--et al...they would too likely agree with your Fear Anger, "Turn from the Fight", leave us to our darkening device$...i.e., "Rosa, go-sit-@-the-back-o'-the-bus"--don't worry, be happy: we come with New Trickle-Downy Insight($)--have you forgotten already, Ketchup IS a "Vegetable"? "Just walk away" from these War Pharisee$, show some cowardly respect and silence for imperial POWER--can't you see there's a major-league, BIGtime LOOTING of a Nation's FUTURE in progress? The Children will find their meal in the crumbs on the floor. Don't forget to remind them: we have OUR "Due". They, theirs. "Just" ..."walk away" ..."indeed". Too many, for too long, have "followed", "Minister of Joy", your "lead"...
February 06, 2008
Votes: +0

peter said:

minister of joy
To quote the cabbie, "so whatcha gonna do about it?" I, like thousands, nay hundreds of thousands bore up to the task of challenging the illegitmate sovereign, to no avail. He and his trainers sat behind their bulletproof glass, shot us the bird and did just what they were going to do all along. All our efforts and time and resources were squandered as surely as jizz on a peep show floor. Resistance is futile. Expect no succor from whomever is shewn the office, they are all arms of the same octopus. Billary? Osmama Obama? No, let them do as they will and concentrate your works on something that moves the world instead of giving substance to their tenuous existance.
They are destroying their own monster better than you or I could dream of. Let them do as they will, and when the time is right, one little kick and the game ends.
Two trips to post flood NO confirmed what I already knew. To quote the godfather of Common Ground, Malik Rahim, "Katrina might have been the best thing that happened to New Orleans." Rubble makes good substantial fill for the new ediface.
What do you propose to do to combat the monster? THey have Apache helicopters and ULF weaponry. Don't waste your life on a fight you cannot win. Let them whup their own asses as they are so well provisioned to do.
February 08, 2008
Votes: +0

Sheila Samples said:

"The Second Succumbing"
This wonderful piece was written by the very gifted Michael Masley, NOT by me. I can only stand in silent admiration and wish that I was half as talented as this man. Someone obviously saw it on my blog and submitted it to this site, for which I am very grateful -- but the kudos must go to Michael.

February 22, 2008
Votes: +0

Artist General said:

THE DEVIL WEARS COULTER (BIGtime) [WarDrone GalFunction]


Re: LOVEDOLL RISING--Gut-check-bouncing Chunk-Hurl
~A Dark & [Perfect!] Stormy Rite --you GOgurl


He pumps her Pumps herrrr UP!
down, sideways-Ann-say-THIS

weigh-"yessss" my given
tongue splits within yours shining,
adart at the silence after "you"
speak my mind
with all your gnarly heart

Dark Side Dead Ender
be my hole, play my part

Speak my Poison,
once & for ALL...
kiss my skull-duggery again
Anna Rexia,
up close & personal I feel your skeleton
and love how your skin refuses to crawl!

Let me LETme take...
your hillbilly armor pantz-OFF now
and open "friendly fire" where the sun don't shine

dark side deadender
you are so ME. You are so MINE.

And to think
the "very Elect"
endorse your Party & protection! and serve so well my House.
Hou$e Bushelzebub. I've got your back, to the "Future",
my middle-fingering AYE in your mouth...
there's ...my RuB!

By all means let u$ Prey then! I, Fraudius.
Might it seem I "take" your "Blood & Treasure"?
Fair enough, return the favor: take my "Neroic" Measure:
@ your Service, America: Moral Loss Leader!
Trojan-Horse-Trading pro "life"
for proWAR...



...SEE, Nazarene?

your Ole Rugged Cross indeed!
the forsaken "Meaning" of a Death "to DIE for"!
Fool by Red-handed FOOL
by a Stone-jammed Plowshare pulled @ by Loss-led Pretenders to a Throne,
hanging through
history like a Misharnessed MULE--
that your bloody nails come to these overweening WARpharisee$...


HECKAJOB DOOSIER DADDY KING--sex with "truth" is never "safe".
Your Latter-day minions are my harem, can you feel me NOW?

my glistening $leight of hand-eye-motorcade, my REM-quick Shell-gaming
of Dream-to-NIGHTmare--
Date-raping the Deadlines on your Dirty-$ecret Calendar!

Call me a Rednecrophilliac--my nerves fire at absolute fresh-ground ZERO...

and I still harden in remembering especially
the Bible Belt "unbuckled" --for "mnemonic" effect?
--the Lashes falling like a belle's batted eyes,
falling even after the cries gaped silent in the cotton fields, the heady aftermath of flies buzzing so suddenly, beautifully thick...
O be still my stolen heart!

Return, Enter Stage Hard RITE My dear Hellbent Servant, the "God"-fearing Master, wiping his brow, surveying the collective, cowed stare of his gathered living property. Near of late in Spirit HERE it's like I'm there completely NOW.

That Time was to DIE for! The Deep, Sweet South: where Christian Piety can still burn music that offends my Designated Decider! and in the name of CHIRST, no less. It doesn't GET much Better. Neither in Spirit. Nor in Scarlet "Letter".


