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Clinton's Cyber-Shotgun Wedding
Thursday, 05 June 2008 13:29
by Stephen P. Pizzo

Last night I understood, first hand, what Michelle Obama meant a few months ago when she said that, for the first time in a long time she was proud of her country. Last night, for the first time in years I was unconditionally proud of my country.

This morning the world woke up to learn that one of America's two parties had nominated a person of color -- a little black, a little white, a little brown a little like the world itself.

For the first time in a dozen years I didn't have to blush that the world awaking to learn that my President had been caught in the Oval Office with his trousers around his knees, or that my President had authorized torture, or that my president had launched an illegal imperialist war against a country thousands away that was, while annoying as hell, no real threat to the US.

It was a very nice, though albeit unfamiliar, feeling. I want more that. A lot more. It was like someone had just applied a soothing ointment to a long festering wound.

Then a fly plopped into my ointment.

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As I watched Hillary Clinton begin her speech last night I wondered why she had chosen such an unlikely place, a university basement, three floors underground. It was the kind of public venue I'd expect Dick Cheney to select.

Then it became clear. Way down there, under all that concrete and soil, cell phones could not pick up a signal, Blackberries could not receive email down there and there were no TV monitors. All of which meant that the crowd of Hillary supporters, who had assembled hours earlier, did not know and could not learn that Barack Obama had already won the Democratic Party's nomination. And that Hillary had not.

That information blackout insured a lively, rather than subdued, reception for Hillary's speech. It wasn't that I was surprised that the Clintons were, as usual, calculating right down to the smallest detail. I was surprised instead that, even after losing, they were still at it.

That can mean only one thing; that the Clintons are wired that way. They could no more change their conniving, calculating, triangulating ways than a couple of brown bears could learn do their business in a toilet rather than in the woods.

Hillary refused to concede the obvious last night, or to congratulate Obama for his win. Because Bill and Hillary don't see concessions as the honorable or human thing, but rather as just another political asset to leverage, a payoff to barter, sell or use as a negotiating tool.

To Hillary, only suckers are magnanimous.

Then this morning I learned that Clintonite, Lanny Davis, launched a website petition for women who want to demand that Obama chose Hillary as his vice president. Never mind that Lanny Davis is a guy, his web site is called "Women For Fair Politics," (www.womenforfairpolitics.com.)

He wants women to flock to his web site and sign the petition demanding that Obama pick Hillary for his VP. He can call it a online petition drive, but what it really is an attempt to engineer the world's first cyber-shotgun political wedding. Davis claims that Hillary has nothing to do with the petition drive, but if you believe that....

I don't know who Obama will eventually chose for his veep, but it must not be Hillary Clinton... for all the reasons I listed earlier HERE.

I have my favorite. Senator Jim Webb D-Virginia. Webb, more so than any other so far named, fits the vision Obama has expressed through out this campaign. Webb is bi-partisan, having been a Republican, and having served as Navy Secretary in the Reagan administration,. But Webb saw the damage Bush/Cheney Neocons were causing and switched to become a Democrat, ran for the senate and won.

Like Obama, Webb is new to the US Senate. Traditionalists will claim two freshmen Senators on the same ticket would be a mistake. On the contrary. Americans are sick of same-old, same-old. If we wanted that Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic nominee this morning, rather than Obama.

Neither Obama or Webb have been in Washington long enough to be thoroughly corrupted by the place. They're staff's don't maintain long lists of favors owed for back room deals cut years ago.

Both Obama and Webb speak our language, rather than DC-speak. That means both men often say things so clearly true and in such an unvarnished way that it startles us. We're not used that. Instead, years of Orwellian DC-speak has caused most of us to automatically tune out when ever a politician starts pontificating and boviating The sing-song sloganism, the same old buzz words, the same old sentimental ticklers... we've heard it all.. and don't want to hear it again.

Jim Webb also knows all that's needed to know about things military. As a decorated combat Marine and former Navy Secretary, he's been there, done that.

Webb won my admiration when, just after being elected Senator President Bush came up to him at a White House reception and tried to make small talk. As usual, Bush, clueless as ever, chose the wrong subject. Webb's son, also a Marine, had just been deployed to Iraq. Bush asked, "How's your boy doing?"

Webb's response was along the lines of, "None of your business, Mr. President. That's between me and my son." and walked off.

