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Ex-British Army Chief Confirms Peak Oil Motive for War; Praises Fraudulent Reconstruction Programs
Wednesday, 18 June 2008 22:23
by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

Brigadier-General James Ellery CBE, the Foreign Office’s Senior Adviser to the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad since 2003, confirmed the critical role of Iraqi oil reserves in potentially alleviating a “world shortage” of conventional oil. The Iraq War has helped to head off what Brigadier Ellery described as “the tide of Easternisation” – a shift in global political and economic power toward China and India, to whom goes “two thirds of the Middle East’s oil.”

After the 2004 transfer of authority to an interim Iraqi civilian administration, Brigadier Ellery set up and ran the 700-strong security framework operation in support of the US-funded Reconstruction of Iraq. His remarks were made as part of a presentation at the School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS), University of London, sponsored by the Iraqi Youth Foundation, on 22nd April.

World Oil Shortage

“The reason that oil reached $117 a barrel last week”, he said, “was less to do with security of supply… than World shortage.” He went on to emphasise the strategic significance of Iraqi petroleum fields in relation to the danger of production peaks being breached in major oil reserves around the world. “Russia’s production has peaked at 10 million barrels per day; Africa has proved slow to yield affordable extra supplies – from Sudan and Angola for example. Thus the only near-term potential increase will be from Iraq,” he said. Whether Iraq began “favouring East or West” could therefore be “de-stabilizing” not only “within the region but to nations far beyond which have an interest.”

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Last month geological surveys and seismic data compiled by several international oil companies exploring Iraqi oil reserves showed that Iraq has the world’s largest proven oil reserves, with as much as 350 billion barrels, significantly exceeding Saudi Arabia’s 264 billion barrels, according to a report in the London Times. Former Bush administration energy adviser Matthew Simmons, author of the book Twilight in the Desert, says that Saudi oil production has probably already peaked, with production rates declining consecutively each year. This month the UK Treasury Department warned of the danger of an oil supply crunch by 2015, due to rocketing demand from China and India.

The Threat of Easternisation

Brigadier Ellery’s career in the British Army has involved stints in the Middle East, Africa, Bosnia, Germany and Northern Ireland. “Iraq holds the key to stability in the region,” he said, “unless that is you believe the tide of ‘Easternisation’ is such that the USA and the West are in such decline, relative to the emerging China and India, that it is the East – not the West – which is more likely to guarantee stability. Incidentally, I do not.” Iraq’s pivotal importance in the Middle East, he explained, is because of its “relatively large, consuming population” at 24 million, its being home to “the second largest reserve of oil – under exploited”, and finally its geostrategic location “on the routes between Asia, Europe, Arabia and North Africa - hence the Silk Road.”

Oil production peaks when a given petroleum reserve is depleted by half, after which oil is geophysically increasingly difficult to extract, causing production to plateau, and then steadily decline. US oil production peaked by 1970, while British production in the North Sea peaked by 2000, converting both countries from exporters into net importers of oil and gas.

Oil industry experts and petroleum geologists increasingly believe that world oil production is precariously close to peaking. According to an October 2007 report by the German-based Energy Watch Group, run by an international network of European politicians and scientists, world oil production peaked in 2006. According to BP’s annual statistical review of world energy supply and demand for 2008, released on 11th June, world oil production fell last year for the first time since 2002, by 130,000 barrels per day last year to 81.53 million. Yet world consumption continued to rise by 1.1 per cent to 85.22 million barrels per day, outweighing production by nearly 5 per cent.

Iraqi Reconstruction Corruption Whitewash

Brigadier-General James Ellery is currently Director of Operations at AEGIS Defence Services Ltd., a private British security firm and US defence contractor since June 2004. In April this year, the same month as Ellery’s SOAS lecture, AEGIS won the renewal of its US defence department (DoD) contract for two more years, which at $475 million is the single largest security contract brokered by the DoD. The contract is to provide security services for reconstruction projects in Iraq conducted by mostly American companies.

