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Saving Pakistan from Synthetic 'Terror Central' Orchestration of 'Lal Masjid'
Sunday, 13 July 2008 13:56
by Zahir Ebrahim
...a precursor to 'shock and awe'?
This past week the world watched in abject horror the despicable spectacle of a Pakistani mosque - a place of worship and sanctity - under intense "shock and awe" visitation by Pakistan's own elite Army.

To me, watching impotently from 20,000 miles away in California with a sinking petrified heart, it was all too reminiscent of what is still being visited upon the wretched peoples of Iraq after the Western nations under the primal stewardship of the United States of America - my 'tax- paying' country of residence - had deliberately cultivated and armed their murderous military dictator for over two decades when it had suited their interests on 'the Grand Chessboard' leaving at least two million Muslims dead in proxy warfare! And when the 'pawns' needed to be reshuffled with the evolving geopolitical expediencies of the 'New World Order' being heralded in by the lone unchallenged 'hectoring hegemon' (this bombastic self-ascribed label is lucidly explained in my essay “Dialog among Civilizations”) left standing after the Cold War, the very same hand-pumping supporters of the dictator set him up as the patsy to commit an international transgression (as also noted in the Iraqi transcript of April Glaspie's conversation with Sadaam Hussein). Then they mercilessly 'shocked and awed' that entire beleaguered nation with strangulating full spectrum economic sanctions and DU bombings over a thirteen year period in 'retaliation' leaving nothing of consequence in sight: “After eight years of enforcing a no fly zone in northern [and southern] Iraq, few military targets remain. ‘We're down to the last outhouse’ ” as reported by the Wall Street Journal in 1999.

That being the grotesque unmasked reality, the phantasmal construction of Sadaam's 'WMDs' leaves much pause for reflection in doctrinal writings asserting the imminent destruction of the Western world unless the inhumanity that eventually followed was brought to immediate fruition, in writing such as those by CPSG and PNAC, to wit, the overarching modus operandi:

'Saddam Hussein has been able to develop biological and chemical munitions. ... This poses a danger to our friends, our allies, and to our nation. It is clear that this danger cannot be eliminated as long as our objective is simply "containment,"... Saddam must be overpowered; he will not be brought down by a coup d'etat ... But Saddam has an Achilles' heel: lacking popular support, he rules by terror.'

In other words, 'save' the beleaguered people of Iraq from their terrorizing brutalizing dictator who, now amnesiacally, was installed, managed, and fully aided and abetted in the masterful exercise of that terror by the very same people now clamoring for his head! Remember this point as we return to it later in the essay.

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And as we all know, unless someone has been soundly asleep, such fanciful constructions were followed by the final blitzkrieg invasion once again in 2003 under the full blown pretexts of 'WMDs' to indeed, once and for all, finally 'free' the wretched Iraqi peoples from the very same reign of terror and the 'frightened civilized world' from the very same but now non-existent 'WMDs' that had earlier been very covetously supplied to the erstwhile dictator as the mainstay of his tyrannical rule over his own 'wretched' peoples. Please observe the consistency of relationship between the artful planting of the mantra years in advance, to its final “shock and awe” 'liberation' exercise as the 'saviors'.

We won't rehearse the gory details of the illegal eight year long war of aggression that the barbaric patsy was encouraged to wage upon another neighboring nation whose unprecedented chutzpah in exercising her right to real freedom from superpower serfdom the leading 'hectoring hegemon' du jour could never appreciate. And obviously still cannot appreciate to this very day as it's now planning the final coup de grace by all accounts, by the very same people (“The Case for Bombing Iran”).

That final invasion operation upon the wretched nation of Iraq was aptly, and also quite Orwellianly, named 'Operation Iraqi Freedom'. Unsurprisingly, it is still ongoing four years later as it is especially constructed and deftly orchestrated to continue 'freeing' the peoples of Iraq for a "lifetime" in a 'global war on terror' - the 'World War IV' - that is also projected to last a "lifetime". Read here or here how this WW4 all got started in the words of the 'hectoring hegemons' themselves, and why it must continually be fought tooth and nail against the phantasmal 'islamofascists' to win (sic!).

The forensic job of a detective in unraveling the truth is to find unobvious linkages in a vast debris-field of real clues amidst cleverly planted trail of crumbs left behind by any sophisticated criminals. It is to uncover their philosophies and their motives - tortuous or sane - to discover the primal motivations that move them in order to clearly establish premeditation and intent from random events and 'mere reactions' to 'happenstance'. That is what we shall be doing in this essay, looking for rational and causal linkages and patterns to understand the 'Terror Central' transpiring in our nation – Pakistan – so that we can actually uncover an efficacious curing protocol rather than continually spin on red herrings.

The best enemies are of course always the ones that one has created, aided and abetted, for then one knows precisely everything about the supposed antagonists, and thus they can be easily destroyed with ease once they have served some other secretive political or military agenda. This technique of fighting fake and fabricated enemies, like hegemony, is as old as mankind. Even the naming technology for these operations isn't new, as deception is the first principle in the 'Art of War'' mongering for any "imperial mobilization". The difference is that for 'Alexanders', 'Napoleons' and 'Queen Victorias' leading a charged 'ubermensch' peoples who are already imbued with the spirit of imperialism, conquest, and 'la mission civilisatrice', deception is mainly only employed upon the victims to be conquered - as the 'East India Company' was employed for the conquest of the 'Jewel in the Crown', and the Trojan horse to conquer Troy.

But for charlatans and wannabes leading a largely reluctant and peaceable peoples uninterested in world conquest, or unwilling to fight other peoples' wars with their own blood and tears, deception is employed primarily for the conquest of one's own peoples first - to either sufficiently 'motivate' them into the “imperial mobilization”, or to sufficiently de-sensitize them into inaction and resignation as their own tabula rasa is torn asunder from underneath them in the name of protecting them from the 'evil doers'. In both cases, after the Rubicon is initially crossed, inching forward to greater and more egregious 'operations' becomes relatively more 'palatable' to the peaceable and unwilling peoples!

As a humble student of history and current affairs, these two rather un-apparent aspects of this global 'War on Terror' immediately jumped into my rather straightforward but ordinary mind as I watched the unfolding horrific events with bated breadth, constantly in touch with my mom in Pakistan - for this time, the venue was my own hometown, and the images were of my own streets that I had roamed with friends as a teenager in high school.

Apart from fighting deliberately constructed 'evil doers' to fabricate more 'evil doers' in order to fight the “perpetual war” on fabricated terror, or 'synthetic terror', it seemed that there was also the deliberate desensitization of the rest of the Pakistani public to the notion of there being no red-lines that cannot be crossed in this global 'War on Terror' at whose altar the entire nation could also be willingly sacrificed in order to 'win' it! Indeed, as is being deliberately orchestrated in Iraq, it seemed that our own nation's 'acceptable' re-drawing of its borders is being seeded incrementally through increasingly contrived barbaric events such that it would make its eventual breakup appear to be inevitable in order to keep the peace and sanity of its peoples as well as to ensure the safety of the entire world!

For a cynical mind tuned to studying the geopolitical gamesmanship on the Grand Chessboards of history, there can be no other rational and strategic explanation for this monstrous case of sledgehammer brutish military destruction of the Lal Masjid complex and the murder of its young boys and girls, most of them orphans and extremely indigent with no one to watch out for their interests, i.e., quite dispensable, in the very heart of Islamabad among a nation of peoples already brimming from ear to ear with 'faith' and extremely mindful of the inviolate sanctity of religion and its mosques.

Did the poor civilian, and at best misguided, predominantly young victims of this slaughter by the world's 5th largest standing military deserve this fate for the apparent crimes of sacking a few video stores, shutting down a brothel, and some other random acts of puritanical vigilante-justice which were deliberately aided and abetted by the 'state' to get the matters to a head? To really understand this question insightfully, one must ask the concomitant question: did the people of Iraq or Afghanistan deserve their fate as the backyards of 'hectoring hegemons'? And further ponder: what might either of these widely disparate wretched peoples in entirely different nations but yet with so much in common, have done in retrospect to avoid their fate?

To cut through the chase, I'll share my own limited comprehension of the matter. The only key lesson I have learned from watching all this repeat time and again is that when an indigenous peoples do not courageously rise to overthrow their own dictators that have been deftly foisted upon them under one expedient pretext or another, the 'foreigners' willingly, and inevitably come to 'free' them from their shackles once these dictators have served their function!

Do we want such a 'saving'?

The malformed construct of Lal masjid, like the necessity of the Iraqi dictatorship in the 1980s, had been deliberately nurtured and lovingly cultivated, but in its own peculiar and rather bizarre, almost anachronistic, and hence visually shocking to the 'modernity' du jour, 'fundamentalist' militant flavor for several years right under the very noses of the notorious and all powerful intelligence agencies which shies not even from bugging the homes and offices of the Justices of the Supreme Court in a setup so elaborate, that the spooks claim they cannot certify the removal of all illegal monitoring and tapping devices from the judges quarters in less time than a couple of weeks even upon the explicit legal directive of the highest judicial body in the land to sweep them clean immediately!

