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Inside Rove's Diary: The "Magic" of Presidential Street-Fighting
Sunday, 05 October 2008 11:35
by Dr. Bernard Weiner

Dear Diary:

Yeah, there have been other great moments in my political career — maneuvering Dim Son into the White House in 2000 and then repeating in 2004, for example — but this one feels really good.

McCain was on a fast track to oblivion a few weeks ago. Obama had the momentum, had the issues, had the youthful energy, had the money, whereas our Republicans were divided and depressed. John looked old and tired, running against Obama mainly because he was the last GOP candidate standing in a very weak field, and the hardright conservatives and fundamentalists didn't trust him and wouldn't go all-out for him.

(I don't blame them for being suspicious. He's not a consistently loyal Republican. Would you trust a guy who, over the decades, has been such a political and moral chameleon?: a strong conservative who became an anti-Bush "maverick" who then changed all his major positions so he could make one final run for the presidency and wound up voting 90% of the time for Bush's policies and making nice with the staunch-conservative base. Kinda makes you wonder.)

This time out, John was coming to believe that it was a losing proposition, so much so that he thought he needed to do something really different to shake up the race: He wanted to choose Lieberman for his running mate. Jeebus! That would have been the seal of doom. Two turncoats. (John gave it up to the North Vietnamese when they broke him and then he abandoned Bush before he embraced him again. Lieberman deserted from his Democrat Party and came over to join us "on the Dark Side," hee, hee, hee!)

The Boy Genius was riding again! I nixed the Jew and, especially after Obama dissed Hillary by not picking her for V.P., I went for a small-town, religious-conservative woman. Our fundamentalist base was ecstatic, rural America was energized, John behaved younger, and Sarah's mouth spewed out just the kind of red-meat nastiness the liberals don't know how to handle, especially when it comes from such an attractive package.

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It's all simple Magic 101. You keep your audience concentrating on one thing while you're setting up the trick. Illusion, prestidigitation, three-card political monte.

We keep 'em focused on Palin's loving-mom persona, her simple no-nonsense way of talking (and thinking), her affinity for guns and hunting and hockey, her décolletage, her upswept hair, her brash, assertive style, her lipstick, her cute little retarded baby. Meanwhile, with the other hand, we're deflecting the attention away from McCain while trying to keep her negatives hidden: the several dozen scandals and ethical lapses that have already surfaced, her total lack of national and international knowledge and experience, her tendency to, how shall we say, expand the truth parameters.

So far, the selection of Palin is working like I hoped it would. In top secret, we unveiled the new, sleek, attractive model at the convention, and now a whole lot of drivers want to ride in our hot little red sports-car. I was hoping to pick up a lot of ex-Hillary supporters, and we are getting a few, but mostly we're getting more traditional white women — and men! and old Jews! and traditional Catholics! — who see sassy Sarah as their way of stickin' it to the man, the elitists and pundits who tell them their time is gone and just move over for the black guy.

Politics to me is like conducting a 305-million-member orchestra, knowing which chords to play with which group and when. There's the underswell of racism in America always ripe for the plucking — that's the bass chord, and it's so simple to play: All you need are a few code words ("uppity," "sambo," middle name of "Hussein" so no doubt a "secret Muslim," etc.) Now we've got a soprano who can smile and lower the boom all at the same time. (Well, yeah, her high-pitched nasality is grating, but we're used to it and it drives the liberal pinkos crazy!)


A few months ago, our cause was in the toilet. McCain asked to meet me, the "consultant," and more or less said: "Karl, I don't know what to do. The public is in love with Obama, they agree with him on the issues, on the need to turn the country around, on the need for major change. I got nuthin'. We're stuck in place, going nowhere. Unless something changes, we're going to go down in flames here. Can you help? I'll do whatever you say if you can get me into the White House."