A US government audit by the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, released exactly two years before Brigadier Ellery’s SOAS presentation, concluded that AEGIS could not prove it had properly trained or vetted several armed Iraqi employees. For a random sample of 20 armed guards, no training documentation was found for 14 of them. For 125 other employees, AEGIS reportedly failed to document background checks. The auditors concluded that “there is no assurance that Aegis is providing the best possible safety and security for government and reconstruction contractor personnel and facilities.”

During his April presentation at SOAS, AEGIS director Ellery declared, “Iraq promises a degree of prosperity in the region as it embarks on massive Iraqi-funded reconstruction, a part of which will raise Iraqi’s oil production from 2.5 million bpd today to 3 million by next year and maybe ultimately 6 million barrels per day.” He added, “With a budget of $187 billion over 4 years, Iraq is poised to have a considerable impact on the economies of countries whose technologies can fill the skills gap left by the latter years of Saddam Hussein’s regime.” During the UN sanctions regime imposed primarily by the US and Britain, Iraq was banned from importing thousands of household goods, including food, medicines, clothes and books, from 1991 to 2003, purportedly to prevent Saddam from developing weapons of mass destruction. It is now widely recognized that the sanctions led to massive socio-economic deprivation, the break-down of civilian infrastructure, large-scale unemployment, and de-industrialisation, resulting in the deaths of up to 1.8 million Iraqis, half of whom were children. The humanitarian crisis led United Nations officials such as Dennis Halliday, former UN Assistant Secretary-General, and Hans von Sponeck, former Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq, to resign in protest.

Today, those profiting most from reconstruction projects in Iraq are not Iraqis, but private contractors based primarily in the United States and Britain, according to a new report out last month by Stuart Bowen Jr, incumbent Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction. The Bowen Report found that at least 855 contracts valued at billions of dollars were cancelled before completion. Another 112 agreements were cancelled because of poor performance, while still more projects recorded as completed never happened. In one case, a $50 million children’s hospital in Basra is listed as completed although the contract was stopped when only 35 percent of the work was finished.

During Brigadier Ellery’s tenure at the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) in Baghdad, under Paul Bremer’s leadership $8.8 billion of reconstruction funds were unaccounted for, and a further $3.4 billion was re-directed for “security” purposes. A UN body to audit the Development Fund for Iraq (DFI), by which the CPA Programme Review Board managed Iraqi oil revenues until June 2004, found “gross irregularities by CPA officials in their management of the DFI,” and condemned the United States for “lack of transparency” and providing the opportunity for “fraudulent acts.”

Under American- and British-administered Iraqi reconstruction programmes, Iraqi agriculture has been devastated. In 2004, the Coalition Provision Authority imposed a hundred economic orders designed to open Iraq’s economy to foreign investment, including Order 12 for tax- and tariff-free imports of foreign products. The Order allowed the giant American agribusiness conglomerate Cargill to flood Iraq with hundreds of thousands of tonnes of cheap wheat, undercutting local food prices, and wiping out the livelihoods of Iraqi farmers.

As an executive director of AEGIS, one of the most prominent US defence contractors in Iraq, Brigadier Ellery is a personal beneficiary of the privatisation of the Iraqi economy. In the conclusions of his April address, he said, “Iraq has resources aplenty: not just oil, of which there is a prodigious quantity”, but especially “the capacity to rebuild a balanced economy including agriculture - for which Iraq was a legend.”
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Project Humanbeingsfirst.org said:

Welcome to the New World Order - one technique of infamy, at a time!

The readers of this article by the distinguished UK scholar, and my favorite young 911 detective, Nafeez Ahmed, might also be interested in watching this hour long video speech by Lindsey Williams to further adjudicate upon the veracity of Brigadier-General James Ellery's narratives:


or reading Lindsey's book which is out of print but fortunately made available online:

The story is far more convoluted than either "Peak" or "reconstruction fraud" mantras. Surely Mr. Nafeez Ahmed would already know it. But for the rest of the readers, there is as much shortage of oil in the world as there is "global warming" on the planet due to man-made effects (as opposed to natural effects being the higher impacting coefficient), and both are in even far greater excess than WMDs in Iraq.

The point to appreciate is really the infamous "Technique of Infamy" - and the erstwhile Brigadier-General James Ellery's narrative is merely another example of this sophisticated Machiavelli - an advanced postgraduate level course beyond 101, 201, ... 911 - in action replay.

