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Connecting the Nots...
Wednesday, 05 March 2008 00:06
by Jayne Lyn Stahl
These days, when watching the President deliver one of his off the cuff press conferences, I'm reminded of a movie, from more than 50 years ago, starring Charlton Heston, "The Ten Commandments." The current referendum on terror takes on a mosaic quality, and one which would inspire only Moses, or a burning bush.

But, one might guess, given his trigger-happy misadventures in Iraq, the President would think twice before delivering any pronouncements on foreign policy to any of the current crop of presidential candidates — not.

Indeed, one would hope he would think once, but instead, Numero 43 delivers his Sermon on the Mount to the beat of war drums, and ridicules Barack Obama for suggesting we can actually talk to our adversaries, both past, present, and future. In fact, the only thing expanding at a faster pace than the national debt, thanks to W, is our list of enemies.

For one whose foreign policy may be summed up in a single word, if hyphenated, "pre-emption," how is it that Mr. Bush has neglected to learn the definition of another one, "proactive." Can it be that, when he got up to the letter "p," he only made it as far as president?

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Lest we delude ourselves with the idea that GWB is the only president who made the mistake of believing military intervention in the internal affairs of another sovereign state would pay off -- not. With the Tet Offensive, in Vietnam, LBJ not only preceded him, but established a precedent, and one which, should he find himself president, John McCain will surely follow.

Now that we find ourselves in the Valley of the Nots, why not take a look around at other leaders, and other times, nots have transformed into knots:

For instance, how about George H.W. Bush's televised claim that he did not know about the illegal sale of arms in exchange for hostages in Iran -- not or Number 42's contention: "I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky."

Followed, of course, by the unforgettable assertion made, just yesterday, by le Prez that we are not in a recession,

but then, in the interest of fairness, we must also consider Illinois Senator Barack Obama's insistence that he did not vote to authorize the war in Iraq or

Senator McCain's slip of the tongue today on the campaign trail when he called himself a "liberal Republican" -- not.

And, then, too, there's also Daddy Warbuck's constant chant "We will not surrender," and may remain in Iraq for the next hundred years.

But, then, aren't we glad that McCain is talking about foreign policy instead of the economy something about which he confesses to know not. (leaving, btw, a hole in his campaign the size of the average crater on the moon, and one easily big enough for any Democrat to learn to swim in!)

On the plus side of the equation, there's last week's decision by the House, not to cave in to the President and grant immunity to corporations that break the law in the name of "national defense," as well as Speaker Pelosi's decision not to accept the Executive's refusal to allow White House aides, Miers and Bolton, to honor subpoenas, and appear before a judicial committee.

Oh, and yes, what about that experience issue — there's a hot one for you. Let's not forget the President was once governor of Texas, a state that has become synonymous with capital punishment ever since.

Guess we know of two people in this country, President Bush, and his designated throne clone, John McCain, who have yet to see Charlton Heston in that movie, "The Ten Commandments," or read the Cliff Notes, either that, or they missed the part about "Thou shall not kill."
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