So I told him, in effect: "Look, John, you're right. Obama has the Big Mo. We've got to do something to change the race, something dramatic. And we've got to start hitting Obama quick, with everything we've got. Something to throw him off his stride and his game plan. Make him respond to our agenda and attacks, don't give him a chance to go on the offense.

"As you know, I like to go to an opponent's strength and attack him there. We did that with Kerry by questioning his war-hero credentials — using cut-out Swift-Boat guys to do the nasty — and it worked easily. Kerry got totally thrown off message and, being one of those namby-pamby liberal elitists, didn't know how to respond to our street-fighting style. So my plan this time out would be to kidnap Obama's key message points: change, hope and reform.

"We'll resurrect your 'maverick' disguise, John, and you'll say that you and Sarah Palin are the true agents for change and real reform in Washington. Doesn't matter if it's a crock of horse manure, that you abandoned your 'maverick' role years ago. But if we've learned anything in the past eight years, we know how easy it is to sell the same message through endless repetition; pretty soon, you'll see, the public will come to believe your 'maverick/reform/change' routine and will buy the stinky brown stuff you're selling and think it candy. Trust me, we've refined this technique into an art form. We sold America the war, didn't we?"


John agreed in a flash but came back to the candidate he thought would be the game-changer with Independents and other swing voters: Lieberman. John wanted to show how "bi-partisan" he would be by naming a pro-choice Democrat, one who supported the Iraq War and was ready, indeed eager, to bomb Iran. But I made it clear there would be no such talk anymore. I used his uncontrollable ambit ion to be president before he dies to convince him to shut up and accept our strategy and tactics. (Deep irony: We'll be using the same tactics we used on John in 2000, and now I've installed my protégé Steve Schmidt to manage his campaign. Oh God, I love this job!)

What John finally came to understand — the guy is so old and dense at times that I'm wondering if he's got all his marbles — is that we aren't going for the undecideds and the Independents this time. We're going to win with our base, just as we did in our previous races, along with a little help from our voting and dirty-tricks departments, if you get my drift. If the strategy works, why risk changing the routine? (Yeah, I know, we lost the Congress in '06, but that was a one-off and the White House is the big enchilada.)

Our state organizations already are purging the voting rolls and challenging hundreds of thousands of likely Democrat voters in a wide variety of states, including, and I just love this one, those who are homeless as a result of the various storms. Hey, politics ain't beanbag!


I think I made the right choice with Palin, but I realize that I've never rolled the dice as much in my entire life. Palin either self-destructs between now and Nov. 4th, or her charisma, self-confidence and brash freshness remains charming enough to carry them both into the White House.

Yeah, I know, she's a work-in-progress, with ethical and experience holes big enough to drive a Democrat truck through. But, at least right now, the public doesn't seem to want to hear any of that. Even though the mainstream media is starting to call her on her distortions of the facts, our base doesn't seem to give a flying fig. It even boggles MY mind: Nobody cares if she's a bigot (the "sambo" reference was hers) and wants to ban books and thinks the Iraq War is a "task from God", wants to have creationism taught in the schools, has been a big solicitor of "earmark" money from Washington, and wouldn't object to going to war against Russia. They don't seem to be concerned about any of that, or that she plays rough politics and has a history of using her office as mayor and governor to fire those who oppose her, including her ex-brother-in-law, who is involved in a nasty divorce from her sister.

The point is that the Big Lie Technique is working with our base voters (not sure how it will play to Independents and moderate Republicans; we may lose a few votes there), and that Sarah's positives are so strong that all the lies and deceptions and ethical lapses and extreme policies in the speeches she and John are giving and in the ads they're running on national TV just aren't breaking through the political fog we're dispensing. I just hope we can keep the fog-machine pumping until Election Day.