Why employ it?

To continue creating "Revolutionary Times".

For what purpose?

"What is inconceivable in normal times is possible in revolutionary times"!

And what might that "revolutionary times" be for?

Does one really want to know? Ignorance is a far better bliss! Better not know. In any case, curiosity killed the cat, remember?

And even if I humbly tell, one wouldn't believe it!

Still wanna know? Okay - but here is the last chance to fast forward!

The construction of a world's supra-government by making all nation-states go systematically bankrupt and entirely beholden to a handful of ruling elite before which the world already bows today, but will bow even lower tomorrow as independent and sovereign nation-states are devilishly obsoleted in favor of territorial management and 'global farming and harvesting' under “one centre of authority, one centre of force, one centre of decision-making. It is world in which there is one master, one sovereign”!

Who is that Sovereign? And who said that? George W. Bush? The Americans? The Europeans? The Jews? The Zionists? The Israelis? The Haliburtons? The Chevrons? Henry Kissinger? Putin?

Has one ever heard of the Bank for International Settlements (bis.org)?

The only bank I know whose website is an "org"?

How much does one know of the previous empire from which the United States had, with many sacrifices of a handful, broken away by throwing that darn tea overboard?

Who had run and controlled and financed that empire upon which the sun once never set, while maintaining the front faces of royalty? http://www.reformation.org/bank-of-england.html

It is for nothing that all sacred texts of wisdom on the planet in almost all civilizations remind their flock - that those who don't learn from their history are condemned to repeat it.

And the only thing every flock has always learned from history - that they don't not only not learn anything from history, but that they mostly always remain ignorant of it.

The modernity du jour is the worst example of this 'learning', perhaps even in the entire history of civilizations - kept eternally busy chasing their "American Dreams" or the bare struggles to put the "food" on the table in every country and every culture, who has the time!

Thus welcome to the New World Order - one day, one revolutionary time, one technique of infamy, at a time!

I am sorry that we sheeples and sheeplets are busy bequeathing even worse times to our progeny who will surely thank us in spades!

Zahir Ebrahim
Project Humanbeingsfirst.org

June 18, 2008
Votes: +0

Roland said:

Lindsey Williams
Lindsey Williams is a PREACHER by trade. So, who do you think will tell you better information about oil on the planet, petroleum engineers, petroleum geologists, those intimately involved with the petroleum infrastructure for decades, serious people with an education and work experience suitable to the industry, OR A BLOODY PREACHER? I vote for the former.

I've heard Williams on radio shows and his information is chocked full of holes. Anyone who knows oil, knows this. Williams is great for getting the uninformed and ignorant public worked up about a conspiracy called peak-oil. Hallelujah brother!

There are conspiracies in the world, but peak-oil is not one of them, and one of the chief problems for the public is that the oil industry, and its associated supply/demand markets, are so complex that it's almost impossible for even experts to figure out exactly what pressures are pushing prices higher. This is worthy of a book-length discussion.

But, just in case you believe I'm part of the oil industry conspiracy, I recommend you consult a pastor. I'm sure that seminary or preacher school taught him enough to advise you on the matter.
June 19, 2008
Votes: +0

Project Humanbeingsfirst.org said:

Thank you for reminding us that "Lindsey Williams is a PREACHER by trade.".

But what, or how, about an economist by trade? Please see:

or here (with an illustrative map):

Apart from all the forensic analysis in the above cited reference from an entirely new and disinterested party, a professor of economics, who incidentally, amply quotes from yet another entirely new analyst (William Engdahl in Germany), much more detailed and forensic analysis is also available at http://globalresearch.ca (run by another academic, lo and behold, another economics professor, this time in Canada who heads the Center for Research on Globalization).

So we appear to have many different specialists from different countries who all seem to echo similar principles as the lowly “PREACHER”.

This surely ought to take care of the distinguished commenter's accurate observation:

"and one of the chief problems for the public is that the oil industry, and its associated supply/demand markets, are so complex that it's almost impossible for even experts to figure out exactly what pressures are pushing prices higher. This is worthy of a book-length discussion."

