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You're blowing my high
Friday, 05 January 2007 19:52
by Frank Pitz

The Democrats are in session, will they blow us all off or will they maintain our high?

“You’re blowin’ my high”

There are many of us who are familiar with that phrase of a few decades ago.For the uninitiated what it refers to in essence,is when a group of people getting “high” together have someone in the group commence a recitation – or verbalize a thought – of a negative nature.(I suppose I could draw a 21st century analogy here; think about a person on a message board thread suddenly going “off-topic.”)The response to that articulation generally went something like this:“Wow!Man you’re blowin’ my high here, give it a break.”

Right now I feel like I’m back there, passing the joint and just goofing along on the nonsensical.The absurdity, of course, being that I’m reading – and hearing – what the suddenly muscular Democrats are planning in their “first hundred hours.”I mean, like, we already knew that impeachment was “off the table,” is there a thinking human among us that truly thought impeachment would even make it to the table?So, in place of a main course of impeachment as well as side dishes of restoring our Constitutional Rights and making us secure in our homes and workplace, we will get fluff. No meat, no veggies and no dessert; just non-caloric fluff along with innumerable sound bytes.Like, this really is blowin’ my high, man.

The beefy Democrats are - rather than taking Amerika back from the plutocrats - going to puff up their respective chests, make a lot of noise about change and keep on keeping on.Shouldn’t that blow the post-euphoric high of the faithful herd that voted to make (as well as see) change? So that collective high felt by the dedicated flock– now that reality has seated itself in the chamber – has been blown all to hell and back.For the loyalists who expected Chateaubriand, once seated at the “all-inclusive” table they instead find themselves still “sitting below the salt.” Given that the overwhelming majority of voters who put the Democrats in power were all on the same page, you know, the message board thing; it appears that the Democrats have seriously gone “off-topic.”Now, doesn’t that just blow your high if you are one of the flock who was steadfast in your passing of the joint of change, high on the over the moon “good shit” you were hearing from the Democrats?

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Ergo, instead of impeachment we will get minimum wage raise, which is commendable and long overdue.However, since many states and municipalities have (and are) taking it upon themselves to implement “living wages” far and above what the Democrats are talking this is hardly a hot button issue for the electorate – at least priority wise.From everything this writer read and heard during – and after – the recent election season what was topmost on the mind of the voters was; Iraq (get us out), Bush (rein him in), the economy (stop hemorrhaging jobs, pensions, wages, etcetera), health care (accessibility and affordability),and last but not least end the damn “pay to play” and corruption in the political arena.

The Democrats also plan votes on boosting funding for embryonic stem cell research; cutting student loan interest rates; and putting into effect the 9/11 Commission recommendations for enhanced cargo screening as well as better emergency communication systems.That is the gist of their so-called “first hundred hours.”

As I’ve mentioned, all of that is laudable but what about campaign finance reform? What about ethics reform?The Democrats talked a good game about moral principles but the first damn thing they did was to introduce a reform package that is a mirror image of the same weak Republican reform bill from last year.They plan to debate this bill in the coming weeks and amendments to the bill will be considered to either strengthen or weaken it.Now, you can bet the farm that these Democrats – Pelosi and Reid – who owe their soul to the Corporate Store are not going to sweep that candy jar off the counter.

One amendment that is certain to come up is the Lieberman-Collins amendment (Lobbying Transparency and Accountability Act), which came up during the last session as an amendment to S2128.This amendment was shot down in Committee with the help of the Democrats.Let’s take a look at where the bulk of the money comes from in the new Democratic leader’s war chests.PACS are what fuels both the Pelosi and Reid juggernaut, these are made up of – in no particular order – Agribusiness, Communication/Electronics, Construction, Defense, Energy, Finance/Insurance/Real Estate, Health, Lawyers and Lobbyists.Pelosi and Reid are certainly not the only Democrats – or politicians - who are indebted to “special interests” such as lobbyists, these business and corporate bloodsuckers are what drives the political and money machine that is euphemistically called a “Democracy.”If the misguided as well as naïve electorate truly believe that they are going to see a change in just how the business of governing is conducted, I have this bridge I want to sell…

The Lieberman-Collins amendment, which seeks to establish an Office of Public Integrity has a snowball’s chance in hell of being approved by this Congress.Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the Democrats may talk a good game however there is no way in hell they want to impose any rules which might give the appearance of a level playing field.It is much easier to mouth the platitudes and flex muscles for a photo-op than it is to do the right thing.

I – as well as many other writers – have taken our hits from the party faithful for daring to infer that there is absolutely no difference between the political parties in Washington.We have been called names like agent provocateur as well as worse.Well folks, the Democrats are in power, there will be no impeachment, no reining in of prolifigate campaign and/or lobbyist spending, no health care reform, no assistance for our poor and no end to the death of our men and women in Iraq.

The steadfast herd have their wish, the Democrats are in power, all I can say is, be careful what you wish for.”
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Jimmy Montague said:

I've got a blog up,
I vote rationally, and I'm sending hard-copy letters every day -- sometimes a dozen or more of them. I'm on a fixed income. The postage is about to kill me, but I persist. I figure it does more good to spend the money on stamps than give it to any of the lame-brained third-parties that have thus far made an appearance. I don't know what else I can do.

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