For the government to claim not to have known what was going on inside the Lal masjid is obviously the same sort of incredulous lie as the American Government's feigned ignorance that they did not know of the impending 'new Pearl Harbor' of 911. Never mind that in all likelihood, they brought all three towers down themselves as any rational unbiased observer will note from the way they collapsed within seconds so symmetrically right unto their own footprints as is the case in any well executed demolition with sophisticated well placed cutter charges and thermite!

And like all assets deliberately cultivated for proxy services, the Lal Masjid asset too was eliminated with the same zeal and target practice vigor in the most exemplary of "shock and awe" demonstration to also 'save' the goodly peoples of Islamabad, the long suffering Pakistani nation, and all of the advanced civilized world from its 'sticks and stones' antediluvian reign of terror and obscurantism that had burned one too many DVDs and shutdown one too many massage parlors in the city as mere humble beginnings with sights trained upon conquering the whole world with their white turbans and slotted black tents. This operation too was aptly named "Silence", and the manner in which it has been conducted is also similarly likely to continue harvesting its stated aim of 'silence' over a "lifetime"!

From Afghanistan to Iraq to Palestine to Lebanon to Iran and now in Pakistan, strategic military operations and covert 'black-ops' are continually set in motion that are all aptly named and so wisely and humanely constructed so as to precisely achieve their explicitly stated aims as reflected in the simplest meanings of their 'nom de guerres', but of course only in the Orwellian sector of the Matrix! In the empirical world, it achieves precisely the opposite of its apt name - and then, feigned surprise! Even an elementary school kid will surely know that: "Those to whom evil is done, Do Evil in return."

But of course not the brilliant think-tankers at AEI from which Bush borrowed 20 of their best minds, noting: “Some of the finest minds of our nation are at work on some of the greatest challenges to our nation. You do such good work that my administration has borrowed twenty such minds. I want to thank them for their service”. And nor the realpolitik strategists at the Pentagon who argue that the only way to 'free' the world of the menace of the 'evil doers' is to 'shock and awe' them to death after cultivating them first precisely for that purpose.

One given to cynicism borne from rational empiricism will easily assert that this modus operandi of barbarianism quite conveniently ensures an endless supply of 'evil doers' by design. Others will continue celebrating with gusto, the 'unbirthday party' with the 'Dormouse'!

The Pakistani military dictatorship foisted upon the reigns of the nation, just like Sadaam Hussein in Iraq was previously, merely took a leaf out of the same handbook of 'terror' published in the United States of America for the same purpose.

Except that this Islamabad "shock and awe" operation is a bit unique in that it has been wrought not by an alien superpower upon a demonized and dehumanized peoples of another 'lesser' god due to some 'ubermensch' self-proclaimed primacy imperatives on the Grand Chessboard as had previously been the norm, but by the nation's own ruling elite military force upon its own 'lesser' civilian people.

It must somehow be better to be 'shocked and awed' by ones' own kind – as when Sadaam Hussein was doing it to his own people - than by some 'ubermensch' foreigners, especially if the 'enemy' in all these operations is projected to be exactly the same, namely, the 'evil doers', the 'evil jihadis', 'radical Islamists', 'militant Islam', and yes, the ubiquitous 'al qaeeda'! At least when men, women, and children with the latter labels are slaughtered by 'Muslims' themselves, and at the wholesome hands of their own mighty national custodians at that, they at least presumably get funeral prayers, and a chance at half decent burial in individual graves - provided their body was found intact! It is merely the dress rehearsal for the final 'shock and awe' where no bodies are found at the altar of 'Daisy Cutters' and 'JDAMs'.

All the pundits across the world are asking the same key question of:

how was it possible that under the very nose of the all powerful military Government in the modern Federal Capital could this shockingly antediluvian 'al qaeeda' construct have been allowed to germinate in plain sight, and pretty much all are coming up as empty handed;

just as in the case of asking the same question of how 911 was allowed to be perpetrated by the 'evil jihadis' using sophisticated flying machines that they only learned to fly on flight simulators and subsequently hijacked with such ease with this incredibly antediluvian weapon systems often referred to as 'box cutters' under the very noses of the most armed to the teeth nuclear superpower state with an annual military defense budget that far exceeds that of the next two dozen nations combined, and similarly coming up empty handed!

In both cases however, the impact upon the world's public is graphic, immediate, and shocking beyond belief, and of course, remarkably enabling. The leading argument for their occurrence in both cases being 'incompetence' and 'intelligence failure' which is promulgated by both the state and their erudite pundits in all guises.

This 'incompetence' explanation unfortunately doesn't shed a whole lot of light on the matter in either case, at least for us ordinary folks who have to first pay for this 'incompetence' with our tax dollars year after year, and then again for the subsequent 'enablement' of the 'preemptive wars' against 'evil doers' with our blood and tears!

Since few in the world today apparently possess the profound mathematics ability to correctly add 'two plus two equal four', or the linguistic capability to publicly pronounce the words 'false flag operation' in order to delineate such matters in their proper perspective which might rather straightforwardly lead to the unraveling of all obfuscation that surrounds modern deception based "imperial mobilizations" and thus prematurely bring down the house of cards while it's still being erected before fait accompli, we see almost all commentators in the ubiquitous newsmedia and in the multitude of think-tanks, as well as all politicians worth their salt from the American shining seas to the Arabian troubled waters, and all the way to our very own shores, unsurprisingly focusing mainly on discussing the minutiae of the manifest event itself.

None of them betray that they possess long term memories, or any comprehension of even recent history that can be contextualized to the present.

None of them seem to have heard of 'covert-ops' and 'black-ops'; none of them have read the shrewd analysis of the imperial thinkers themselves of the necessity of real mobilizing pretexts such as the "New Pearl Harbor" and "clear and present danger" as otherwise "Democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization".

None of them apparently understand that covert-ops while they are operational and active, are meant to be secretive and mendacious, which is why they are called 'covert', and that their unraveling necessitates perceptively seeing beyond what's being deliberately made manifest and what's being insisted upon as 'two plus two equals five' - for hard receipts for them will only be uncovered by historians through the famed declassification process post faits accomplis.

Thus all of these 'astute' thinkers, commentators, and media pundits none too miraculously reach the same minimal and common conclusion space regardless of their own starting thesis or the circuitous routes taken in their analysis and speculations, that at the bare minimum, the scourge of 'fundamentalism' and 'militant Islam' needs to be checked with renewed commitment in the global 'war on terror', or else no one in the 'civilized world' would remain safe from these antiquated Taliban style 'evil jihadis' and 'al qaeeda'. That root of terror has now been successfully showcased as residing in Pakistan – the 'Terror Central'!

It is indeed deemed a 'clash of civilizations', not of the East and the West titans, but of 'radical antiquated militant Islam' and the rest of civilized humanity! That "Today [even] if one could wipe America off the map of the world with a wet cloth, mullah-led fanaticism will not disappear", as the distinguished native-informant par excellence, the world class physicist Pervaiz Hoodbhoy, has conclusively observed in his latest analysis of the matter in "Preventing More Lal Masjids", and which he had earlier explored in great analytical depth in "The Threat From Within". And none to surprisingly, echoing the same mantra of Pakistan becoming a 'terrorist sanctuary', CNN a few days ago aired the documentary by Nick Richardson "Pakistan - The Threat Within". The unanimity of this conclusion space is scary to say the least - at least for us Pakistanis.

It would appear that the world's leading thinkers, journalists, newsmedia, scholars and leaders "united we stand" that Pakistan poses a serious threat to world peace! Not the hectoring hegemons who have cleverly utilized 911 "to goosestep the Herrenvolk across international frontiers" in what only appears to be another 'operation canned goods' or the 'Reichstag fire' or the much coveted 'New Pearl Harbor' to achieve the 'transformation of [its] forces' to achieve 'full spectrum dominance' over the planet and outerspace, but my wretched lands of the ancient Indus valley, and my wretched peoples - we are the world threat!

Therefore, as others more astute, learned, and worldly wise than us have already quite courageously tread the obvious more blatantly visible paths to 'great depths' and declared our land 'Terror Central' and our troubled wretched peoples a 'world threat', let us leave the profoundly learned and their various drum beaters to their own devices, and instead, in this brief space, continue exploring where the rather unusual columnist Ejaz Haider in his July 12, 2007 oped in the Daily Times titled "Truth will out" left off after offhandedly noting: 'Could it be that the government did not want Ghazi to remain alive and at some point talk to the media? The operation was codenamed “Silence”. It makes sense to dub it such if there is an urgent need to “silence” someone'.

Let us further also try to answer the questions that the erstwhile Talat Hussain tried to ask on his Aaj TV 'Live with Talat' show last night, on July 23, 2007, of his distinguished panelists who could only respond with the most obvious staid platitudes to his rather profound and surprising key inquiry (paraphrasing and translating the entire program in a nutshell):

"we think we understand the agenda of the Americans and we pay attention to their body language and to their pillow talk of friendship etc. to judge their intentions, and we continually respond as short-sighted reactionaries to each unfolding event when it occurs (seemingly by happenstance) thinking we are mutual friends and allies in this war on terror, and the Americans pay us for our obedient services while continually demanding more and more from us after every transgression we heap upon our own peoples; but do we really, really understand what the overarching long term American intentions and agenda is all about? Do we really understand their geopolitical power-plays and how we are designed to fit in to their scheme of things?"

