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Governing Monarchy: It’s manifest role in the Radicalisation of British Politics, Culture & Society.
Sunday, 02 November 2008 10:32
by William Gladys

If there were Lunatic Asylums for Institutions, I have no doubt that ‘Megalomanic’ British Monarchy would have been sectioned, straight jacketed and incarcerated ages ago! The repellent tentacles of this rabid military backed British monster has, unopposed, plundered and polluted defenceless countries for centuries. This was evident during the merciless colonising and violent intervention of a voracious crusading Monarchical Britain, at a time when maps extolling British Empire pink showed wide subjugation of much of the world.

A conquering, harsh occupation that at the initiation of its Governing Head: Queen Victoria; a vain-glorious self styled Empress of India, contemptuously referred to by opposing indigenous citizens (not fawning ‘subjects’ by the way) as: “That Lump of White British Lard”; an explicit punchy and descriptive vilification, that was hidden from the British public during her time in governance by a shackled fawning media in thrall to a tetchy Queen Victoria, and her Governing Monarchy.

And yet this loathsome institution continues to spread the malady of rampant British Political/Economic/Ideological/Imperial/Colonisation, channelled via Monarchical “Empire Supremacy”. Readers, take a long hard look at the mayhem in Arab Middle-east should you require confirmation!

Nothing changes however! The population of the British Isles has been radicalised and bombarded for centuries with prejudiced, dangerously vindictive, extremist propaganda supportive of Establishment Monarchy. And frenetic media readiness aimed at revealing even the smallest instance of ‘foreign radicalisation’ is just one of many techniques used against a gullible & naive public. For example, “A Muslim man or a Muslim woman was recruited by a Muslim group or a Muslim organisation and then radicalised”. (Please note one man, not an all powerful radicalised Crusading country from the west illegally occupying another country!) It is a recurring and duplicitous Islamophobic statement that remains unchallenged; although exponents of reason and truth; the political journalists fearlessly left of centre, do their utmost to champion the truth, albeit with limited resources at their disposal.

These are the spirited people who refuse to toe the Establishment line, and refuse to prostrate themselves before the deception and conceit propounded by the toadies and slaves of Governing Monarchy no matter what the outcome! Nonetheless, who are these conditioned toadies; the brain washed deferential servants and slaves who mindlessly do the will of Britain’s undemocratic Governing Monarchy? Clearly, victims of a pre-conceived and insidious conditioning – indoctrination - that has been promoted, at times subliminally for centuries. No matter where people live in the British Isles, Governing Monarchy and it’s monarchy freaks, have succeeded in controlling the nation’s/people’s actions, their thoughts; their very existence. Indeed, if people’s minds had remained unadulterated and in a position to think rationally and freely, most would question why this absurdity; this repugnant institution, Monarchy exists at all.

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Monarchy is a grotesque institution possessed of an insatiable craving for power, and a relentless self-seeking monetary swallowing, gorging of British tax payers’ hard earned cash. An obnoxious anachronistic institution, that only fools or the witless would describe as symbolic or “normal”. Monarchy: A nauseating institution which has succeeded in promoting class and racial divisiveness from birth to death for everyone throughout the length and breadth of the British Isles. Its wicked power and influence has taken root everywhere. This relates to relatively mundane but distinctly influential examples: the appalling undemocratic national anthem in praise of dictatorial absolutism; an anthem for the Monarch but not the people. A humiliating anthem; an autocratic affront and sidelining of the British people, most of whom are too ignorant or deficient in acumen to recognise the insult!

An un-elected monarch’s head on stamps, bank notes, and coins in perpetuity, and vulgar songs promoting her Britannic Majesty – ‘Rule Britannia’ for instance; a rabble rousing tune that gormless idiots sing at international sporting venues, incapable of comprehending why they react so violently to the lyrics! Then the sufferance of the State opening of parliament, where Monarchical control is reinforced once more, a blatant repetition of the autocratic power of Monarchical Britain’s governance, where every elected member of parliament, (MP’s) are prohibited from serving their constituents needs unless they grovel before and swear allegiance to an absolutist Head-of-State. (And incredibly, up to the present, no group of MP’s has expressed the courage to unite publicly against this injustice!!!)

And on top of all this we have the continuing celebration of Empire and the giving by the monarch of dubious awards for recognition of and approval of absolutism, the MBE and etc.; another depressing example of objectionable, Monarchical radicalisation, that over the years has taken ‘root’ like a putrid fungus in the minds of a naive public. Then we have the damaging Royal Prerogative, a royal act that ensures the Queen’s military can make war alone, or in partnership with other countries without consulting elected members of parliament; readers just look at the tragedy that has occurred in the Arab Middle-East because of this lunacy!

