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In Praise of Killing Muslims - The British ‘Royal Public Relations’ Disaster
Friday, 12 September 2008 01:46
by Bryan Raynor

The over bloated coverage relative to Prince Harry in the British media has been unyielding in the last few days, and even out and out monarchists, a  diminishing breed,   have been appalled and sickened by the fanaticism it denotes. I have been looking for a suitable inoffensive adjective to describe the tumult, but Flim Flam and Bull seem inappropriate. I apologise therefore for having to resort to the vulgar but nevertheless highly descriptive term of Bull Shit, but it is this which has been flowing solidly throughout the length and breadth of the media in the British Isles, AKA the United Kingdom, and a horror-struck public is in danger of drowning in its stink!
What exactly has this boozing, machine gun wielding, ‘royal’ been doing to justify all this exposure? Putting it bluntly, he has been endeavouring to kill or maim Muslims, and indeed shamefully, may have been responsible for the death or deaths of Muslim/s already?   That in essence is what this Establishment Royal is being praised for! Let me remind readers that he is NOT backed up against the white cliffs of Dover defending the eastern approaches to the British Isles, or confronting occupying foreign troops   on the mainland of Britain, far from it. That would be a noble form of resistance, and would quite justifiably be commended. However, millions of us living in the British Isles do not believe for a millionth of a second, the current propaganda that the illegal occupation and repression of nations in the Middle East will make this country safer from retaliatory attack, rather the opposite!

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Furthermore, how can anyone rationalize the term ‘hero’, when the world knows that he was seen off by the Arab resistance fighters in Iraq and now humiliatingly in Afghanistan also! If you swallow the propagandist ‘argument’ and believe that   he would attract fire on to his fellow soldiers, then you  must swallow an alternative, i.e. that by opting to go there in the first place he has left his soldiers in an even worse position, in other words to face an increased ferocity of resistance. Didn’t think that one through did he? Whatever the ‘royal’ media may say however, he will never be thought of as a ‘hero’ by me, and it is clear from the  massive nationwide response of those opposed to the slaughter in Iraq and Afghanistan, that millions hold the same point of view!
The Monarchy and its royals therefore have been a large component in a massive and humiliating public relations disaster, and it is clear that the people of Britain have not been fooled by all the pre-arranged propagandist hype – press black-out, promotional cameras in Afghanistan,  frothy rhetoric  and etc. There have even been press statements distancing his grandmother the Queen – Commander-in-Chief of Britain’s Military – from the allegation that she was the first person to tell him that he was going to the Middle East!! Well she is the CIC, and as Head-of-State she did sanction the whole tragic occupation in the first place, moreover time and time again she rams it down our throats that it is HER Government  not ours, so why question her logical involvement in this matter?!  Consequently, she and her brood must now bear full responsibility for whatever happens to them in the future. Absolutely nothing to do with me and my fellow peace activists!!
The Public Relations Disaster referred to, has been made doubly so by the recent 28-02-2008 announcement of the UK Police in it’s New Strategy Map for Muslims, and I quote.

“We need to improve our knowledge, what a loaded word, about (Muslim) communities…it is recognised as a mainstream area of work…targeting (another loaded word!) Schools, colleges, prisons and even websites…” Ah websites!! Well I hope that includes the Ministry of Defence - MOD, and not only those who wish to put an alternative point of view to the biased and prejudiced Islamaphobic rhetoric spewed out on an hourly basis by the  iniquitous 90%  right wing media in this country.
“…educational’ establishments will have anti-extremism guides”, well if Parliament is   included in that category, at least it will ensure that Parliament will be under surveillance for its extremist exhortations and acts also, what a relief!!  “..Declining requests for Muslim prayer and ablution facilities…” This is essentially enforcing a ban on prayers and cleanliness, how utterly absurd and insulting to Muslims. Moreover, will it also apply to Jews and Christians and other religions? Who I ask, are these dunderheads   drawing up   these asinine programmes that are creating disharmony and mistrust within our society? Are these govern’mental’ idiots anxious to incite revolt and rebellion from a long suffering Muslim community, and is it really harmony or disharmony that they are hoping to achieve? Fearfully, this seems an efficient way of creating disharmony if ever I saw one.   It is an imperative therefore, from many peoples point of view that integration for Muslims must NOT mean acceptance of Western values, but integration on Muslim terms with Muslim values paramount. A united two million Muslims in Britain are evidently extremely capable of ensuring that this is the end result. However, as I have said many times before, a Muslim cannot be expected to swear an oath of allegiance or affirmation to a Queen, a Commander-in-Chief who has sanctioned the illegal occupation and destruction of Muslims in a sovereign Muslim State.  It is time that she and her government woke   up to this fact?

And listen to this reader!

Building Trust: “The recently introduced New Strategy, says police must try rebuilding burnt bridges of trust with the Muslim minority (another loaded word), estimated at two million…”   Burnt bridges of trust? What hypocrisy!  I am reminded of the horrific pictures of men, women, children and babies in Iraq, maimed and burnt beyond recognition. And I remember – how could I forget - the shelled and bombed buildings and bridges all   destroyed because of the coalition’s illegal occupation of a Middle East (Arab) Nation. Yes I agree there is a need to create trust through dialogue, late as it is, but not with armaments and aggression and while the Queen’s troops are still occupying sovereign Middle East States. The UK Police should talk with the relatives and loved ones of more than a million slaughtered in Iraq and Afghanistan before doing anything else?! And the British public quite rightly expect Prince Harry, Prince William, Prince Charles and Granny Queen to do the same, get off their war horses and mount peaceful chargers instead, and gallop away to Iraq and Afghanistan and do something positive. Moreover, if the ‘princes’ mother Diana were alive, what a terrible disappointment her ‘boys’ would have been to her!!  Before she died, she was   actively campaigning for world peace and the abolition of cluster mines. If she were alive today, her two warmongering sons would I am sure have been pursuing avenues of peace instead of all this belligerent nonsense! Does anyone seriously believe that her admirable ideology would   not have persuaded her sons to reject war and direct their energies towards peace and racial harmony instead?
For further information please go to IslamOnline.net http://islamonline.net/servlet/satellite  and key in UK Police Map Muslims.
Finally, it is clear that the whole Harry ‘thing’ and his Associated Military Minded Family have suffered a lasting Public Relations Disaster and personal humiliation, which has regrettably inflicted irreparable damage on the British people, and Britain’s already tarnished reputation. Deplorably, this is yet another example of planned media Islamaphobia. Nevertheless we will endeavour to repair the enormous harm that has been done to racial and religious harmony within the Muslim Community of Britain, and continue to strive for peace at all times. A big, big step towards reconciliation   Madam Queen, would be if you magnanimously took the decision to bring all troops back from Iraq and Afghanistan immediately, and not just a selected ‘elitist’ and privileged minority!                                                                    

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