Let us, the rather 'ordinary' and 'lesser' distinguished Pakistanis, the 'we the peoples', collectively put on our own thinking hats and rightly lay the charge for monumental crimes at the proper doorstep of the first root cause from which 'all the evil that has followed' as per the justice administered at the Nuremberg Military Tribunals. The Nuremberg Principles of justice were so powerful that it absolved all the Allied powers of their own monumentally criminal bombing of civilian population centers from Dresden to Tokyo, and Hiroshima to Nagasaki, as all rather unfortunate but legitimate and necessary self-defense against the primary first cause aggressor!

Well, learning from the yardstick setup by the leading superpowers themselves, and identifying the primary first causes of the disease accurately in the layers upon layers of secondary and tertiary causal relationships, rather than merely analyzing its manifest and most visible symptoms, we stand at least half a chance of identifying the right remedies and initiating proper and timely self-defense.

An improper diagnosis on the other hand - either under the distraught and emotional state of siege when no options but to silently appease seem to dominate the thinking of our ruling elite to safeguard their own vested interests, or due to deliberately spewed red herrings that are being disseminated from the highest pulpits that misguides our analysts, or perhaps our own uncourageous silence and co-optation due to the fear of calling a spade a spade lest one be labeled a 'terrorist' just as Patrick Henry might today be labeled - can easily lead to continued catastrophes very quickly piling up upon our already beleaguered peoples and a sure death from disintegration of our already fragile nation!

Such destructive destiny apparently has been pre-ordained by the powers to be by 2012 according to some news reports, and only fatalist fools and co-opted traitors will continue to gladly suffer it. Let's not be counted among them!

Let's instead craft our own destiny that is first and foremost, in our own best national interests!

And let's not confine the definition of 'national interest' to that offered by our ruling 'Military Inc.', but also rationally include within its ambit, the national interests of 'WE', the ordinary and wretched 170 million peoples of this nation!

Let's begin by observing what is being accomplished with the monumentally criminal Lal masjid 'katputli tamasha' (puppet show):

  1. More credibility and justification to continue fueling the fiction of global 'war on terror' (see for instance "Al-Qaeda, the eternal covert operation") - and not surprisingly in recent news reports even that linkage to al-qaeeda has been made manifest, even throwing in the name of Daniel Pearl for good measure;
  2. Continued desensitization of the locals to Muslims killing Muslims (and the Muslim 'state' being just another one of the actors in the contrived mayhem) to further the global agenda of getting the 'natives' to do the colonizing work - Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, (see the excellent summary in "Condi's creative chaos") - thus witness that there is no uproar among the local public, they accepted the concept of curfew and curtailment of their movements meekly under the pretext of necessity (what hasn't been wrought under the doctrine of necessity) whereas even if Sir Rushdie sneezes or a cartoon is created somewhere in deliberate provocation, all hell breaks loose in Pakistan to show precisely that 'Moslems' are antiquated fundamentalist nations harboring 'militant Islamists' (see "Satanic Pictures"), and that it's "Not [even] a Clash of Civilizations, It's a Clash between the Civilized World and Barbarians"!;
  3. A broader agenda enacted piece-meal and known only to the puppeteers for what's in store for Pakistan between now and 2012 is being successfully orchestrated (and which we can intelligently guess at but for which we shall find no receipts until post faits accomplis). The timing of the appearance of this book written by a 'native informant' isn't just accidental ("Divide Pakistan to Eliminate Terrorism" and CNN is running its slick advertisement), and nor is Pakistan being the most willing of all client states serving empire ever in question (for instance, see "Pakistan to help as the US's jailer" or "Bush Authorizes New Covert Action against Iran" or "CIA running black propaganda operation against Iran, Syria and Lebanon, officials say").
    So do we know for a fact that Bush hasn't authorized a similar covert-ops or black-ops in Pakistan to further substantiate, by hook or by crook, the raison d'être for continuing the 'war on terror', especially when it needs to be continually primed for a 'lifetime' and Pakistan is the perfect place of harvest for its plentiful recruits with already in-place 'doctrinal motivations' left over from winning World War III?
    We do however know for a fact its converse, and in the words of empire itself, that the empire does covert-ops a plenty to achieve its 'imperial mobilization'. Given this realist's understanding of the world we live in, what are the most obvious questions to ask in attempting to unravel this rather bizarre, but easily avertable, lal masjid blood bath?
My humble response - as Sherlock Holmes might ask - who benefits from this lal masjid episode? And just this week, based on all the evidences that we have so very egregiously provided to the world in the past six months, George W. Bush declared Pakistan 'Terror Central' in a national address on American radio! Who benefits from such a designation?

The most obvious beneficiaries you ask? No not Musharraf - for he too takes command from elsewhere and is no less indispensable than his illustrious predecessor in uniform with many more eagerly awaiting in the wings to bow and scrape to his (or her) master's voice. The passing 'mango season' being just incidental to this dispensation of gratitude - the land of Pakistan is gifted with many seasons, not to fear.

In this profound orchestration of 'lal masjid' - which did not most assuredly commence in January 2007, but rather several years prior, and at least as far back as 2004 when the late maulana Ghazi was reappointed in the lal masjid and all charges of 'terrorism' against him were magically dropped - we have conveniently handed the justification on a platter, and once again at the expense of the blood and tears of the wretched peoples of this land, to the erstwhile Mr. Daniel Pipes for his oft repeated lament noted in "Recruiting Soldiers Against Radical Islam".

The veritable Pipes has repeatedly lamented how 'so many people in the West still don't believe that they are at war [with] .. radical Islam'. Well no more, and thank you very much. And had this not been enacted in Musharaf's Pakistan, it could have been enacted someplace else, and as they surely will. We shouldn't forget that the most recent one was orchestrated simultaneously in Gaza to stage the Hamas Fatah incestuous killing zone, and in Lebanon in the Naher al Bared refugee camp with the world watching silently as the 'wretched of the earth' are once again displaced for a higher prerogative. The timing and circumstances just worked out right for this lal masjid seedling to germinate when it did. It conveniently served multiple hierarchy of purposes. There are many more such incestuous Muslim killing Muslim seedlings planted in the soil worldwide, rest assured.

If, just for a moment, one can assume that peering through the above empirical lens also lends a rational perspective in the global geopolitical context (as opposed to merely a 'tin hatted' conspiracy theory from an hyperactive imagination), many very useful answers potentially fall through. Covert-ops have layers of obfuscation surrounding them like onion rings (see for instance "Islamic Terrorists" supported by Uncle Sam) amidst a trail of endless red herrings. These covert-ops end up synthesizing deliberately crafted consequences, rather than just the mere 'surprised happenstance', or the oft repeat 'surprised blowback' mantra that we frequently see being discussed among the erudite and the media, in order to perpetuate a pre-planned agenda through brilliant Machiavellian deception mechanisms such as Ezra Pound's superlative dialectics of deception:

invent and propagate two or more [opposing] lies and keep the peoples busily engaged arguing which of them might be true!

While the goodly peoples and their well intentioned intellectuals, media, press, and think-tanks et. al. remain focused chasing which of the multiple sets of 'katputli tamashas' may be true, the 'empire' expands behind the scenes full steam ahead achieving the pre-planned 'full spectrum dominance' in the confusion and preemptive attacks and new bases and missile defense against rogue actors, etc., that follow!

I suppose those who insistently allege this open secret are merely 'conspiracy theorists'.

And when these 'tin hats' further insist on bringing up the plentiful evidence to support their detective work, such as the multiple existent 'Mein Kampfs', or point to the "significantly expanded planning doctrine for nuclear wars", or narrate the agendas of 'Bush Doctrine' in the words of the neo-cons themselves and how deception (such as the famous 'WMD' and 'evil doers' and 'sky is falling') is the key weapon system of these 'hectoring hegemons' to confuse, scare and mobilize their own masses in the most desired direction of inaction and acquiescence as otherwise 'Democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization', they are very conveniently labeled 'terrorists'!

Thus quite unremarkably easily shutting up anyone pointing to the trumpeting elephants in the room, but leaving all the various drum beaters who remain content diligently analyzing the 'katputli tamashas', in charge of the circus. Often the most cleverly or shrewdly co-opted who are beyond simple envelops and paychecks, are amply rewarded with well deserved respite, prominence, junkets, sabbaticals, and special invitations to speak along the Hudson and the Potomac worthy of any high ranking faithful 'native-informant' in the priestdom.

Only when the hard receipts are in some 20, 30, 40 years later, post faits accomplis, that we shall all know for sure the abc of all the covert-ops, and the same informants who were earlier beating the drum of 'radical Islamists' and 'militant Islam' will be writing revealing books of how 'terribly' immoral and devilishly clever the 'empire' was, and magically find the courage to label it a 'rogue state' and the like.