Furthermore, the British people have been burdened with autocratic unelected Heads-of-State who meddle in court cases if it suits them, without fear of retribution from their own Crown Prosecution Service. On the other hand, if the right wing media were prepared to expose this undemocratic anomaly, it could easily usher in much needed democratic change. And yet the totality of British Law enforcement and the monarch’s Inland Revenue are compelled to swear allegiance to this dreadful absolutist position. Indeed, if you visit any police station in the British Isles, you will see a framed photograph of the Queen, but not those who pay her and their gargantuan salaries! Praise for an unelected Head-of-State who is above the law of the land. Where has democracy gone? Of course in a real democracy, there would be a highly polished frame celebrating the people.

Even the ageless 007 James Bond is involved in the adulation of this appalling woman/institution, where we are reminded yet again of his exploits on film as an agent on her/his majesties secret service. A secret service that has been renamed by the way, from MI5, MI6 to SIS or is it SISS, or PISS, one of them anyway; this is the lot who will be covering her saggy, baggy, rear end, day and night! Yet more colossal payouts for the British tax payer to contend with. Why this royal mob cannot finance their own security goodness knows, after all it is public knowledge that they are all overstuffed with cash!

Then we have painful reminders of a ‘Royal Society’ for this, and a ‘Royal Society for that, but no matter how thoroughly you search, my friends, a ‘Royal Society for Sewage Workers’ will never be unearthed! Readers, to a great extent, the bedlam that is and has occurred throughout the world is as a result of Britain’s Monarchical Intervention. Ah yes, Intervention, now the knowledgeable can have a grand new Royal society: ‘The Royal Society for Illegal Intervention in World Affairs’, or ‘The Royal Society of Empire Dominance’, or ‘The Royal Society for Subjugation of the Arab Middle-East’, or ‘The Royal Society for Subjugation of Muslims in England!” Not forgetting subjugation and radicalisation by means of Knighthoods and the like! This relates to an earlier statement on radicalisation, and the lamentable role that Monarchy has played in present day radicalism and the associated terror that can flow from radicalisation.

In point of fact, a cunning Monarchy has over the years conditioned a nation to believe in controlling empire, and because Monarchy proclaims itself an ‘elitist/superior’ institution, its deferential ‘subjects’, the ‘ordinary’ people, should instinctively accept as true, the baloney that Britain by royal association is a nation superior to all others! This has been a predominant ideology in Britain for centuries. And certainly in relation to the Arab Middle-East turmoil for instance where appalling terms such as “rag head” or ‘A-Rab’ are common place in London and other conurbations. In the past, deplorable insults were directed towards Negroes: “nig-nog” or nigger or the immigrant people from Pakistan or India; and the employment of the contemptuous “ultra violets”, “pakis”, “turban heads”, or more recently the outrageous Royal Duke’s remarks, the “slitty eyed Chinese”.

While in Afghanistan a Queen’s soldier, was filmed in October 2008, despoiling a house wall with the words: “The QUEEN’S Regiment was here”. As if killing Muslims and occupying their country isn’t enough! What arrogance, what impertinence, what a terrible insult to Muslims and Islam and what a repulsive adulation of the exponent/s of Empire/Monarchical ‘Supremacy’! Why, many viewers asked was there no reprimand from any of the Queen’s officers for this dishonourable act, and why was the invective not scrubbed off immediately?

Although to his credit, the soldier courageously admitted that army service in Afghanistan “wasn’t worth dying for, and being in the army is about killing people”. Those are not necessarily verbatim, but you get the gist? A remark seen by many as an indirect rebuke of the establishment’s dreadful Queen and her antagonistic sanctioning of war? How different, how aggressive was the belligerent attitude of Prince Harry, as with a greasy, smirking grin on his face he unleashed killing rounds from his machine gun towards Muslims in their own country.

How best to describe radicalism?

‘The vigorous quest of and or support for primary changes in society that may imperil the continued survival of the democratic order, and which might involve the use of undemocratic methods that could harm the administration of the autonomous order.’

(National Coordinator for Counterterrorism – Ministerie van Binnenlandse Kaken Koninkrijksrelaties.) 15-10-08.

How best to describe terrorism?

‘Terrorism is the use or threatened use of hostility against people and their Sovereign State or the causing of grave damage to land, property, and infrastructures that disrupts daily life, with the aim of bringing about societal change or influencing decision-making at all levels of administration, whether governed by elected representatives or not ’. (National Coordinator for Counterterrorism. Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties. 15-10-08.)