"Believer" by "Believer..."

Dobson. Falwell, Robertson, Haggard...
well whaddya KNOW?! ...it's like a missionary-position-accomplished "A" LI$T
I just write in who I need & have my final way with 'em! look where and how they live...MY "Twist", bi-design--
full-on Aye-Peeled MILLIONAIRES...
that is to say: in final effect-- they're MINE.

Root of All Evil ain't called that for nothin', RIGHT?
isn't THAT special! could it be more perfect?

Johnny Got My Gun so Annie get ...your kneepads...
let's make hot HATE!
you ARE my favorite whore.

When I enter your ear and your tongue twitches
to ejaculate
I want you to say...you are like no one else on earth.

So innately "demonic"...so eager to please me & deliver!
No wonder I can Never "Wait"!

O my Roadkill-Possom Playa!
my Stamen of Blooming Corpseflower, my Cochlea
~my Buzz-caked $oulmate of Turd Blossom!

I order you now receive me,
prepare your tongue harpy
let the saliva bathe it before you speak
what I come
to have you speak, one on WON!
my Mind, your "heart"--OUR "Agenda"...
such wuthering hermaphro-didiosity!
Oohhh! Annie
annie, ANNIE...

...Suck My $moking Gun...

~Artist General Michael Masley
March 01, 2008
Votes: +0

Artist General said:



--Apologies to Robert Frost / Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

Whose War$ these are I think I know.
His Cour$e is in the Pillage though;
He will not See me coming here
to watch his wars "fill up" with "$O?"

My Faith-Ba$ed [Trojan] Horse-Whisperer
must think I'm Queer
to "$top" without a Megachurch near
Between Moon's and Hagee's Bully-Pulpiteetering Howls
the Darkest Groupings of our Focus-Groping Fear--
He gives the GOPeezur-ease a "$hake"
as if to formally "unrecu$e"-- that "Less is NEVER More"
(when a Final War's left to Make
as Ours-to-Lose!)

"It's What I was Born for my friends
all before me to finally choose
if need be clear to the end of this New
American Century..."

[Round the Decay of that Colossal (Middle-Classified) Wreck
The lone and level sands stretch far "away", as it whir...]

The only other sound's the $weep
Of Offshored Monies In "Visible" [casket-freed] FLAGrise

The War$ are Unholy, Dark and Deep...

"but ...I do have Promise$ to keep..."

and trials to go "before I Reap"

the Charge of Leading Our Cherished Homeland O' the Free
to Our God-Intended MoneyShot

"and so truly all the while my friends...
a long over-and-over-stated need for this

Missionary-Positioned LOVE of COUNTRY
will soon indeed be--

[Dogma $tyle]

--Artist General Michael Masley
March 23, 2008
Votes: +1


In just- WAR (They-HAVE-a-DREAM) GOTit?

Injust WAR-

(apologies to e.e. cummings / In just-)


(They Have A: DREAM) [you better believe it!]

In just-
when the world is crud-lu$ious
the little lame duhbloonman

"whistle$" far and "wee"
and jerryandscooter come unrecu$ed
from hedgefunds and piracie$

to the wide-open arms of "More"

when the WAR is win'-fall WONderful

the queer ole duhbloonman "whistle$"
far and "wee"

and condiandkarl come $ideways
from stoploss and waterboard

it's WAR
and the red-footed
"whistle$" far and "wee"


and the ba$e elite Family Fortune$-o'-War
multi-millionize and billionize our "value-added" "FEARS"

as the petered-principle GOPees
an off-shored golden $hower "home"

and the loophole-potted rainbow "appears"
bearing chicken-hawked-yellow In$ult-to-Injury

the heartland's ruptured bridge
the mouldering sprawl of New Orleans
can you Feel it NOW?

...can you
...can you $ee it yet?
Public $ervus-gone-WILD
their whet dream--of ever-indeed More
at long last:

death- tax- ---FREE!

and "so?" -- on he goes:

with a touch and a stroke and a fondle and a rub

the red-handed, green-thumb$-up,

goat-footed NeoConstant Gardener of

...Hou$e Bushelzebub

tending to turd blossom, brushing hidden as the fig behind the leaf
the fingertip here, the whole palm there--

a $uddenly Tall $tranger for a salient brief momentality...!
returns to that faceless hunch like scales
glistering in unex"pected" sunlighthen
-doused~ . ~from complete view into waiting depths of shade...

there, See!! again---full-on!

in the Thorn Garden of the Root "of all Evil"...

Whistling @ his Work..."Far"... and "weeeee..."

--Artist General Masley

Lawmakers heavily invested in defense

Well isn't that $pecial...



--'Seattle P-I Launches Payloaded Question'
April 08, 2008
Votes: +0

Google Artist General said:


(apologies to William Carlos Williams: "The Red Wheelbarrow")

Too much depend$ upon
the red bandwagon
glazed with bloodshed
beside the gray

--Artist General (aka, Michael Masley:)
March 26, 2010
Votes: +0

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