But that is why history is supposed to be a teacher for contemporary matters in order to empower altering of the future. When the receipts finally come in, instead of using them to analyze and unravel any contemporary events in the light of what has transpired in the recent past, these covert-ops and foreign interventions are just taken as a matter of course, as a matter of mere 'primacy imperatives' of the 'hectoring hegemons', and written about ad nauseum by the imperialists themselves in the memoirs, confessions, publications of diaries posthumously, or gloat for want of attention post fait accompli - like how Brzezinski bragged about his own orchestrated CIA intervention in Afghanistan that seeded all these 'lal masjids' for us whose harvest we are now collecting.

Brzezinski created 'militant Islam' in our region by brazenly mixing god and armed-struggle disguised as 'jihad' against the 'evil Soviet empire'. We all know this tale, but how many readers in Pakistan have seen the following claim by Brzezinski 20 years after his initiating the monumentally criminal covert-ops in Afghanistan to deliberately set up and hand the Soviets their own Vietnam War on Muslim soil?

This is incredibly important to understand, what came first: the invasion of Afghanistan by the USSR, or the CIA covert-ops which was deliberately and knowingly crafted to lead to such an invasion? In an interview in 1998 to "Le Nouvel Observateur" (translated from French by historian William Blum):

Question: The former director of the CIA, Robert Gates, stated in his memoirs ["From the Shadows"], that American intelligence services began to aid the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan 6 months before the Soviet intervention. In this period you were the national security adviser to President Carter. You therefore played a role in this affair. Is that correct?

Brzezinski: Yes. According to the official version of history, CIA aid to the Mujahadeen began during 1980, that is to say, after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan, 24 Dec 1979. But the reality, secretly guarded until now, is completely otherwise Indeed, it was July 3, 1979 that President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. And that very day, I wrote a note to the president in which I explained to him that in my opinion this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention.

Question: Despite this risk, you were an advocate of this covert action. But perhaps you yourself desired this Soviet entry into war and looked to provoke it?

Brzezinski: It isn't quite that. We didn't push the Russians to intervene, but we knowingly increased the probability that they would.

Question: When the Soviets justified their intervention by asserting that they intended to fight against a secret involvement of the United States in Afghanistan, people didn't believe them. However, there was a basis of truth. You don't regret anything today?

Brzezinski: Regret what? That secret operation was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap and you want me to regret it? The day that the Soviets officially crossed the border, I wrote to President Carter. We now have the opportunity of giving to the USSR its Vietnam war. Indeed, for almost 10 years, Moscow had to carry on a war unsupportable by the government, a conflict that brought about the demoralization and finally the breakup of the Soviet empire.

Question: And neither do you regret having supported the Islamic fundamentalism, having given arms and advice to future terrorists?

Brzezinski: What is most important to the history of the world? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire? Some stirred-up Moslems or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the cold war?

Question: Some stirred-up Moslems? But it has been said and repeated Islamic fundamentalism represents a world menace today.

Brzezinski: Nonsense! It is said that the West had a global policy in regard to Islam. That is stupid. There isn't a global Islam. Look at Islam in a rational manner and without demagoguery or emotion. It is the leading religion of the world with 1.5 billion followers. But what is there in common among Saudi Arabian fundamentalism, moderate Morocco, Pakistan militarism, Egyptian pro-Western or Central Asian secularism? Nothing more than what unites the Christian countries.

Watch Brzezinski in this PBS video clip on the Pak-Afghan border in 1980 asserting to the 'Mujahideen' that 'god is on your side' (who is the young man in the topi standing next to him if not his Honorable Zalmay Khalilzad, Brzezinski's talented protégé?)

One might well ask Zbigniew Brzezinski what "secret operation" is he, or his trained offspring, are now following for creating these new 'evil jihadis' – the new boogie men to fight their new Post-Cold war lifetime of "war on terrorism" against, and after how many years will they be giving their next interview to "Le Nouvel Observateur" to confess to it, and which PBS videos will be made 20 years hence to openly show the neo-cons urging on the new mullahs to wage a jihad for 'enactment of Sharia' because 'god is still very much on their side'? How will they dismiss the Muslims this time at the conclusion of WW IV? Last time, Brzezinski had referred to the shedding of our red blood and the destruction of a Muslim civilization in the service of empire as merely "some stirred-up Moslems"!

Would Brzezinski's faithful amoral progeny gloat at the conclusion of WW IV thusly:

what is most important to the history of the earth – the preeminence of America or the death of Arabs, Iraqis, Afghanis, Palestinians, Pakistanis? Some stirred-up Moslems, or the brilliant American full spectrum dominance of the entire planet, the control of all the world's resources and all its energy spigots, and the triumphal return of the Jews to their entire Promised Land in Eretz Yisrael?
Brzezinski, brazen and boldfaced as ever, has already laid out how any attack on Iran may materialize in his Senate testimony before the Foreign Relations Committee in February 2007. He noted:

"a plausible scenario for a military collision with Iran involves Iraqi failure to meet the benchmarks, followed by accusations of Iranian responsibility for the failure, then by some provocation in Iraq or a terrorist act in the US blamed on Iran, culminating in a "defensive" US military action against Iran that plunges a lonely America into a spreading and deepening quagmire eventually ranging across Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan"
Attack on Iran is indeed the only leg in the neo-con agenda that remains unfulfilled in the short term during Bush's tenure, and for which in the face of growing reluctance within the United States to embark on another 'preemptive war' to achieve their self-proclaimed primacy imperatives of 'full spectrum dominance', something more tangible than just the sustained talk of 'evil doers', something more concrete like the actual 'evil jihadis' in real conflagration against the civil society, is required in order to prime its own 'democracy' to wreck the pre-planned havoc upon another Muslim nation - the only one that has dared to be independent and has openly defied the sole superpower in the world. Every convincing bit that can be added to the fabricated mantra of 'War on Terror' is now necessary in order to mobilize the Western public against the supposed real and present dangers of 'evil jihadis' and 'militantly Islamic rogue states' hell bent on achieving their triumphal version of 'antiquated Islam' with the force of arms. Thus for those who don't yet have WMDs, it is the 'threat' of their acquiring them, and those who already possess them, it is the 'threat' of their loosing them to the 'islamofascists'! Both create the boogie-men needed to continue on with premeditated “imperial mobilization”!

Thus the poor Muslims - continually slogging under the burden of what Samuel Huntington astutely noted as a has-been "civilization convinced of the superiority of their culture and incensed with the inferiority of their power" and conveniently under the iron hand of various tin-pot dictators and autocracies since the very inception of modern nation-states at the termination of their own 'thousand year' empires after the end of World War I - are once again deliberately paying the price in their own blood, progress, political freedoms, and in equitably sharing of their own natural resources which are deftly being harvested away from them for a song. The developing nations of the Global South, including all the Muslim nations in it, are themselves assisting the West in the exercise of its hegemony for the benefit and comfortable lifestyles of the Western peoples of the Global North.

When will we in the Global South ever learn? When will we spot the elephant in the room? When will we begin to build dikes and bridges to weather the gathering storms that are about to burst?

All matters are inter-linked in this 'war on terror' and its concomitant 'imperial mobilizations'. These matters cannot be understood through simple temporal local microscopic lenses when the image processing requirement calls for rapidly changing zoom lens in a rapidly evolving global landscape. Red herrings are cleverly strewn across the board, and deceptive opinions are deftly crafted by the dutiful servants of empire (knowingly or inadvertently is immaterial) who tend to carve up the entire discourse space unto themselves and either ignore, or systematically denigrate anyone pointing out the dancing-shitting-trumpeting elephant in the bedroom! If one cannot assert two plus two equals four mes amis, what else is left?

So how must we rationally proceed

We must courageously ask and publicly debate, as a sane and rational peoples, the following key meta questions in order to really understand the lal masjid episode and how to most efficaciously throw off the yoke of artificially crafted antediluvian 'fundamentalisms' that is choking our peoples to death.

Is it impossible to conceive that suitcases full of black-ops dollars are not in covert-ops replay today to deliberately create the 'evil jihadis' such as the Lal masjid in order to continue to generate and sustain an 'operation canned goods' justification for continuing to fuel the global 'war on terror' for a lifetime - what the neo-cons and Ex CIA director have already labeled as a 'lifetime of wars', the "World War IV"? How else to fight such a war for an entire lifetime without credible recruits to fight against also simultaneously being constructed for the duration? And Pakistan-Afghanistan combo is the most fertile recruiting ground today to extend the conflagration of the Middle East directly into Iran - the main prize. Disarming Pakistan of its nuclear arsenal is the other main event. Is it impossible to perceive how this is being set up through a breakup of the nation with a preemptive strike and take over by NATO of our nuclear arsenal ostensibly to safeguard it? I can easily see a time when things have become so bad that Musharraf personally hands off the safeguarding of these installations to the hectoring hegemons! The Mission would really be Accomplished!

