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Georgia. What Happened?
Sunday, 10 August 2008 16:01
by Copydude

georgia.jpg You’re going to have to read a lot of independents and between a lot of lines to get a handle on this one. Even the UN Security Council can’t agree three lines of text.

While it might not be world war on the ground, international media is locked in ‘moral’ combat while foreign ministers on different sides denounce their opposite numbers.

Argumentation is on the ‘well they started it’ playground level, rhetoric devoid of reality. But then, one set of peacekeepers attacking another is rather absurd to begin with.

Blatant propaganda is quickly making a case for one side or the other. But it looks like public relations struggling for rationale. Igniting this conflict isn’t to anyone’s advantage.

Would ‘NATO wannabe‘ Saakashvili have been so reckless as to poke the bear? As with the wine embargo, Russia can impose crippling sanctions on Georgia. Also at risk is a huge chunk of national revenue which comes from Georgians working in Russia sending money home. And if Saakashvili wants a United Georgia, is sacking Ossetia’s capital any way to go about it? In a recent referendum, 99% of Ossetians voted for separation from Georgia.

For the same reasons, Russia doesn’t need the force of arms, or to force the will of pro-Russian separatists and it hardly needs the bad press. Both the rouble and Russia’s stock market took a hammering. A conspiracy theory would make more sense.

The emerging analysis is that Saakashvili gambled and got it wrong. Or maybe - like Saddam invading Kuwait - he was tipped the wrong wink. But most Western media doesn’t see it that way and that seems more important than what’s actually happening.

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The operation to take back South Ossetia was clearly a planned military offensive by Georgia, which mobilised 26,000. Georgian artillery and missiles shelled the capital Tskhinvali for 15 hours. In the Wall Street Journal, American Senator Biden promptly praised the Georgian president for his restraint, while the UK’s Daily Mail screams, ‘Russia Blitzes Rebel State’. That pretty much sums up the general objectivity.

At this time, it’s interesting to read blogger Wu Wei, who is actually in Georgia. She paints a good picture of why reporting is often unreliable. There are news blackouts, mobile networks are down and foreign Ambassadors are too busy evacuating themselves to be helpful, let alone informative.

It all reminds me of the Evelyn Waugh novel, ‘Scoop‘, where a London paper’s gardening correspondent is sent to cover a war in Africa. No one is quite sure who are the ‘rebels’ and who are the ‘patriots’, so the journos sit around in a hotel drinking making stuff up to order. Appropriately, Waugh’s satire of foreign correspondents was based on his own experiences of working for the Daily Mail.
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Jesse Hemingway said:

The tables are turned on enhanced interrogation
Dear. State Representatives of the Great State of Georgia and Patriotic Americans

You may want to look into this matter cautiously and I may be way off base and if I am I apologize now. George W. Bush may have lost the National Guard contingence from your State of Georgia in the Republic of Georgia. I am sorry if you have not been notified by our government.

Troops from Atlanta will train in Republic of Georgia

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 07/14/08
A large contingent of Georgia Army National Guard soldiers flew to the Republic of Georgia on Sunday for joint military exercises at a time when tension is brewing in the region.

The soldiers, mostly from the metro area, will be part of "Immediate Response 2008," which will amount to the largest U.S. footprint on the crossroads of Asia and Europe since the Cold War began.



"There are lots of bodies over there, a lot of people have been killed, mostly Ossetians, but also Georgians, they had American emblems on their forearms and they were in black uniforms."

Georgia makes up the 3rd largest coalition in Iraq after the United States and Great Britain. Did Bush send our American troops into Georgia to fight the Russians?

Troops from Atlanta will train in Republic of Georgia

U.S. troops, contractors in Georgia not believed to be at risk

Is it just a coincidence that our TROOPS and CONTRACTORS are in Georgia when a war with Russia breaks out?

Aug. 11, 2008
Home U.S. Military Instructors Command Hirelings in Georgia


Thousands of mercenaries are fighting for Georgia in this burning conflict with South Ossetia. They are commanded by the U.S. military instructors, RIA Novosti reported with reference to a high-ranked officer of Russia's military intelligence.
"From 2,500 to 3,000 mercenaries fight against Russia?s peacekeepers on behalf of Georgia," the unnamed source said. Amid them are the natives of Ukraine, some Baltic states and the Caucasus regions.

The U.S. military instructors directly command and coordinate actions of mercenaries without being involved in actual fighting, the source specified. According to intelligence data, there are roughly 1,000 military instructors of the United States in Georgia.

Task force of Russia has annihilated a few groups of mercenaries. Some of mercenaries have been captured, and investigators are working with them, the source said.

The tables are turned on enhanced interrogation
August 13, 2008
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