Such a “book-length discussion”, in fact many of them, can be found, among other places, at one of my favorite hangouts of original 'radical' analysis: http://globalresearch.ca

But let's return to the "PREACHER". The forward of his humble book of personal testimony, an eye witness testimony btw, "The Energy Non-Crisis", is written by: Hugh M. Chance, Former Senator of The State of Colorado, datelined March 19, 1980.

But just in case, a Senator too is not a suitable witness for the distinguished commenter above whose comment is being humbly responded to here, one chapter of Lindsey's book is written by - Oh my gosh! - an oil company executive from Atlantic Richfield! Which chapter? visit


and hear Lindsey tell about how that remarkably transpired, in his speech


All this aside, the undeniable fact is that Sadaam Hussein had offered unlimited oil from Iraq to George H.W. Bush Sr. This is a well known albeit most un-commented fact in the Western mainstream World which repeatedly bleeps the "WMD" and "War on Terror" mantras - for a specific calculated reason.

Not only had the dictator of Iraq been setup to attack Kuwait, a fact also testified to by the "PREACHER" by citing a new named witness to this fact (the entire world has known about the late US Ambassador Ms. April Glaspie - also see this scribe's book), the butcher of Halabja was also deliberately not completely taken out after Gulf Massacre One for very calculated reasons on the 'Grand Chessboard'.

Sadaam Hussein subsequently - before the commencing of Gulf Massacre Two upon the already beleagured and bombed to hell out peoples of Iraq - also offered unlimited oil to George W. Bush Jr.

When that wasn't accepted as a peace offering, Sadaam Hussein had threatened to take the oil transactions away from the Dollar to Euros. This fact was noted on Pacifica radio news reports in April or May 2003 as the DU bombs were falling to bring democracy to Mesapotamia - possibly the cradle of civilization itself!

Iran simultaneously has started trading oil in its own Oil Bourse located in the Kish Island in its own currency. It had been threatening to do so since the mid 1990s from which point it was already in the gun-sights on the 'Grand Chessboard'. Iran must be obliterated because it is also threatening to crash the dollar scam. To understand this complex dollar scam - just search for "The Federal Reserve Bank" - there is plenty of reading material available freely in order to educate oneself, if one is really interested.

To understand just how much material , and why it is so freely available, please see the forward of my book.

There are today, only two remaining truly independent nation-states who can upset the dollar scam – Iran and Venezuela – and both are in the gun-sights.

Iran more pressingly for two other reasons too tortuous to get into here and explained elsewhere. Thus Iran is going to be obliterated - unless some "miracle" can save it. See this Press Release for one such miracle:


All this material humbly noted here, and noted by the "PREACHER" are facts that are reported publicly - a web search will show the role of Henry Kissinger in the pegging of the world's oil trading to the Dollar, of precipitating the oil crisis of 1971 that saw the profits of the oil industry sky-rocket for the first time while long lines formed at the gas pump in the United States, and the same is being orchestrated again today – this time the dollar reaching $4.55 a gallon already in California, headed straight for $10.

The Why bankrupt America - well that was what was being alluded to in the very first comment to this article noted above - which the worthy commenter obviously did not comprehend as it had skipped several steps to get to the bigger picture in one jump.

Many things Lindsey the "PREACHER" has disclosed as his personal experience, many who have followed the great game on the 'Grand Chessboard' already know it.

What is startling to some of these people, and that includes this plebeian scribe who first encountered the 'Grand Chessboard' in 1997 the moment it became available at the Local Barnes and Noble, that a mere "PREACHER" - as the distinguished commenter has desginated him thusly above - should have been made a serendipitous witness to these facts, and that he should still live to tell about it! In the "Preacher's" own words ... well watch it on the video cited above.

Nothing at all the preacher has said is news to me, except for the fact of a) disclosing the existence of the vast oil fields (from his first hand witnessing of it) at "Gull Island" on the Northern slope of Alaska, and b) the actual name of the first hand witness from the US State Department who himself participated in the sting operation along with the already well known role of US Ambassador April Glaspie to get Sadaam Hussein to invade Kuwait in 1990.