Is it impossible to conceive that our erstwhile Musharaf's deliberate aims can be coincident and consistent with those of the neo-cons? Everything he has done empirically since taking power has been reflective of their aims, argued with various excuses and apologetics as mere tactical and reactionary responses to fast breaking events. Is it inconceivable that under long term geostrategic planning on the Grand Chessboard by the superpowers that precipitated in 911 as the key enabler of the century, that they would leave the leadership of the most frontline client-state whose services would be most essential to wage this lifetime of 'Global War on Terror' to mere chance and happenstance of October 12, 1999? Is it inconceivable to argue that cooperation of the Pakistan's military would have been orchestrated and would have been equally forthcoming no matter who was in power?

Why can't there be other covert players here orchestrating events? Once again just ask who is benefiting here? Incompetency and lack of preventive rational response sooner no more explains lal masjid than it does 911. "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, it was planned that way.” as the only three time US President Franklin D. Roosevelt himself believed - the one who history now hints orchestrated 'Pearl Harbor' by increasing the likelihood of its occurrence, no differently than Brzezinski confessed to orchestrating the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan four decades later! If there is a history of such hegemonic planning to get the gullible public of a democracy to go along in imperial adventures (see Dialog among Civilizations: Whytalksfail? Part-1), only fools and collaborators would not argue for preemptively planning for self-defense against such an operation unfolding contemporaneously.

Only the most 'learned' and the 'wise' would argue that there is no proof in hand of any of these conspiracy theories, that we must not learn from history which is only for memorization and torturing high school students, to let's wait for the famed declassification process, or the self-confessions, or the posthumous publication of diaries, or the awarding of Nobel Prizes for winning the 'war on terror' - i.e. post faits accomplis - before we can conclude that it was all pre-planned!

These 'learned' folks will insist today on not reading the multiple 'Mein Kampfs' that exist in the hand writings of the 'hectoring hegemons' themselves, vehemently dismissing all questions of premeditation as conspiracy theories, but tomorrow, will make millions in selling history books pointing out the obvious shitting trumpeting dancing elephant in the bedroom as the 'rogue state', and will be duly praised for their glorious dissent as the most prominent gadflies and historians of repute!

Who benefits? Why was this benefit needed now, as the war on Iran is being prepared for while the world is getting wary of the neo-con agenda?

Watch the Star Wars movie 'Revenge of the Sith' in which Anakin Skywalker goes and kills off the faithful collaborators of the Sith Lord (the Senator) after the fiction of 'rebellion' has been successfully crafted, and defeated, and which as the primal first-cause, enabled the transition of a Republic into Empire. So was 'operation silence' necessary to get rid of the evidence of covert-ops - a bizarre convolution of art imitating life, and life imitating art?

Our intelligentsia in Pakistan must move the national dialog into hitherto unexplored directions that transcend focusing on the manifest leaves (which all can see and speculate upon) and start intelligently exploring and unraveling the DNA of the tree in a rational and strategic manner in order to even point to the overarching rational solution spaces. The most obvious, rational, and efficacious solution space under these revised explorations whereby the problem space is posited correctly instead of well intentioned people being perennially sent off chasing red herrings, automatically points to 'throw the tea overboard'! Only breaking out of the "Plebeian States" syndrome can we ever become a free peoples finally guiding our own wretched destinies to something better for all our peoples.

The Realist's Solution on the Grand Chessboard

And what does all this mean in concrete realist's terms of defining an efficacious curing protocol for our systemic cancer before it finally kills us? In my rather simple-minded plebeian overarching view of the Grand Chessboard, and the realpolitik moves we can make on it in an efficacious broad-spectrum curing protocol such that we may have our cake and eat it as well:

  1. to fully disengage from the fiction of 'war on terror'

  2. to close our borders not just to the so called 'islamofascists' and various and sundry cultivated 'terrorists', but to the American agenda and its black-ops agents moving freely throughout the country as their own backyard synthesizing and financing 'militant Islam' under 'plausible deniability' and several degrees of separation

  3. to close down and banish all American military bases immediately from Pakistani soil

  4. and to point our deterrence-inducing weapons that we have so covetously developed ostensibly for the defense of our own peoples at much sacrifice to our social spendings and developmental economics including clean drinking water in our taps, directly towards all the geopolitical 'hectoring hegemons' outside of our borders on mated full alert in a genuinely threatening 'Samson Option' of our own, fully disclosed as our ultimate, publicly mandated, political doctrine for a 'MAD' self-defense such that no one, not even the world's lone superpower and its nuclear armed minions, can co-opt our self-defense by arm twisting games of poker on the Grand Chessboard – the only sensible (sic!) and rational raison d'être for possessing such deterrence in the first place

    (genuine Origami paper tigers would surely have been a lot less painful investment otherwise; and it may yet be more effective to unilaterally disarm like South Africa if we don't have the 'balls', the chutzpah, the mind, and the political will to make effective use of the only rational way that such horrendous and inconceivable Armageddon inducing weapons can ever be used – as 'MAD'ness - as most of us would surely prefer having clean drinking water in our taps and quality K-16 education for all)

Furthermore, as these unilateral acts of disobedience to the 'master' will surely bring-on the grave displeasure of the 'hectoring hegemons' through their intense saber-rattling, economic sanctions, and of course the merciful closing down of the infernal 'corruption pipeline', i.e., the Trojan horse of 'American Aid', as well as other heightened arm twisting tensions and even deadly covert-ops and destabilization as the 'camel is already inside the tent', we cannot safely execute on this disengagement goal on one fine morning in our present system of monolithic power-dispensation even if we had a reformed 'turn-coat' dictator willing to do it.

We additionally need two other crucial gestalt shifts in order to realistically play on the Grand Chessboard – as all nations of the world invariably do when 'hectoring hegemons' are the 'Grandmasters' - to ensure our immediate as well as our long term survival, and without the persistent fear that we are among the proverbial patsy pawns to be strategically played and ultimately sacrificed by the 'Grandmasters' at the altar of realpolitik expediency and conquest.

We must transform ourselves, a minor pawn though we might well always remain, into a more heavy weight pawn that has a tremendous built-in inertia in its internal structural makeup to be never again so trivially co-opted by mere phone calls to one man, nor our destiny trivially covertly-channeled by cleverly planted conscienceless 'Trojan Horses'. Indeed, we may, through judicious gestalt shifts, promote ourselves into an 'autonomous pawn' on the 'Grand Chessboard'. We only move or not move - and perhaps in conjunction with others like us for a greatly amplified control upon our own destiny - when we want, where we want, and always only in our own public's best interest. This invariance is accomplished by the very design of our internal structural makeup! Imagine such a 'Grand Chessboard' where some of the pawns move autonomously based on their own control of their destiny, and by the very design of their internal makeup can never come under any 'Hectoring Hegemons' direct manipulative control! The realpolitik has just been made more interesting, naturally 'damped' and thus safer, and more equitable!

Now that we have imagined it, let's briefly note how to get there realistically. The first gestalt shift must be in the construction of our system. The only system I know of that lends the above desirable properties is that of a genuine Democracy. It is naturally fractious, distributive, participative (FDP), thus decision making on important national matters and international policy decisions is spread out by design. If we immediately make the gestalt shift of dumping our 'praetorian' authoritarian mindset to adopt a more progressive 'social contract' and FDP based systems of governance, we can easily put the decision of whether or not to disengage from the global “War on Terror” to the system itself for adjudication. A national decision collectively taken by the peoples under a legal framework of Constitutional mandates through their representative parliaments, senate, put through another 'assembly of patriotic un co-opted domain experts' for expert evaluation and recommendation, and finally ratified directly by the peoples through a direct vote on the critical issue, has overwhelming inertia and built-in damping, as well as blanket international recognition and ab initio legitimacy that simply cannot be easily subverted even by the saber-rattling 'Hectoring Hegemons'.

Imagine if Musharraf had put the key decisions that he took unilaterally based on his 'own judgment' after 911, through such a FDP based public-vetting wringer process! This is called genuine FDP based empowering Democracy in action – the first nemesis of the 'hectoring hegemons'!

And this is precisely why we find, that if we rationally accept, based on all readily available empirical and intellectual evidence, that this whole “War on Terror” is in reality a very premeditated “imperial mobilization” in disguise, then how can we rationally conclude that the brilliant minds who conceived and meticulously planned for years, who artfully crafted the requisite 'doctrinal motivations' into the public discourse years in advance, and who finally orchestrated the imperial march upon the much anxiously awaited and anticipated mobilizing pretext of the 'new pearl harbor', would then so thoughtlessly leave such a key component of their strategy to mere chance – of the indispensable frontline state whose services are absolutely essential for this “imperial mobilization” to succeed, not being under the firm 'unity of command' of some autocratic dictatorial regime to follow orders obediently?

And this analysis directly helps us save Pakistan – never mind hanging the 'traitors' as the ship is sinking and we haven't the time for fighting amongst ourselves - to immediately implement what the 'hectoring hegemons' are indeed afraid of, and which can yet derail their remaining “imperial mobilization” plans of “shock and awe” visitation upon Iran and possibly Syria!