Sarah's thin resume takes away the lack-of-experience attack-line against Obama. But we're tutoring her like crazy to fill in the blanks — good lord, she's got a lot of blanks! But she's a quick learner (if only Bush had been capable of that). If we can keep her away from the liberal press, we might be able to pull it off. So we must see to it that she only does one-on-one interviews with friendly reporters. No press conferences! We should be able to postpone past Election Day her deposition in the troopergate, abuse-of-power scandal in Alaska. And after she's Veep, McCain's attorney general will cover all the tracks (including those from our own Administration) and make sure no legal action is taken. And, of course, President McCain will appoint new justices from our ideological stable to the appellate courts and to the Supreme Court — I would expect two or three of those old liberal farts will resign — thus locking our side in for a long, long ride.

But we've still got two months to go and there are no guarantees that even the Boy Genius can keep our positive momentum going until Election Day. We've still got to keep piling on the Democrat ticket, don't give them time to really regroup, and invite more attacks on the Dems from outside our ranks (thanks, Corsi, for your anti-Obama book). Memo to myself: 1) Crank up the evangelical church leaders to join in the pile-on; 2) Lay the wood to the Washington press corps — there seems to be some falling away from our mutual cause; they need not-so-gentle reminders to get back in line. (Additional memo to myself: Make sure to stash this diary in my hidden safe!!!)

But if our approach backfires and Obama looks like he might take the presidency, we've still got some October surprises in our quiver. We might just have to attack Iran — you wouldn't want a mushroom cloud over an American city, would you? — or announce the death of Osama bin Laden, or the arrest of a number of "Muslim extremists" who were preparing to carry out a major terrorist attack inside the U.S. Viva McCain/Palin! Viva Bush#3!
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BZ Burnbridge said:

Breaking the Chains of Fascism & Racism in a Cowboy Confederacy
White Amerika Uber Alles:
Breaking the Chains of Fascism & Racism in a Cowboy Confederacy

Perception Recovery Collective
Reality Fork OMEGA USA

Faced for the first time with a genuine opportunity for diversity, dreams realized and true representation, with our only African-American candidate to have a real chance at the White House, an eloquent, charismatic, genius of a man named Obama-- how has the 75% majority of the empire, EURO- America, responded to the historic precedence?

Shocking to people of color and anyone really paying attention, we find ourselves surrounded by howls of hate, attacks and accusations, dismissals, internet smears and crowds of white people booing and chanting "drill baby drill." Now a "folksy" governor in glasses from Alaska is shuffled in from far-right field as a homeland model of motherhood, her guns loaded for bear. Warmongers, bullies, liars and thugs is what we see all around, the media allowing it to "surge" and fester, as they have colluded with the criminal CIA-Bush regime in their war on everything.

White Americans suffer the delusion that people of color and other cultures are a "threat" to our dominance, on a deeply-conditioned, subconscious level-- a continuation of the colonial, slave-market mentality which built America, Australia, South Africa-- the British Empire-- where violence, hatred, cruelty has been the legacy for generations, where slaveowners and genocidal killers still signify the "founding elite" on our money, stamps, state seals. Believe me, a modern scholar would find Washington's views of Indians and Africans as barbaric and reprehensible as Hitler's. Yet this "dominant culture" of Euro-supremacy is deeply branded into our every waking moment, from the Grand Old Opry to Hellfire missiles, from the KKK to the White House-- does any else remember the "W" Nazi salutes Bush 43 was hailed with at his hate rallies?

To an historian observer, white America is an industrial version of the Roman empire in its paranoid, over-extended twilight, now morphing into a Disney-sponsored, cowboy-Nazi, CIA-military police-state. While the smiling announcers on the satellite feeds report the superficial percentages and appearances, promoting the whitest white American TV shows in memory ("Are You Smarter Than a Redneck President?") between blurbs of our troops blowing shit up in another "underdeveloped" country, spreading our white-bread goodness.

