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Response to: Deconstructing Brzezinski's Russia
Sunday, 14 September 2008 11:53
by Zahir Ebrahim

This is Project Humanbeingsfirst's response to: Deconstructing Brzezinski's Russia, September 02, 2008. Jim Miles concludes his careful deconstruction by wishing:
For whatever reason, Brzezinski seems to have his own "personal obsession" with Russia. American hypocrisy and double standards will not solve anything. What the "west" and the "world" needs is for America to go home, withdraw its military from around the globe, and try participating in a multilateral world, using international institutions, rather than the "full spectrum dominance" it now uses for its global resource war (oil) now destroying the Middle East.

However, I think Brzezinski's thinking is espoused more closely in Albert Wohlstetter's Rand Report "The Delicate Balance of Terror", in which this old-timer long-dead war-mongering mentor to the neo-cons preached against the "Balance of Terror", and more along the neo-cons' present day line of "unilateral terror". The latter is already examined in Project Humanbeingsfirst's report "From Balance of Terror to Unilateral Terror on the Grand Chessboard!"

Therefore, from the powerless un-courageously spectating world's point of view, this forced intervention of Russia into Georgia, if played astutely by Putin, can lead to what the 'empire' actually does not want in these times – a return to "balance of terror" – which is a far more desirable outcome [on the Grand Chessboard.]

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Putin perhaps does have this in mind, or at least is aware of its power of equalization, especially if one carefully parses his measured statements in his interview [of August 28, 2008] to CNN where he observes in response to the question:
Matthew Chance: Let's go back to the assertion that the U.S. provoked the war. Diplomats in the United States accuse Russia of provoking the war by supporting the separatists in Abkhazia and South Ossetia by arming them, by increasing forces in the territories and by recognizing their institutions ... basically giving them the green light to go ahead and operate de facto. Wasn't it Russia that really caused this conflict?

Vladimir Putin: I can easily reply to this question. Since the 1990s, as soon as this conflict started, and it started in recent history because of the decision of the Georgian side to deprive Abkhazia and South Ossetia of the rights of autonomy. In 1990 and 1991, the Georgian leadership deprived Abkhazia and South Ossetia of the autonomous rights that they enjoyed as part of the Soviet Union, as part of Soviet Georgia, and as soon as that decision was taken, ethnic strife and armed hostilities began. At that time, Russia signed a number of international agreements, and we complied with all those agreements. We had in the territory of Abkhazia and South Ossetia only those peacekeeping forces that were stipulated in those agreements and never exceeded the quota.

The other side — I am referring to the Georgian side — with the support of the United States, violated all the agreements in the most brazen way.

Under the guise of units of the Ministry of the Interior, they secretly moved into the conflict zone their troops, regular army, special units and heavy equipment. In fact, they surrounded Tskhinvali , the capital of South Ossetia, with that heavy equipment and tanks. They surrounded our peacekeepers with tanks and started shooting at them point blank.

It was only after that, after our first casualties and after their number considerably increased, after tens of them had been killed — I think 15 or 20 peacekeepers were killed, and there was heavy loss of life among the civilian population, with hundreds killed — it was only after all that that President Medvedev decided to introduce a military contingent to save the lives of our peacekeepers and innocent civilians.

What is more, when our troops began moving in the direction of Tskhinvali, they came across a fortified area that had been secretly prepared by the Georgian military. In effect, tanks and heavy artillery had been dug into ground there, and they started shelling our soldiers as they moved.

All of it was done in violation of previous international agreements.

It is of course conceivable that our U.S. partners were unaware of all that, but it's very unlikely.

A totally neutral person, the former Georgian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ms. Zurabishvili , who is I think a French citizen and is now in Paris, has said publicly, and it was broadcast, that there was an enormous number of U.S. advisers and that of course they knew everything.

And if our supposition that there were U.S. citizens in the combat zone is confirmed — and I repeat, we need further information from our military — then these suspicions are quite justified.

Those who pursue such a policy toward Russia, what do they think? Will they like us only when we die?
Thus his quick actions to recognize the independence of the two appendages of Georgia are predictable micro-moves. If Project Humanbeingsfirst's hopes for ordinary peoples of this planet to survive in peace are not to be dashed, Putin's next macro counter-moves are predicted in: "Georgia-Russia: It's a Classic Brzezinski Project!"

Only in a truly multi-lateral world is where the rights and privileges of the broad diversity of the peoples who inhabit this lonely planet, and the vast majority of its 85% populations who live outside the shores of the Atlantic-powers, can be protected; and only in a carefully constructed "balance of terror", for "hegemony is as old as mankind" and is not about to change in the next 1000 years!!!

If platitudes, or compassion, or appeals to reason could ever bring about fairness, there should have been heaven on earth for the past 3000 years ever since the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule!
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