Thus the politically astute realpolitik thinking individuals in the nation can easily anticipate and shrewdly predict considerable opposition from the 'empire' and its minions, its 'native informants' of all stripes, and our own ruling-elite and institutions preferring the status quo, to our attempts to usher in such a genuine FDP Democratic transformation. They would prefer that we only acquire the faux 'democracy' they would like to foist upon us, one that has all the 'trimmings' of 'democracy', such as elections and over staffed parliaments, but is in essence, the same old recycled rotting wine in a new bottle with the same centers of raw power that continually sing the empire's song.

As we can witness the travails of Venezuela in its own social and political struggles towards a genuine FDP based social Democracy, and the layers of deception, disinformation, and political opposition being artfully crafted by the 'empire' and the ruling elite within Venezuela in its path, we can easily learn from their experience and preemptively co-opt all similar and newer attempts that will also be hurled at our attempts for genuine transformation. Just as the construction of 'empire' and its patsy client-states in the 'modernity' du jour requires considerable mastery of both the art and science of “imperial mobilization”, i.e., considerable intellectual sophistication and manipulation of souls, so must breaking loose from its chains. Or so it appears to me.

Thus realpolitik would dictate that in order to succeed in realizing this gestalt shift towards re-genesis, we must have all the key owners and the traditionally 'feudal' and 'praetorian' leaders in public opinion-molding and power-wielding institutions among our own ruling elite (a number less than a few hundred at best) preemptively signed on to this metamorphosis, even if it is initially seeded by executive fiat. These key stake holders controlling the money and the power in the nation must be made to be just as engagingly and overzealously supportive of it with their heart and soul, as the imperialist thinkers and planners and their ruling elite and their media-owners are of their own 'la mission civilisatrice' and its “primacy and its geostrategic imperatives”! Otherwise, nothing can be accomplished by even an army of 'mercenary' patriots – our present crop of politicians and our 'empire-enabled' ruling elite including our military which got funded at least to the tune of $10b by the empire to sing the empire's main theme song!

I have no idea how this zeal can ever be infused among the zombies and the Faustian pact holders, but without the key players among the ruling elite directly on board this re-genesis, no rational transformation in the 'modernity' du jour is possible short of a global plebeian rebellion. Today, even though most everyone among the ruling elite is still loudly singing the main imperial theme song of “War on Terror” at the 'unbirthday party' with the 'Mad Hatter' (sic!), I hope that this humble analysis from the mind of a plebeian is a rational wakeup call! If it can strike a chord in even one person of consequence, the dominoes will fall on the Grand Chessboard!

Indeed, our immediate gestalt shift to a genuine FDP Democracy is our only remaining lifeline on the Grand Chessboard! Not only does it enable us to show the world that our complex and sophisticated systems of genuine FDP Democratic dispensation have finally spoken in unison as we safely disengage from the “War on Terror” under our Constitutional mandate to listen to the formal spoken voices of the peoples, and for which our Executive has no choice in the matter but to follow suit immediately, but a properly constructed, unco-opted, non 'special-interest' driven Democracy would also enable us to implement the second crucial gestalt shift that we need in order to safely disengage ourselves from this barbaric “imperial mobilization” without committing an economic suicide!

The second gestalt shift of realpolitik is to entirely reverse the “divide and conquer” mechanism that is the mainstay of any 'Hectoring Hegemon' as this amazing 8 minute youtube video of “Battle at Kruger” graphically illustrates. We can easily grasp that if dividing is their main weapon system of conquest, then uniting must be ours of self-defense! And this remarkable “Battle at Kruger” from the world of nature itself quite emphatically proves it, leaving no room for any further rational objections to the matter.

Thus as the first crucial act of self-defense in our new genuine Democratic dispensation, we must accelerate 'Full Spectrum Alliances' with our immediate neighbors, all of with whom we share our history, our heritage, our languages, our cultures, and our common national interests of being free from predatory hectoring hegemons and living in equitable harmony in a multi-polar world that espouses the simple moral Golden Rule 'Do unto others as you have others do unto you' in governing all its foreign relations!

And looking beyond that across to the greater Asian continent, to in parallel, accelerate further 'Full Spectrum Alliances' in the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) framework by positing mutual self-defense and equitable regional trade treaties for the entire Asian continent in an eventual AU (Asian Union) construction as the only realists' means for accomplishing persistent and immediate 'Full Spectrum Deterrence' against all predatory adventurers hell bent on “full spectrum dominance”.

Further 'Full Spectrum Alliances' constructed with the greater humanity in the nations of the Global South is indeed how we save the peoples of our region and of the entire developing world from the curse of both neo-con-servatism, and neoliberalism and its deliberately induced consequences of further sustaining global poverty among the masses. Instead of the indigent and developing nations being forced to adapt to the existent reality of 'Globalization' which is constructed by design to entirely favor Western economic and corporate interests, to adapt 'Globalization' itself to more equitably serve the economic interests of the indigenous nations of Asia, Africa, and South America! As insoluble a problem as poverty and developmental economics appear to be today, it is trivial to solve by a single gestalt shift. Instead of one world government of laws crafted to favor the 'free trade' mantra of developed nations, employ the model of soccer leagues:

'A league' teams play amongst themselves, and 'C league' teams play amongst themselves. The leagues only meet to play inter-league matches under rules that are negotiated between the two supra-leagues for a greater power-balance – not between individual teams from different leagues where one of them may comprise super-dominant Alpha-males dictating terms at the barrel of a gun and its exponents unabashedly recognizing it for what it is: “The hidden hand of the market will never work without a hidden fist”, or between a highly developed power-block of a handful of nations who crafted the WTO, and each individual nation in the rest of the world, as is presently the case in the world today!

In one fell swoop of astute and genuine political ascendance, we not only immediately save Pakistan and its wretched peoples from the very predictable aftermath of this fictitious “War on terror”, but also from the persistent legacy of our own 'praetorian guards' and our colonial past! While simultaneously we seed important new doctrines into the international arena by virtue of our setting the example among the developing nations of “Full Spectrum Alliances”.

It is also how we save the entire world from the 'islamofascist evil-doers' - for their militant source and lethal weapon systems of suicide attacks will just as magically melt away from our psyche and our lands - never again to be called 'Terror Central' - as it had 'magically' appeared! When their 'gardeners' are 'terminated' with extreme prejudice, they will also whither away in their natural death in due course as they are an unnaturally cultivated pariah in our societies and cannot long exist on their own.

Final thoughts and a demand

I feel that we can thusly plant the seeds of re-genesis which in the past 60 years we have repeatedly failed to do primarily for the lack of forensic understanding of the efficacy involved in any protocol we randomly and ad hocly constructed and followed, for a disease we perhaps either failed to appreciate for its nuanced viral shades, or lacked the courage of our convictions to devise the right protocols. In the presently outlined protocol, we can not only save ourselves from the murderous clutches of the 'hectoring hegemons' at whose mercy we have floated, from all empirical evidence, since our very inception, but simultaneously also become a genuinely independent and self-reliant nation for which we were presumably constructed by our ailing founder who saw the world from his own peculiar vantage point that is now little shared by our cynical younger generation of this nation.

Unless we can prove it to them that the tyrannical-sacrifice of millions of innocent 'dispensable' peoples on the sub-continent leading to the largest displacement of humanity from their native soil in modern times – far surpassing the original forcible displacement of the indigenous Palestinians by the imported Zionist Jews in 1948 - was worthwhile for the vision of a handful of intellectuals of the twentieth century, we have betrayed the promise. And indeed, it is mainly the promise to our progeny for which the founders of Pakistan constructed Pakistan. Our failure, quite unsurprisingly, mirrors that of the apartheid state of Israel (see my similar forensic analysis and deconstruction of Zionist mythologies in my essay “The endless trail of red herrings”) primarily because we share the same manipulative 'Hectoring Hegemons' in our history and in our present. And our future promise, like that of the 'Children of Abraham' equitably sharing the land of Canaan, is entirely in our own courageous hands too!

Just as the seeds of the original 'birth-pangs' of these two evidently malformed-constructs of history were laid first in intellectual thought - Theodore Herzl in 1896 for 'Der Judenstaat' in his diabolically seminal work of the same name for importing World and European Jewry into Palestine as an existential matter of their survival in the genuinely anti-Semitic European world of the time, and Ch. Rahmat Ali for his realist's-idealism of a separate political Constitution for the indigenous Muslims already living on the Indian subcontinent as an existential matter of their survival in the new post-colonial political 'nation-state of India' that would be dominated by a Hindu ruling majority in his equally seminal 1933 Declarative Manifesto “Now or Never: Are we to live or perish forever” - the seeds of their respective re-genesis must also be laid first in intellectual thought.

At the risk of stating a self-evident truism, one has to imagine the goal before one can be inspired to work towards its arduous journey and overcome all the divisive impediments and obstructions by power-brokers that will surely exist, as was originally the case too, for both nations. Well, both original constructions backfired, both were clearly sanctioned by the global superpowers of the time to best manage the 'sinking ship' of a waning empire for the future exercise of hegemony by a new empire, and consequently both are still causing egregious injuries to the tabula rasa of their respective indigenous peoples under the direct control and financial assistance of the same 'hectoring hegemons' du jour, and therefore both need to re-imagine their re-genesis that allows their respective indigenous peoples to indeed exist in equitable peace and justice in the new global and local realities du jour.