An ominous postal oracle arrived in our P.O. box recently-- a popular, mass-market catalog filled with confederate flags, Nazi knives and guns ("memorabilia") and the following series of intentionally frightening, black T-shirts: "Give War a Chance: Happiness is a Mushroom Cloud," "Death from Above: Airborne" (with a village in holocaust flames), "Peace Through Superior Firepower," "671 Grains of Diplomacy" (with a machine gun)-- we are NOT making these extremist slogans up-- they are being sold by the 1000's through your US postal service right now, along with stun guns, Masonic collectibles, swords and crossbows-- deadly weapons and hate speech in one glossy catalog (BudK.com).

The media pundits and most Americans do not realize the grand extent and influence of white- supremacist, neo-fascist and KKK-confederacy going on in the "outlands" of places like Alaska, Hawai'i and Louisiana. Hell, even in California. Or how abused, under attack and marginalized Native people and people of color are in their own country, not to mention activists and organizers. Or how dominant and corrupted the police, politicians and military operatives are in all the places the CIA knows they can "get away with occupying." Again, all going on under the radar of our media's acknowledgement.

Let's be specific in how these fascist operatives subvert and corrupt a community. Here in Hawai'i, at the edge of the world, in the largest town on Hawai'i island-- Hilo. One doesn't think of Hawai'i as a military state, but ours is the most militarized, occupied and bombed state in the union. The large numbers of military people here change the political and social fabric and distribution of limited resources toward a military and war agenda, allowing for outrageous abuses of Native Hawaiian culture and sacred lands. One of the most significant Polynesian landmarks in the Pacific, Kaho'olawe island off Maui, was notoriously bombed into shrapnel and dust over decades of "training," above the protests of Native Hawaiian leaders.

The day after Bush, Jr. was appointed President by the Supreme Court, B-52s dropped bombs on the most sacred lands to all Hawaiians, in the "saddle" between the two most massive volcanoes on Earth, an endangered species habitat-- now known as "Pohakuloa Bombing & Training Area." Again, noone on the mainland is aware of this ongoing cultural violation and assault on Nature on a military range the size of Rhode Island at the foot of Mauna Kea-- on one of the most sacred places on the planet. They're too busy being focused on blowing stuff up in the most sacred Muslim Holy Lands.

In my junior and senior years at University of Hawai'i at Hilo, during the Bush takeover and the 9-11 false-flag attack on NYC, the CIA and military ops people really started to show up. I recall the day of Bush's inauguration a huge military convoy with special forces in SWAT gear (typical of nuclear arms transport) drove slowly and menacingly through our demonstration at the Federal Building, on their way to the Pohakuloa Bomb Range. A CIA recruiting team, along with military recruiters began heavily promoting at our university and local high schools, even landing a Blackhawk helicopter at the high school next to the university.

Suddenly any posters or information placed at the university for peace or environmental issues were being torn down-- not just once, but persistently. At the same time, an agent known as "Andrew Walden" began posting and writing letters attacking and making hate-smears (ex.-"supporter of terrorists") on individual organizers and professors, from a far-right, Rush Limbaugh perspective. It soon became impossible to promote or organize any event on campus without fear of threats, torn up posters and personal attacks. This is in the USA folks.

Now this agent has occupied the entire community with a well-financed CIA newspaper called (ironically) "Hawai'i Free Press," which continues to lie, fabricate accusations and attack any percieved "leftist or liberal" person or group they can find. On a remote island these propaganda rags, as in every CIA-occupied area, are negatively influential and intentionally divisive. They get away with hate speech and lies which would not be tolerated in areas where the "mainstream" rests its head. And this is going on in ALL the outlands of the empire, community by community, military outpost to military outpost.

Why? Why are our good-old-boy Pentagon and CIA and their super-secret cults of brotherhood so preoccupied with the "threat" of Native culture that they will actually physically BOMB it to hell? First, because they can still get away with it, while the media looks the other way. Second, because they still operate within a 19th century "Indian Wars" mentality. And finally, because it makes massive amounts of porky profits for military contractors. Building shit, blowing it up, building bigger shit-- charging it all to our children. It's the biggest scam in Western history, as big as slavery, carried out with the collusion of the "Establishment."