Only these two facts were not already known to me - and I am just an ordinary person, even lowlier than a "PREACHER" who is at least closer to some divine!

Everything else the “Preacher” has disclosed, from Henry Kissinger pegging the oil in dollars, etc., is publicly available information that anyone can dig out in these times of information age and search engines. While at it, please also do look up NSSM 200, and NSDM 314, to fill in the gaps of why the world might be seeing food shortages today, and other roles the distinguished Henry Kissinger may have played early on in the 20th century for making America great! It's disappearance is merely the premeditated next step in the long planned SPP union of the North American continent. Which is merely another baby-step to the vision of "UN troops patrolling Los Angeles" (a paraphrase of Henry Kissinger) to "One world Government with one center of authority" (a paraphrase of Vladimir Putin).

The “Preacher's” tale is most assuredly very independently verifiable! The illustrious Lindsey further cites John Perkins and his confessional book "the Confessions of An Economic Hitman" - another economics expert, a World Bank insider no less writing another "book-length" analysis – since that was what the distinguished commenter being responded to here, has asked for!

John Perkins book was introduced by this scribe in this note of introduction to his activist friends:


Please see this scribe's book "Prisoners of the Cave", chapter-2, pages 96 onwards, for a brief level-one introduction to why, if oil is in such a glut in reality, should there be a war for oil? That analysis was written in April-May of 2003 as America's democracy was being rained down upon the peoples of Iraq in the still on-going “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. The addendum to that initial analysis, an introductory level-two and a bit deeper analysis of the eventual goals, is what was noted in this scribe's comments earlier to which the distinguished commenter had responded with "Lindsey Williams is a PREACHER by trade." Perhaps the distinguished commenter might now assert that "Zahir Ebrahim is an engineer by trade", and that he'd rather hear it from the horses-mouth in order to believe any of it.

Thus, in preemption of this request, please read the 'Grand Chessboard' - the one book everyone in America must read - as its very own uber 'Mein Kampf'.

But before one reads the distinguished Brzezinski – please do bother to read this short introduction to all of America's 'Mein Kampfs':


and after one has read Brzezinski, at least twice (for this is a master Straussian scholar), please do go back to reading this scribe's humble dismantling of the mastermind's unequalled masterpiece


which shows how Zbigniew Brzezinski's version of "American Primacy and Its Geostrategic imperatives" is being so devilishly orchestrated starting with 911.

This humble dismantling is perhaps even more believable today than it might have been in 2003 when it was originally penned, and when almost every mainstream publisher who was approached, had turned it down. Read it for free today.

A nutshell exposition of the main theme of that book, for those wanting to learn ab initio but with very little time on their hands on account of their busy pursuits of the "American Dreams", is given in the following two short essays:




And for those with a tiny bit more time able to read 50 entire pages, may download for free this short humble booklet:


Hope that exposition, albeit from a plebeian's mind, is a bit more useful than merely a lowly "PREACHER"'s word!

Jesus too, btw, was only a Preacher - and he transformed the world! And so was Buddha. I won't mention others.

Regardless of what persuasion one may be from, it appears to be among the incongruities of mankind that the worst among us, and the best among us, have been those who have invoked something transcendental, something greater that lies outside of humanity. Some have used the word “God” to solve the problem in the Middle East, as in:

"God told me to strike at al-Qaida and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East"!

and some have used it to teach what, in its most unadulterated form, if one can reach these teachings today, can only be described as, equanimity, as in the Biblical Golden Rule in the Old Testament:

"Do unto others as you have others do unto you"!

According to Project Humanbeingsfirst, if just that pithy statement is made the first principle of all nations and all peoples Consitution, and further, in implementation, the underlying operating principle of conducting all foreign policy and all trade relations, there would be a thousand year peace with justice on Earth!

All attributed to a holy book from a mere "PREACHER". - Not clear to me how any academic, scholar, domain expert, scientist, and philosopher, since time immemorial, to today, can ever top that!

One final note: We are all in it together friends. Wisdom, facts, and analysis come from everywhere - no one has a monopoly on such things. One needs to learn how to evaluate, adjudicate, accept or reject, and apply them usefully, regardless of who brings them.