This re-genesis is precisely what the peoples of Pakistan today must insistently, and by all uncompromising means possible, demand.

It is what I, a humble ordinary citizen of this land demands, for it is a 'political right', and a hope, that I have covetously safeguarded, despite having lived in the West all my adult life.

If I can boldly imagine and demand it for the wretched of Palestine by the images of the 'jackboots' of the Zionists permanently etched upon the face of a Palestinian child (in “The endless trail of red herrings”), I would be a cowardly hypocrite if I did not imagine and demand it for the wretched of my own soil watching the images of our own “praetorian guards” in constant service to their 'ubermensch' masters permanently squashing my own kith into perpetual serfdom of the 'hectoring hegemons' fighting fabricated enemies. To remain silent, is to be an accomplice. And to be an accomplice is to incur the immortal imprecation of all victims: “I still curse the killers, their accomplices, the indifferent spectators who knew and kept silent”!

But who is there to spearhead this re-genesis? Such transformations rooted in deep political thought and an appreciation of complex realities du jour cannot be wrought through the simple minded politics of street agitation by sheep who are often led by shrewd Machiavellis themselves - as powerful as mass protests can be to force any political issue to its head when they do reach a 'critical mass'. It first and foremost requires wise and uncompromising leadership from our greatest minds and talents - 'Patrick Henrys' and 'Ben Franklins'!

Is anyone listening to the sound of realpolitik reason and sanity? Even the animal kingdom has more collective instincts for survival than apparently we do! And as one can witness in the “Battle at Kruger”, they don't even need a unifying leader – the instincts for survival amazingly unites the herd automatically in their otherwise characteristic 'flight' response for “full spectrum deterrence”! As human beings, is our 'herd' entirely co-opted from even this innate self-defense mechanism that god even bestowed upon the animals?

Let it never be said in the annals of future history that we did not know how to save Pakistan! We just did not have anyone among our pathetic ruling elite – some 'ma ka lals' – courageous enough to detach themselves from their stomach, their greed, their plunder, their co-optation, their praetorian mindset, and espouse a selfless rational idealism rooted in realism and realpolitik wisdom du jour. If such persons do exist anywhere on this planet, and are not yet to be born, they will surely find not just the entire nation of 170 million behind them, but billions of peoples on this planet, including even the peace-loving from among the greatest “populist democracy” itself that is most assuredly “inimical to imperial mobilization”! When we artfully remove the fabricated 'threat' to their existence, they will surely also let us exist too!

But this must be executed upon before it is too late and we start witnessing the 'made in USA' “shock and awe” visitation - choreographed by only a handful of monumental criminals who have continually hijacked the promise of that great nation in every generation - upon every city, town and village in our wretched nation in the pretext of 'saving' us from the 'islamofascists'! And if that pretext fails to create a viable 'coalition of the willing', then to 'save' us from our own 'Sadaam Hussein'. This is what the manifest history on 'the Grand Chessboard' has taught me. Who is flying the F-16s or which uniform is driving the armored vehicles will soon become irrelevant as the outcome will be the same!

Let's 'dump all teas overboard' now to save Pakistan!

If we succeed, we would have saved the world by setting a very contagious global precedent!
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Steve in Syracuse said:

Trickery in the "City of Death?"
Of all the bombing incidents in Pakistan reported, I found it unusual that the Lal Masjid incident in "The City of Death" a.k.a. Karachi was by far the deadliest bombing. 20 dead. The other bombings were basically scary and did more to snarl traffic than anything else.

No, the Lal incident was much more focused.

I am curious about this 2 Talibans meme that starting up too. I can understand a Pashtun Taliban, and a Waziri Taliban, and perhaps even a Punjabi Taliban on simple tribal grounds, but the focus seems to be the same; hard-line Sunni Islam complete with Sharia and a Shariat to enforce it.

We know al Qaeda is a made-up name not used by bin Laden until we gave it to him. But, this is a seperate story.

Two Talibans? Umm, is that like the "Taliban" that was so useful when they were called "Jaish e Muhammad" and "Lashkar e Toiba," that were so useful in Kashmir until they weren't? Is there also a "Taliban" that terrorized the Hazara Shiites in the Eastern Highlands of Kashmir, and a "Taliban" that mobilizes Pashtuns into wanting a Pashtunistan?

All I do know is that Pakistan has descended into a dystopia of factional mayhem and Dante-esque madness and the US government under Bush has made things a lot worse.

Thank you for this article.
July 13, 2008
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Islam, for those how do not know it , is a peacful religion, and has no relation whatsoever to terrorism act. For those who want to know about islam , might find these webs of interest to them: www.islam-guide.com or www.islamalways.com . I ask GOD to let all of us, all the world’s inhabitants live in peace and harmony. Thank you.
July 15, 2008
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apka socho said:

britian is the main evil nation instigating america for perpetual war and destablization of the world.
Irak is right in demanding ouster of anglo-saxon spies from hollowed Iraki's soil.In name of uno, and before that leage of friends ,and now Amnesty International, this heyena country called england has installed a lot bof speis all over World and has virtually hijacked Americans to do their domestic and foreign policies for furtherance of british (england's ) interest than even American 's interest.

These days for last few years a lot of Kurdish refugees(who by the way are more aryans than all the europeans combined-though it is irrelevant here)are escaping from Turkey because of Turkish pressure. But nobody has ever stopped Turkey from having her air space nor has anyone bobed them. and why should anyone?Who has given right to a handfull of countries to be a policeman? Could they dare demand such thing at time of so called cold war? Every december,ever since gulf war there is a show of bullying tactics by anglo-saxons in middle east. There is really no ground but excuse is created because this race feels uplifted when others are insultated. Also there is a low cost exercise in bullying any other nation by military postures. Why should Iraq not have weapons as he desires?in 1981, when the israelis had bombed the iraqui nuclear reacto(a few days before going critical) it was britain)govt, and british media) who had vwhemently opposed Israeli daring action and did a lot of anti-jewish propaganda. Atleast Begin had a reason to fear from the arab enemy of israel. even in '82 Lebanon war it was britain which was most vociferous in criticizing Isreali militay action at the same time minimizing the Isreali Airforce's achievement in destroying Bacca's valley missiles through high tech method.In fact What americans did in gulf war was what Isreali had achieved way back in '82 in Lebanon war and America obtained that military know-how from Israelis after Lebanon war. But gulf war is justifiable on basis of military superirity but not Lebanon war. In fact when an american general said that america learned a lot from Israelis' achievement then the american defense minister Winnberg said that itAmerica learned not from Israeli but from British. Ofcourse we all know that Wnnberg was (awarded sir) more of anbritish defense minister than american one. He was pro-british and anti-jewish (and antirussian and all others aswell). In fact in lebanon war the american foreign secratary was changed because the british did not like Hague's attitude. This much britain exercises influence in american affairs. Now having installed all the stooges in Arab world britain has discarded her sham veil of Arabists and openly insults(through america ofcouse because on own britain is not even a fourh grade power)the arab world.Talking about the stooge, have you wondered why these days even Yeltsin's bad health no longer makes any headline news in anglosaxon world?Before any cold that Yeltsin had was niticed and still before that any peon from Russia had a headline news ' material. The reaon is simple. Britain has installed in Russia not only a mad man likes yelstin but also a second line of stooge successor to him. After Yelstin usefullness is over then he will be replaced by those second line of british stooge who at the moment are already controlling Russia and destroying her everyday. Democracy ,as understood today, basically means any system which gives free hand to britain to exploit other races. If their is one example of what an evil this so called capitalism is and what a saviour communism(britain does not dislike communism, she dislikes other's prosperity and independence whether it comes from communism, nationalism or what ever)is: this ruinous example of Russia is the real lesson. China is right to hold on to her nationalistic pursuit. It really is a war between anglo-saxons and the rest of the world. It is a race war.Sooner the rest of the world realizes that better it would be and this danger would be sorted out.