Speaking of which, our REAL choice in this penultimate Presidential election is the chance to throw off our American SLAVE chains once and for all. Amidst all the attacks, dismissals and denials, what this historic event actually signifies is a referendum on white racism in the USA. Sadly, my fellow white folks are failing it in embarrassingly predictable ways, revealing their fears and prejudices for the whole world to witness. As Sarah Palin launches into another grinning attack on that Obama boy and all of his uppity supporters.

Americans have been beaten down, repressed, bullshitted and bullied over the past century to accept a profound and unprecedented burden of "cognitive dissonace" and mental slavery, as invisible and omnipotent as the Orwellian "Big Brother" state. From invasions and assassinations of our own cultural icons to the staged 9-11 military attacks on our own financial center, acquiescence with the "covert" murder of millions of innocent people around the world, dropping nuclear bombs on civilians, criminal organizations like the Bush family actually OVERTHROWING the constitutional republic with their corrupt corporate allies, building planetary weapons systems and mass-murder technologies which make the Nazis seem quaint-- now we have reached the end of their plot where they crash the entire economy while filling hidden bank accounts, so noone will ever make any sense or trace their planetary-scale war crimes and thievery. Until it is too late, in the burnt-out cities, amongst starving mobs and desperation, as they mosey off into the sunset back to the ranch in Texas or their underground bunkers.

To define the ultimatum we face in a more dire and planetary view, our future in the next months will shift radically toward either a rupture of the white-supremacist, old-boy stranglehold in Washington upheld by the Republicans, leading to a new world of diversity, honesty, dialogue, diplomacy, creativity and cultural enrichment-- OR downward further on the hellish road the Bush family has paved with blood, oil and bullshit, on a course toward World War 3, Armaggedon, planetary meltdown, paranoia, terror, hate and killing on an even larger scale. The fate of the Earth is once again in the balance.

Humans today are tragically misled by the profit-oriented media into believing nothing much has changed since the last generation, accepting comparisons to previous challenges and tragedies in history. Reality check time, folks. Our very planetary existence is now on the line, unlike ever before, with over 6 billion other humans to contend with. Low-lying states are already going underwater. Extreme factions are waving around nuclear arms. Our oceans are dying from plastics and petro-poisons. We are riddled with cancers, going insane, overdosing on chemicals.

So when the word "CHANGE" comes up again in your neighborhood, why not be bold, be liberated, be as obnoxious as the bullies are? Be a mosquito for cultural transformation, for world peace.

Please, stand up for the Earth, for the last wild creatures on land and in the sea, for the Native peoples, for your grandchildren. Historically speaking, this may our last best opportunity to do so. Before the round-ups, prison camps, draft, global war, curfew and total mind control.

Good luck, and remember: it's your duty to follow your Dreams.

B.Z. Burnbridge, P.I.
Perception Recovery Collective
PO Box 268 Laupahoehoe 96764 HAWAI'I
Reality Fork OMEGA USA

Operation MK Ultra Nazi-CIA Mind Control GNN Doc: Bush "Mind Fuck" History

"A clique of U.S. industrialists is hell-bent to bring a fascist state to supplant our democratic government and is working closely with the fascist regime in Germany and Italy. I have had plenty of
opportunity in my post in Berlin to witness how close some of our American ruling families are to the Nazi regime. . . Certain American industrialists had a great deal to do with bringing fascist regimes into being in both Germany and Italy. They extended aid to help Fascism occupy the seat of power, and they are helping to keep it there."

