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Federal Corruption and Meaningless Elections
Monday, 29 September 2008 10:50

by Timothy V. Gatto

Just as I expected, these political campaigns of both Barack Obama and John McCain are totally mindless and mind-numbing. This is unfortunate because our republic is probably teetering on the brink of extinction due to the self-serving, Empire fostering policies of the currant administration. Americans are experiencing a palatable anger toward the two- party duopoly that has followed its corporate leadership into wars for resources and the complete disregard for the Constitution.

It is apparent that the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have no regard for the intelligence of their constituents. Since this Presidential race began, we have been sidetracked with barbs and inferences as well as “straw man” arguments. Neither corporate candidate has addressed the real concerns of Americans. The saddest part of this travesty we call an election is that both parties are well aware what arguments they want to put out in front of the people and what issues they would prefer not to talk about.

The term “principles over personalities” has not entered the mind-set of both campaigns. The United States is much like the Titanic, listing to one side and ready to take the long dive to the bottom. We have a 9.5 Trillion Dollar deficit that is being held by foreign countries. The biggest part of our economy, home ownership that makes up approximately half of the assets of our country in mortgages sold to trust funds, retirement plans and government bonds and other investment vehicles is quickly going “bottom up”. This isn’t conjecture, it is fact. A fact that both corporate parties have no answer to. We are facing a depression not seen since the 1930’s and the corporatist parties are still arranging the deck chairs.

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We spend 48% of the entire world’s military expenditures’.The truth is that even with this massive amount of military spending; both candidates promise more of the same. The candidates appear on the corporate-controlled media and no media “personalities” ask them how they are going to pay for more military expenditures or why we need military bases in 140 different countries. Obama, the former “anti-war” candidate panders to the Republican base by promising to increase troop strength in the Army by 65,000 soldiers. As a former Army recruiter, I will say that would be a neat trick. Just how does he believe he will entice that many young people to join the Army when they see soldiers spending multiple tours in combat year after year?

The corporate duopoly doesn’t mention the debasement of our Constitution in the last seven years. They turn a blind eye as the Bill of Rights has been reduced to just another historical document that has only a sentimental value. The Republic is financed by a central bank that Americans are becoming increasingly aware of. The Federal Reserve, a privately owned bank sells us our own money at interest while it prints fiat money of no value. These issues are of no interest to the corporate parties, they won’t talk about the abandonment of the Constitution, The Bill of Rights or the failed economy that practices “corporate welfare” as thousands of Americans are thrown from their homes.

Both corporate controlled parties still echo the false rhetoric that Russia is the looming menace. They decry the “invasion” of Georgia when the facts are that the Georgians started the war with American and Israeli support. They are both committed to military superiority as the most important facet of our foreign policy. This is occurring in spite of the fact that our constitutional rights, our homes and our money are becoming worthless.

The time has come to give up the American Empire and concentrate on our own nation instead of trying to control all events that take place in the world. We can no longer afford our super-inflated military in a time when there is no direct threat of invasion from anywhere. The Democrats and Republicans throw issues out like “gay rights” and “a woman’s right to choose”, taxes and healthcare in order to take our minds off of what is really happening in this period of our history.

Ron Paul, Cynthia McKinney, Ralph Nader and Chuck Baldwin are talking about these issues but the corporate controlled media won’t let them speak to the people. The time has come for the people of the United States to wake from their slumber and turn their backs on the Democrats and Republicans that have become corrupted by corporate money beyond redemption. There must be a third party candidate that rises above the others. We need a candidate that all of us can rally around. We can no longer play “party politics” with two political parties that no longer care about the interests of the people.

This election is not going to be a turning point regardless of who captures the Presidency. One man or woman or one political party is not going to save this nation from becoming just another failed state. This week-end, there was a Conference for the Planning for Prosecution of High Level American War Criminals. The following was discussed;

* What international and domestic crimes were committed, which facts show crimes under which laws, and what punishments are possible.

* Which high level Executive officials — and Federal judges and legislators as well, if any — are chargeable with crimes.

* Which international tribunals, foreign tribunals and domestic tribunals (if any) can be used and how to begin cases and/or obtain prosecutions before them.

* The possibility of establishing a Chief Prosecutor's Office such as the one at Nuremburg.

* An examination of cases already brought and their outcomes.

* Creating an umbrella Coordinating Committee with representatives from the increasing number of organizations involved in war crimes cases.

* Creating a Center to keep track of and organize compilations of relevant briefs, articles, books, opinions, and facts, etc., on war crimes and prosecutions of war criminals. We are at a time in our history when, like other societies that could no longer count on their government to govern by “The Rule of Law” to work outside of the Federal government. Conferences such as the one mentioned should be taking place on an ongoing basis. A “Shadow Government” should be established to monitor the legality of actions by the Federal government under domestic and international law.

The point that I am making is that our government is failing the vast majority of American citizens. We as citizens must hold them accountable for their actions. If that means coalescing into a united front to restore the rule of law in this country and take the government to court for their malfeasance than that is what our obligations should be. We can no longer trust the corporate controlled Democrats and Republicans to obey the Constitution, or International Law.

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Bob said:

Ron Paul for President
Why is Dr Paul not taking advantage of this disorder and making his voice heard loud and clear via radio/tv. He can use the rest of his warchest to finance this effort. Remind the people that he is still ready to serve/save them. I plan to do a write in vote for him regardless and I don't think I'm alone. Don't be afraid, speak out now while you still have a voice.
Thank you for the opportunity to speak my thoughts.
September 30, 2008
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