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October Surprises in a Culture of Death: Chicago as the Next 9/11?
Saturday, 25 October 2008 13:44

by Judith H. Young, Ph.D.

At a news conference on October 22, 2008, U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barak Obama was asked about a comment by his Vice Presidential running mate Joe Biden that Obama could expect to be tested within six months of the new presidential term by a "generated" international crisisthat will force him to make unpopular decisions. Obama said the Delaware senator has occasionally engaged in "rhetorical flourishes," but the essential point was that the new President could expect to be challenged no matter who wins.

Obama held the news conference following a meeting with his national security advisers, who include long standing globalist asset Zbignew Brezezinski.  He denied the meeting with his advisors had been called because of political damage stemming from Biden's remarks, in my view a classic ploy for calling more attention to it.1

Colin Powell, former Secretary of State (2001-2005), echoed Biden's warningby referring to an unknown crisis that will come a day or two after the inauguration:*      

"I would start with talking to the American people and talking tothe world and conveying a new image of American leadership, a new image ofAmerica's role in the world. The problems will always be there and there'sgoing to be a crisis which will come along on the 21st, 22nd of January thatwe don't even know about right now. So I think what the President has tostart to do is to start using the power of the Oval Office and the power ofhis personality to convince the American people and convince the world thatAmerica is solid, that America is going to move forward, we are going to fixour economic problems, we're going to meet our overseas obligations."2

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John McCain and Madeleine Albright added to the furor.

Albright called Biden's statement "a statement of fact," in that one always has to be prepared "for something unexpected."3

McCain raised the specter of nuclear war as he resumed his attack against Obama's judgment by warning that the next president "won't have time to get used to the office."4

Alternative news analysts speculated on the import of these simultaneous warnings by public figures, including their possible relation to a new falseflag:*      

"Albright, like Biden and Powell, is an insider minion, so she may know something is up. It is rather suspect that all these voices are saying basically the same thing: Obama will be "tested," either by an [al-Qaeda]attack, a war or confrontation in the Middle East - read Iran, or Russia....Hopefully, the ACLU's [Freedom of Information Act request regarding the combat unit deployed domestically as of 10/1/2008] will turn up more information on the emerging police state control grid going online.

Unfortunately, we are but one "terrorist event" away from this system beingused to identify, track, trace, and round up the opposition. If we are to believe Joe Biden, Colin Powell, and Madeleine Albright, this event mayhappen as soon as the end of January, 2009."5

There has also been wide speculation about an imminent false flag, to be blamed on al-Qaeda, as an "October surprise" designed to influence the outcome of the election. The two scenarios, a staged event before the voting and another manufactured crisis following inauguration, are not mutually exclusive.  In this article I argue for both occurring, as part of a multi-phased shock and awe campaign designed to move us into full scale martial law with the help of Barak Obama as the new national savior in a time of peril.

In my view, an October surprise consisting of a staged event in Obama's homestate, such as a dirty nuke detonated in Chicago, is a hypothesis worth exploring.  Such an attack would be designed in part to focus attention on Obama as the global elite's U.S. President of choice.  In a crisis such as urban "terrorism," the propaganda machine could spring into action to spin Obama's popular appeal in a time of crisis as well as his argument that the Republicans have failed miserably in not apprehending bin Laden seven years after 9/11.

I believe an urban attack would in fact be but step one in a broader psyop by the globalists to condition the public to accept Obama as a new protective father figure to replace George Bush as part of their final push for a full blown police state on a global scale. This possibility brings into bold relief Colin Powell's reference (in answering fellow Council of Foreign Relations spin-meister Tom Brokaw's query about how to respond tothe post-inaugural crisis Powell had warned about) to the "power of the President's personality to convince the American people that America is solid."  