-- William E. Dodd, U.S. Ambassador to Germany, 1937, regarding Prescott Bush & Co.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die


One Nation Under Greed

I pledge a grievance
to the flag-waving warmongers of America
and the crooked Republicans who stand on us
a divided nation under guard
with suspicion
and shame
for all

oh wickedness of chem-trail skies
genetically modified grain
clearcut mountains a travesty
above the strip-malled plains

America hysteria
man sheds his waste on thee
and impounds thy goods
for secret brotherhoods
from sea to oily sea

Indigènes de vétérans de Hawaïens
de nations des ghostlands de l'Amérique

"Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you."
-- Jean-Paul Sartre

"I knew who I was. And I was of value. So when Florida said to me, 'You are not who you think you are,' I said, 'Oh yes, I am. I am who I think I am. I am not who YOU think I am.'"
-- Sidney Poitier

We Are Resistance: Perception Recovery Collective to the Rescue!
Only madmen and militarists would ever approve of our "new millennium horrorshow" under the Republican rule of the Bush criminal family, Cheney and his corporate cohorts--REALITY WAR VIDEO!

Children of Man: Citizens of Sorry States

Hear this appeal from the distant mountains and fiery futures
across time you have been crowded into camps surrounded by walls
barb-wired by bullies terrorized by lies heaped upon burned dreams
our history now a tattered bloody patchwork of stolen flags
war after war selling us bombs to blow us all to nothing
over and over blasting away every day with bullshit on blood
our children's blood, our father's blood the blood of the world
sold to us as oil to burn buying their bloated piles of bodies
criminal killing dressed up with gold medals and rows of guns
aimed at us, aimed at you now our world armed as if demons
had unleashed a plague of killing machines upon Earth
sold by the richest to the poorest to turn people into meat
rotting in the glare of the Sun as the cameras keep turning
telling of the glory of the State & our great leaders repeat
day after day as the killing continues piling up by the millions
from the Americas to Africa across Asia, even on the eve of Olympics

Welcome, children of Earth to the Olympics of evil and death
sold by the case sweet acid soda and shiny plastic pop culture
blood sports beamed around the world which our leaders represent
the same ultra-violence every day and preparing for more but wait
don't dare to raise that head until we are done with the arrests
hush that protest because entertainment must go on, sporty flags
fiery batons behind barricades carry the torch of war crimes
broken brotherhoods criminal syndicates spies thugs arms dealers
people who hide the truth behind reflective lenses selling us out
pulling the strings dealing the merchandise business must go on
for this competition is based on millions of bodies, billions of minds
mushrooming in the dark of fear ignorance confusion distrust distraction
so we celebrate our own slavery in an Orwellian orgy of criminality

See now who would call themselves "men" but now live like ghosts
or aliens who have invaded our green and blue orb, our mother
you are killing because you're enslaved by criminals liars murderers
as sheep would if they are daily shocked and sprayed with butcher's blood
your futures have all been stolen and locked away in a bank in Switzerland
or the basement of the Kremlin, in torture cells of the CIA and China
a planet held hostage by its own collective animal fear of death
surrounded by machinery of warfare & being rounded up into prisons
we the elemental angels on the edges are wondering why they let it go
the entire golden sparkling Earth wagered for cheap plastic credit
poisonous reasoning twisted into killing for the good & killing more
killing better then repeating the slogan of the moment & staying tuned
we who watch from the mountains cry for your cities filled with slaves

We cry "Arise!" children of Earth-- reclaim the root magic of life
wash away the spatters of blood your coats of manure and stand for birds
create for butterflies plant for forests clean up for oceans rise up
sing for mountains paint for children play for grandchildren ape for apes
awaken the planet! your futures are breaking out from behind grey prisons
crowds of numbers melting like glaciers into a rainbow of miracle thinking
flashes from the dream of who you were meant to be blowing away the lies
realizing your life gains with each new seed every new idea and truth
rise now and carry the true torch to the mountain of your destiny

Bedooba Bendingo Booloogooroo
Elemental Emissary, Forest Unit 2033

Bombshelter Broadercast Complex
October 05, 2008
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