If one were to look for credentials, degrees, and domain-expertise blindly, and rely on only such lofty titles in order to believe what they bring us, then of course one gets what one deserves - from the Nobel Laurette William Shockley and his superiority of races, a mantra still believed in and perhaps still being researched at Cold Springs Harbor labs, to what is confessed by John Perkins as practiced by him as a World Bank consultant on energy projects. See page 101 of Perkins' famous book cited by the "PREACHER" (page number is for the first hardcover edition, paperback may be a different page number) in your local bookstore. Or read this scribe's introduction of that book cited above before going out and purchasing your own copy.

Thank you for reading.

Zahir Ebrahim
Project Humanbeingsfirst.org
June 19, 2008
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Jesse Hemingway said:

The question we should all be asking is what makes Iran so dangerous?
The question we should all be asking is what makes Iran so dangerous?

By: Jesse Hemingway

Iran and Iraq with their large number of the Islamic Shia religious sect are they really such a massive threat; with the puny suspected, alleged, and well documented facts that they do not have nuclear weapon ambitions. Versus the empirical fact that they now control nearly 700 billion barrels of known oil reserves and all the economic power that is bestowed with that vast amount of wealth. The heavy handed oil driven United States foreign policy has come home to roost. That United States foreign policy that emanated in the 1952 republican majority congress, yes that prodigal son foreign policy is knocking on all Americans doors now asking for? Who has kept back and held Iraq’s and Iran’s oil from the free market? Off the markets since 1952 who has effectively keep both countries in a constant state of atrophy and war, come on we all know the answer.

Let’s weigh the reality Iran makes a couple nuclear weapons may be in 10 – 20 years scare me. As the oil rich Sunnis nations are running out of oil which is very highly likely to occur with in 5 years caused by increase world wide oil demands. The Sunnis nations have been allowed to over state their oil reserves from at least 1988 to the present this is a fact that the oil industry has confirmed a decline in Sunni nation’s oil production out put. (You can only decline once oil production has crossed the half way point) Yes they have been over stating their reserves to borrow from the World Bank with the blessing of the United States presidents during those years. I bet you that this method is a great way to get a presidential library funded and election contributions you could even purchase the entire United States government.

From 1952 – 1960 that method of manipulating natural resources occurred over stating the purchases of the material and actual inventory on hand, their was an 8 billon dollar discrepancy in 1950’s dollar values. At that point it was the largest transfer of wealth in United States history. President John F. Kennedy ordered and obscure investigation into the strategic stockpile the findings of that investigation would have turned the United States political landscape into mayhem. Then the media said Lee Harvey Oswald killed the president by the evidence cultivated from a presidential Executive Order initiated by the new president. Here is a huge secret; presidential Executive Orders carry no, zero, and nada Constitutional authority in any criminal investigation. That is funny; the method chosen to investigate the murder of a president is a nebulas administrative law function that carries no constitutional gravity, the only minor authority of an Executive Order is that the President can authorize something as dismal as changing letter head on government forms.

It worked in 1963 the Executive Order to allow the media to convict Lee Harvey Oswald over the airwaves and print. Then 9/11 occurred it took nearly two years to create the Executive Order to investigate another criminal act on the American people. This time it is to cover up the manipulation of natural resources again, it is again dramatically over stated oil inventory then in reality exist. The demand for oil in the 1990’s started growing exponentially outpacing the fraudulent stated inventory levels thus leading to a scheme against the entire world. The only way to adjust oil inventory is to bust open the Iraq and Iran piggy bank and commingle their oil reserves then after that start addressing the rapidly dwindling oil resources.

After 54 years of keeping the jack boot heel of the United States foreign policy on the throats of Iraq and Iran we should be afraid of nonexistent nuclear weapons or the fact the Shia are now the most powerful oil group in the world. Truly the only fears that exist is among the thieves that put themselves into this position a small handful of people that are committed to making the entire world suffer because of their greed. I personally think that this cabal regardless of their nationality be placed in front of a world court be tried and then move on.





June 20, 2008
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miragana said:

Good day!
It is very informative and has a very good quality in it.
I like it...


Thank you very much for your time.
September 03, 2008
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