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Tinker, Traitor, Slander, Sigh
Monday, 18 December 2006 14:16

by Copydude


Who needs facts or evidence when you have a libellous rag like the UK Independent?

‘Putin Murdered My Son’ it screams, with another screed of speculative slander - this time from Litvinenko’s father, Valter.

Of course one should have sympathy for Valter. I suppose it can’t be much fun being the father of a traitor who made money out of muckraking and fronting for mercenaries.

On the other hand, Valter - a former gulag screw - will be more than happy to retire with Godfather Berezovsky’s PR cheque for the fresh dirt on Putin.

It turns out that Valter didn’t really know what his son did in the KGB. But it wouldn’t have been anything naughty, oh no, he wasn’t the kind of boy, says Dad. You certainly can’t accuse Independent journalists of being investigative.

Litvinenko’s wife admitted she didn’t know what Alexander did for a living either. And neither did the Sushi bar girls, where Litvinenko hung out in Armani suits with wads of cash.

Well, isn’t that odd. Valter claims to know exactly how Putin operates, and how he murders people, but not what his son did all day.

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So, with no real information, the Independent treats us to Mr. Litvinenko senior’s advice for Bush and Blair. He says, “Bush and Blair have trusted Putin too much. They shouldn’t have trusted him.” Really? I don’t quite see how building NATO bases surrounding Russia is consistent with trust, but it’s nice to know the traitor’s father is also on the side of NATO. Let’s hope Bush and Blair get a copy of the Independent, since Valter may shortly need asylum. Actually, with his gulag experience, maybe Valter can find a job in one of those nice CIA torture camps in Bulgaria.

It appears the time has come in the UK to ignore any last principles of journalism, libel laws or even the principles and process of justice.

Why do we need a murder trial at all? We can all phone-in or text-in to the Independent and Telegraph with a vote for Brtain’s most-hated foreigner. Then string him up. Putin could win the UK Hate-Idol contest. How is it that the world’s most xenophobic country doesn’t have such a scheme already? Oh, of course, I’m forgetting, Britain does. Saddam won it last time. WMDs, FSBs, what’s the difference. Feed the British public rancid disinformation and let racism take its course.


Copydude's Blog

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Comments (4)add comment

reader said:

cheap talk, mate!
"I suppose it can't be much fun being the father of a traitor" etc. etc.

You dumbass! Male, I suppose? Figures....
Have a look in here, and stop bashing that poor father!



And take a good look at the dates too, please.
I'll refrain from reading the rest if you don't mind.

December 18, 2006
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Canadian Russian said:

Litvinenko cost is 10 to 20 million dollars?
as I read, experts estimate market cost of polonium used to poison poor Litvinenko somewhere between 10 and 20 milions USD. Don't you think that he simply did not know how to handle smaggled material? Don't you think that with his connections to chechen radicals this radioactive material could end up as dirty or conventional atomic bomb in Britain itself or any other place? Who cares about single person when there is probability of atomic blast! That is really scary and that should be taken care of. Stop quarrels with Russia, only together we can defeat idiots like chechen terrorists and Al-Kaeda.
December 19, 2006
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Copy Dude said:

Copy Dude
To 'Reader': The 'Aftenposten' article is mostly innuendo. There is nothing unusual in Russians working for Russian companies. It is a given that Litvinenko made money peddling information. Julia Svetlichnaya gave a press conference to rebut the article and the article was not widely picked up in UK media which, if had substance, would certainly have been the case.
December 19, 2006 | url
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Copy Dude said:

Copy Dude
To: Canadian Russian. An accident is a likely scenario. Minute quantities need specialists. It's possible the team were going to short supply one buyer and pocket a couple of million.

'Putin did it' theorists will argue that the Polonium was free to the State, so the value is irrelevant. However, we don't know the source at this time.

It seems obvious by the trails and the number of different hotels and locations that there were several shipments involving quantities far greater than needed for a simple hit.
December 19, 2006 | url
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