As Naomi Klein has revealed in her work on the shock doctrine of disaster capitalism, in the CIA's basic interrogation manual declassified in 1963, a window of opportunity is highlighted in which torture reduces its victim to a state of traumatized disorientation and childlike regression, creating an opening for the interrogator to be transformed into a protective father figure.  This is one of the classic tactics of tyrants across the planet.  In the view of Klein and others, it was used after the shock of 9/11 to permit George Bush and others to offer a narrative on the shockin gevents allowing the profoundly disoriented victims to make sense of the trauma.9

Hence the extraordinary power of the mind control matrix known asthe War on Terror.  (See also my discussion of psychological contro ltechniques in my two-part article "Deconstructing the Power of the GlobalElite").6

My core argument is that the globalists' final battle plan for world dominance is as follows: the current economic implosion that they themselves engineered, its ongoing exploitation to advance their agenda for worldwide financial and economic control, and finally, additional engineered crises designed to enable full-blown martial law as part of an international police state under their power.

I do not believe the globalists want to see riots or other forms of protes ton any major scale in the U.S. because of the huge number of guns still in the hands of the populace and because of their uncertainty about the ability (and willingness) of their forces to prevail in armed conflict with Americans.  They worry, in my view, that things could become similarly messy in other parts of the globe.  Another mass trauma on the scale of 9/11 - or several back-to-back mass traumas involving large numbers across the globe - would be far more efficient for implementing and justifying worldwide full scale martial law, with its attendant confiscation of guns and detention of dissidents.

There is growing recognition of the commonplace use of false flag operations as a cold-blooded tool, even in so-called democracies, for promoting agendas that serve the interests of the power elite at the price of massive suffering for the common man.  The most recent evidence of this criminal culture of death was a revelation by renowned investigative journalist Seymour Hersh in July 2008 that Bush administration officials had recently held a meeting in Vice President Dick Cheney's office to discuss ways to provoke a war with Iran. The discussion addressed the idea of disguising Navy seals to look like Iranians, put them on specially built boats thatlook like Iranian PT boats, and start a fake attack on them in the Straits of Hormuz.

*   "Look, is it high school? Yeah. Are we playing high school with, you know, 5,000 nuclear warheads in our arsenal? Yeah, we are. We're playing, you know, who's the first guy to run off the highway with us and Iran."7

The prospect of an October surprise has already factored into the 2008 campaign, including warnings of another al-Qaeda terrorist attack both from U.S. intelligence sources and allegedly from al Qaeda itself.8

An alternative press article on October 24 expresses its alarm as follows:*      

"The chatter surrounding the probable entrance of Bin laden orAl-Qaeda to impact the election is widespread.... The fact that the media is hyping the inevitability of an "October surprise" should be a cause for concern, especially when allied to reports of police departments across the country 'preparing for possible civil unrest and riots' [during theelection]."9

The term "October surprise" stems from the 1980 election campaign between Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter to refer to last-minute sensations with the potential to reshape a Presidential race. Such a sensation occurred in the last Presidential campaign in 2004. Going into the final weekend of the campaign, Democratic candidate John Kerry had a good chance of winning. Then an alleged Osama bin Laden videotape was issued: Bush went on to beat Kerry and both men attributed the result to the influence of the tape.

In adding my voice to the widespread speculation about the spate of warnings of coming crises, I again proffer the hypothesis of a staged terrorist attack as an imminent October surprise going into the final weekend of the current campaign.  In Part II of this work, forthcoming shortly at my blogs and YouTube channel, I will offer specific arguments for my choice of Chicago as a likely location for this new 9/11.

Judith H. Young, Ph.D., has a B.A. and an M.A. in Philosophyand a doctorate in Political Science (Brandeis University, 1973).  In the1960s she was a published think tank researcher with a Top Secret securityclearance in the areas of arms control, strategic studies and internationalaerospace activities.  In 1973-74 she taught International Politics at MountHolyoke University in Massachusetts. In the 1990s Judy became a practitioner and teacher inseveral venerable healing arts, including animal-assisted therapy andtraditional Reiki.  She founded a nonprofit animal and nature centerdedicated to promoting the healthy development of children and youth, whichshe directed from 1994-2004, and she published widely in the field ofequine-assisted activities and ecotherapy. After the shocking events of 9/11/2001, Judy returned to herearlier vocation as a writer and educator in the field of InternationalPolitics, while also maintaining a professional practice in complementaryand alternative healing.

Web site:     http://freefalltofascism.homestead.com/               

Blogs:          http.freefalltofascism.wordpress.com/      http://www.earthrising.typepad.com/ 

END NOTES       

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