Indeed the descriptions above describe accurately the ruthless expansionist and worldwide aggression perpetuated by Monarchical Britain during the building of its Empire! Although historically there are alternative beginnings; I have for expediency, placed the Victorian era as the starting point of Monarchical Britain’s ‘modern’ radicalism. It was during this period that the industrial revolution (the only time you will hear the word revolution spoken in earshot of a trembling British establishment!), reached its zenith in Britain. The resulting harvesting of unimaginable ill-gotten wealth enabled it to strengthen its ruthless, ignominious Monarchical Empire, while oppressing millions of indigenous people who were powerless to resist, “the will of the reigning autonomous order”, (please see “….autonomous order…” above under counterterrorism quote).

Appallingly, this mirrors what is happening in the Arab Middle East at the present time; by this I mean the catastrophe of more than one million Muslim deaths, a tragedy for which Britain and America and those who support it should be made accountable. And yet the right wing media to its eternal shame will not admit this obvious truth, nor will it condemn the Monarchy for its considerable role in the tragedy.

Moreover, if we judge the illegal occupation of Iraq & Afghanistan by the description from the Netherlands Counter terrorism agency, it translates precisely to western terrorism. The use of a few words from the Dutch document proves the point.

“Hostility against people…grave damage to infrastructures…disrupts daily life…bringing about societal change…influencing decision making…!

It is incredible therefore, that after all the horrors that Monarchical Britain has caused, it still retains the arrogance and hypocrisy to preach to other nations about radicalism and terrorism! We should not forget that the Government of Monarchy and its mindless hordes of duped robotic like agents, who strive to uphold it, are part and parcel of a vast bigoted propaganda device. It consists in the main of faceless oddities, who in their ignorance, fail to admit shame, guilt or indeed make amends for the destruction of other nations, and the arrogant and hypocritical support given to an appallingly high-handed institution that should have been thrown to the dogs’ decades ago.

So let us not hear or read any more lies or accusations in the British media about ‘foreign’ radicalisation and terror, unless it is prepared to come clean and reveal the obverse dirty side of Governing Monarchy. Now is the time for the media to pluck up courage, adopt honesty and truth, and acknowledge that the British people have been gullible victims of a sordid Governing Monarchical indoctrination, that has effectively radicalised them into blindly believing and supporting, a nonsensical, but internationally dangerous ideology that will remain for as long the anachronistic institution; Monarchy UK controls the reigns of power. In the years ahead we are hopeful of creating an effective opposition to this military minded institution, and gradually persuade it, to bite its tongue, or at the very least wag it in favour of PEACE. A monumental change that would be welcomed at home and abroad, and celebrated by millions with the final dumping of the centuries old aggressive wagging of steel or ‘current’ depleted uranium covered fists!
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Comments (6)add comment

Wow said:

Mr Gladys has been smoking pot again, methinks.
November 03, 2008
Votes: -2

R Squirrel said:

This man is a lunatic!
what a pathetic load of CRAP!
November 04, 2008 | url
Votes: -2

Mr Free Market said:

"This was evident during the merciless colonising and violent intervention of a voracious crusading Monarchical Britain, at a time when maps extolling British Empire pink showed wide subjugation of much of the world"

Happier days indeed
November 14, 2008 | url
Votes: -2

Rhys said:

I think someone needs to take his medication again.
I am one of those downtrodden colonials this poor, deluded, demented fellow is ranting about, and what I have to say is simple.

God save the Queen!

I think from the tone of the rhetoric that this writer must be a member of the socialist left, the whole tone of the piece reads like a piece of propaganda the socialist workers organisation would put out here in NZ.

Why would some poor fellow want to leave the rule of someone born and trained to the role, for the untender mercies of someone who slaughters his way to the top of the Politburo? Remember the death toll of Stalin?

As far as colonisation goes, what do you call the Russians occupying eastern Europe and now seizing South Ossetia from it's rightful government?
November 14, 2008
Votes: -3

thud said:

We did not subjugate for long enough.
November 14, 2008 | url
Votes: -3

William Gladys said:

Of more than a thousand hits there have been just five vitriolic and inane replies, and those were clearly from Daily Mail readers! My article outlining the truth about this most dreadful of institutions is not welcomed by the irrational monarchy freak bloggers in our midst, who just cannot abide any just criticism of their prejudiced, blinkered support for the present status-quo. It hurts them when their asinine pro monarchy bubbles are punctured so adroitly!! As I mentioned in my article they are "...too ignorant and lacking in acumen..." Point now proved!!!! And as for God Save the Queen???? Millions of us are now questioning that absurdity and campaigning to get it replaced with those in our society who really matter the people. GOD SAVE THE PEOPLE! William
April 06, 2009 | url
Votes: +2

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