Rude? Hell no. How else would a real person, a real father, a real patriot, respond to such a question uttered by the very man who started the illegal war to which he then sent son, where he could be maimed or killed? Webb responded exactly the way I would have, and the way millions of ordinary Americans would have as well, if they'd had the same opportunity.

That's what I'm talking about. Speaking truth to power. And speaking truth to us, even when we don't want to hear it, even when telling the truth can be politically dangerous.

Obama congratulated Hillary Clinton last night. Hillary did not return the favor. Instead she locked her supporters into a deep bunker of ignorance, just so she could harvest the last drips of personal glory out of her moribund campaign.

Remember that in the days and weeks ahead as the Clintons angle for the VP slot. As Chris Matthews noted this morning, the Clintons are treating the vice presidency as if it's the silver metal in a race, that should automatically go to the second-place candidate. It is not second prize. It is not a consolation prize.

Maureen Dowd said it best, "Whoever said that after denial comes acceptance hadn’t met the Clintons."

Obama was right when, at the beginning of this campaign he said that the time had come to close the book on the Bush's and Clinton's. It's long past time we moved on from all that. It's time to turn the page of history.

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Comments (3)add comment

Cam said:

I really doubt Webb will be offered the VP slot. I think he's only marginally more likely to be considered than Bill Richardson. And I'm puzzled that you think so highly of Webb, as the reasons you mention seem like pretty standard political behavior to me, and they are certainly superficial.

It may not matter what Obama wants. He's in a unique situation. He may come under enormous pressure to offer it Clinton, unless she thinks it unwise herself. There are enough superdelegates with ties to the Clintons to ensure that.

You actually bother to read Maureen Dowd?! But she's insane!
June 05, 2008
Votes: +0

Lydia in MInneapolis said:

Clinton9s)are NOT Change
I HOPE that Obama does NOT offer Hillary Clinton the VP slot. She
s runa TERRIBLE campaign--switinching themes & strategies , willie-nille--saying & doing ANYTHING TO TRY TO WIN. Obama NEVER used sexism in his campaign --but,the Clintons had no problem resorting to racism in theirs.

And who needs Bill Hanging around the White House AGAIN? The Clintons had EIGHT YEARS--enough already!
I'd simply urge Obama to talk to Michelle & study up on making the case to women--and dont' forget THE UNIONS and being SPECIFIC about NEW trade policies that DON'T EXPORT JOBS of workingclass people of ALL colors.

I dont know much aobut Webb--but,I really like Ricahardson & the experince he brings.

I urge my fellow women--feminist or not_- who supported HIllary:she kciked the door in for the NEXT womanwho we can hope will run the kind of campaign we always dreamed a woman would--compassionate, ethical, unifying...rather like the one Barack Obama ran.
June 05, 2008
Votes: +0

Cam said:

"I urge my fellow women--feminist or not_- who supported HIllary:she kciked the door in for the NEXT womanwho we can hope will run the kind of campaign we always dreamed a woman would--compassionate, ethical, unifying...rather like the one Barack Obama ran."

I have trouble relating your attacks (quoted below) on our preferred candidate with your appeal for unity, as would probably call it (quoted above).

"saying & doing ANYTHING TO TRY TO WIN. Obama NEVER used sexism in his campaign --but,the Clintons had no problem resorting to racism in theirs. "

Since Obama is now our nominee, perhaps you'll stop "saying anything" you feel like about Hillary Clinton. Really, you ought to understand by now that Clinton's supporters see that sort of thing as a reflection up Obama's campaign and his supporters, as much as anything else. Remember the woman who called Clinton a monster? Or Obama's campaign leaflets which attacked Hillary's helathcare plan in such a low, despicable manner, and which was publicly denounced by health care specialists and economists across the nation? If that's not "saying or doing anything", I don't know what is.

We have a very different outlook on our Hillary Clinton, because we believe she is more likely to be able to deliver on her policies than Obama. I don't think that warrants your insulting attitude. Besides, what is so unifying about Obama's campaign, when so many of Clinton's supporters do? The trouble with your message is that you evidently can't resist wanting to have a dig at Clinton and by implication her supporters before you state your conciliatory message. And even when you do, you end it with another dig: and how can you say that Hillary Clinton is not compassionate? That's offensive. I expect this is the sort of criticism you have of Clinton sometimes. It's certainly the sort of criticism I've had of Obama sometimes. Why not just state you conciliatory message if you believe so wholeheartedly in unity etc.?
June 06, 2008
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