You remember that at the height of cold war in mid 80's there was a lot of activities of C.N.D. You would expect that with so called cold war finished, this C.N.D. would be asking to the british peoples to leave the nuclear weopons given to her,out of pity and filiaty, by the United states. But exactly opposite happened. C.N.D. has been defunct since than. It is as if that was a front of the british govt. to show by way of propaganda that that country had some moral voice.In other words, C.N.D. was a sham created by the british to give them respectability. Ofcourse when a non-anglosaxon country aould perfect their nuclear weopon,as France rightly did, then there would be a lot of hue and cry by the anglo-saxons' media. France and china are right in strenghtening their independent military power. The real danger to world comes from england and her anglosaxons agents. France understand that and Germany was a fool in not supporting France in Nato meeting this Summer. Just as Cnd has been proved a sham of british propaganda, more so is the sham which goes by the name of amnesty international. It is interesting that as soon falkland war started, within a few weeks this amnesty international presented a dozier on Argentina. In the same way as soon gulf war started(soon after Iraqui's intervention in kuwait) the same amnesty international presented a dozier and report on Iraqui's atrocities. an fact many of the amnesty allegations were just a copy of what british media was saying and which later on proved to be fabrication and great big lies. But bthis did not dent the reputation of amnesty international. british propaganda ensured that. IN '88 when Dalia lama,at the height of Tibetan disturbances, visited west, the then british prime minister refused to meet Him. Later on with the demise of Russia and usefullness of China gone and with manipulation to keep power in Hongkong somehow intact, the same british media and government ,like dog, started barking at China. It is interesting that amnesty international selectively targets those very countries(as it did china after cold war) who are out of faviour(because they would not be a brtish sttoge)of the british media and govt. This is not surprizing as amnesty international is the creation of british govt, and british media. england with the most appaling record of human rights in last 200 years of her evil rule, needed some organisation to keep the others from chrging england off her past and current evil practices. In other words it went for aggresive posture in propaganda war so that others can be demoralized and stopped from ponting out the real evil which is england. That is why amnesty international is one armour of the british lies to exploit the rest of the world. Amnesty international must be ignored and an independent human watchdog (which england will simply ignore) created. One purpose of amnesty international is to create an atmosphere for hatred towards the would be vitims of british exploitation so that a victim could be blamed to have deserved the consequences. That is why ,now amnesty international sometimes threatens China, sometimes India and etc. India because india needs to be cowed down and also so that India does not make nuclear wepon and thus feel free from future american(read english and anglosaxon)aggression. This is all to create an atmoshphere of mis information. The other countries are also responsible(out of sheer inferority complex) for giving these instuments of british propaganda so much imporatance. If they simply ignore and then the british lies and then themselves go in offensive(they can do it-no problem)against british exploitation and propaganda then tose countries would not in such dire strait as they are now. Think, this deteriration has happened in only last 20 years(thogh the british have been at this game for a long time but they were not always succesful when others have been vigilant).Ignoring and fighting all this anglosaxons propaganda, the other races(yes it comes to that) must unite and support each other against this common enemy england. The other nations should also go nuclear and assemble as much arm as possible ,collaborate on it and ignoring this anglosaxon race they must be prepared for war which tjhen would be prevented otherwise it would come inevitably. The other nations need to arm themselves to protect themselves from anglo saxon race. Thinking any other way is simply kidding oneself. And it can be done and will be done.

WE throw a challenge to these low lifes-if the English feel themselves
ao powerful them let them attack and win even Irak(already weaken by u.n.sanctions)without the help of u.n.sanctioins(that means Irak would have same freedom to acquire arms and means and Arabs and Israeli had in thier war)
and with out u.s.a. England is neither Isreal of today nor Sparta of yesterday.Let them be reminded that at height of thier empire in 1917, England was almost defeated
by Germans when German army's 3/4 th division was concentrated on Eastern front. These english are that weak and coward people.But thir mouth will have to shut for ever
when all the whites ,European and Thirld world unite against this english disese.
There is no point in telling them truth, they understand only one thing which they will soon get-tatal beating physically-the only language these animals understand. Hitler,who these worship
was wrong about the jews who were only british agents-what Hitler said about jews applied not to jews but to the english(anglo-saxons).race-pity he did not do the the british what should have been done instead. Well It is never too late.

For all those who talk of globalization and protection of intellectual property right, a small news which was never in prominent place in any of english speaking papers or news but was very much reported in French media. In the last weeks of October 98 was reported in French papers that 4 different French members of European Parliament were going to raise the question of industrial espionage of some 100 each of French and German companies by england in collaboration with u.s.a. and other anglo-saxon countries like Autralia and new zealand. In other words they same countries who made a lot of hue and cry over Indias nuclear test and who are the ones pushing for intellectual property rights and globalization. Thier modus operandi? Checking all satellite bases communication(telephone, fax, internet,etc)with help of klistening devices in anglosaxon countries and spying ao all the talks and messages all over world.This illegal activity is cordinated in england. European countries are loosins billions of dollars each years through leak of confidential techiqe and discovery. Apart form the fact that for tea,china, spices and plants this thief country england never paid anything for others' intellectual property right(why does royal doulton or british tea company not pay royalty to China?) this thief country england has done theft of German technology like urea making ang consequently ammunition making. In fact Standarsd oil company of america made a lot of theft of BAAs. a Germany company and many of the bombs which fell on Germany came from german tech. stolen by anglosaxon thieves england and america. That is not counting stolen from germans the tech. to make nuclear bomb and rockets. With these stolen technology has this anglo-american race been able to bully the rest of the world. And it wants to freeze the DIFFERENCE between it and other races in stone-for ever so that it can rule others unhindered. By the same mechanism it destroyed japanes and other Asian econmis. That is why India and others need very badly neclear deterence against enemies of the rest of the world.And the rest of world wants to break from ythier cluthes but has no courage because most of thirld world is governed by the likes of traitors like manmohan singh and Ahulliavala and spineless people like Jaswant Singh and Gujral and Atal bihari Vajpaye types
July 15, 2008
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Dear Friends

Please be informed that MQM´s recent Bill for the Provincial Autonomy submitted in the National Assembly of Pakistan is basically aimed at paving way for the formation of REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR. Dr. Farooq Sattar is the one who drafted this bill with mala fide motive in order to make proper political arrangement in the long run for the formation of an Urdu speaking state known as REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR as proposed by one MQM Activist called Syed Jamaluddin based in Europe. Syed Jamaluddin has proposed in his said book that Jinnahpur shall be made exactly in the same manner KOSOVO got liberated a year ago. Please note that Kosovo was an autonomous province of Serbia. Hence, if MQM´s Provincial Autonomy Bill is approved (God Forbid), one day will come when MQM shall declare independence of Republic of Jinnahpur through a unanimous vote in the Sindh Assembly exactly in the same manner as done by Kosovo Assembly in February 2008.

Similarly, Dr. Farooq Sattar has acquired Ministry for the Overseas Pakistanis in line with MQM´s agenda of bringing foreign investment into Karachi which will be propagated as a future DUBAI and SINGAPORE as outlined in the famous book titled "FORMATION OF REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR" written by an MQM Activist called SYED JAMALUDDIN based in Europe. The script of the said book was first approved by the MQM leaders in London before it was sent for publication as part of MQM´s policy to indirectly blackmail Pakistan´s establishment including Pakistan Army.

It is also to be noted that MQM had asked the author of the said book to insert inside the book the petition filed by MQM in 1992 at the SUPREME COURT OF PAKISTAN concerning the atrocities (as they claimed) committed by Pakistani Army in Karachi in which (as they claimed) around 15000 Urdu speaking workers were tortured to death by Pakistani Army. Inclusion of MQM´s petition in the said book called FORMATION OF REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR is made to inform the whole world that Pakistan is currently in the same state as it was back in 1971 when Bangladesh was formed. In several TV interviews, representatives of MQM have openly mentioned that unless their Bill for Provincial Autonomy is passed, Pakistan´s disintegration shall remain on the cards. This is indeed an open threat.

It is important that all Patriotic Pakistanis should be aware of this conspiracy by MQM to divide Pakistan in the light of the proposition given by the same Syed Jamaluddin in his book titled "DIVIDE PAKISTAN TO ELIMINATE TERRORISM". For evidence, please listen to Syed Jamaluddin´s video interviews by visiting his blog at www.dividepakistan.blogspot.com.

Beware of MQM. Beware of Dr. Farooq Sattar. Only NAWAZ SHARIF can save Pakistan from disintegration.

January 28, 2009
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namat khan said:

Beware of MQM engaged in dividing Pakistan
Dear Friends

Dr. Farooq Sattar has acquired Ministry for the Overseas Pakistanis in line with MQM´s agenda of bringing foreign investment into Karachi which will be propagated as a future DUBAI and SINGAPORE as outlined in the famous book titled "FORMATION OF REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR" written by an MQM Activist called SYED JAMALUDDIN based in Europe. The script of the said book was first approved by the MQM leaders in London before it was sent for publication as part of MQM´s policy to indirectly blackmail Pakistan´s establishment including Pakistan Army.

It is also to be noted that MQM had asked the author of the said book to insert inside the book the petition filed by MQM in 1992 at the SUPREME COURT OF PAKISTAN concerning the atrocities (as they claimed) committed by Pakistani Army in Karachi in which (as they claimed) around 15000 Urdu speaking workers were tortured to death by Pakistani Army. Inclusion of MQM´s petition in the said book called FORMATION OF REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR is made to inform the whole world that Pakistan is currently in the same state as it was back in 1971 when Bangladesh was formed. In several TV interviews, representatives of MQM have openly mentioned that unless their Bill for Provincial Autonomy is passed, Pakistan´s disintegration shall remain on the cards. This is indeed an open threat.

It is important that all Patriotic Pakistanis should be aware of this conspiracy by MQM to divide Pakistan in the light of the proposition given by the same Syed Jamaluddin in his book titled "DIVIDE PAKISTAN TO ELIMINATE TERRORISM". For evidence, please listen to Syed Jamaluddin´s video interviews by visiting his blog at www.dividepakistan.blogspot.com.

Beware of MQM. Beware of Dr. Farooq Sattar. Only NAWAZ SHARIF can save Pakistan from disintegration.

January 28, 2009
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