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Time to stop Celebrating and start organizing
Friday, 14 November 2008 10:45
by Michael O’McCarthy

People of color and all advocates for freedom have a right to celebrate the election of Barack Hussein Obama to President of the United States. No longer can the seats of power in corporate state America be the right of race.

Now, let’s stop celebration this historic fact for African Americans and deal with the business at hand: programs to socialize America’s gross product, rather than the gross national debt.

Class War:

First it is important to note that the “class war” that Republicans and right whacked conservatives banter about as an un-American fact.

The fact that “Class War” is very “American.” From the end of rural communal civilization there has been Class War. And in what is now the United States it has been waged by the colonialists from the day of Columbus’s arrival until 1929 against people of color and indigenous peoples and the poor and working class majority. The end result of this capitalist expansion and its second source of power and profit, US business and racial imperialism was the “Crash of ’29.”

The “crash” of the classic, ruling class, capitalist structure was the inevitable results of barbaric, dog eat dog class competitive culture. The first institutionalized and organized defense and proactive victories on behalf of workers and the poor, was inaugurated by Roosevelt’s social programs. His program failures were not however, necessarily systemic ones; had the workers, the poor, people of color, women and the unions asserted power, those programs and complimentary successors could have led to a social democracy.

That did not occur: in terms of “spreading the wealth” the way the wealth got spread was to create more of it by the construction of a mighty war and support apparatus. As Roosevelt was but a liberal, ruling class patron, there came a time when the Boys needed to stop slumming and get on with the business of rebuilding and expanding the financial base of their capitalist, class based democracy. Thus, the creation of a new war production machine with the creation of an attendant culture of terror and fear lead to World War II, a re-creation of the threat of Communism, propaganda based phobia as first realized by the war on Korea and then the war against South East Asia.

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Roosevelt’s political legacy continued through 1964 with Lyndon Johnson’s Tip of the Hat to his mentor in the form of “the Great Society” which correspondingly was aborted for yet another war. By then the serious Boys in the club had enough of partying with the poor and the experiments of the Liberal’s social agenda.

The monstrous apparatus that would become the ruling class of today’s Pseudo Capitalism was accomplished during the war against South East Asia. Both the science and Enterprise class war machine and the new managerial class with its clipped hair culture, refined itself.

This new Pseudo-Capitalist Class as defined in Stephen Bindman’s revelatory new book, Pseudo-Capitalism = Socialism for the Rich, has socialized the national debt, stealing all the profits and any government surplus, while capitalizing all the profit in the most arbitrary and near anarchic, self-serving manner. Their behavior was second only to the Robber Barons but more like the pirates of times past.

Even with the domestic bungling of the Nixonites, these golf clubhouse elitists managed to take power in a “counter revolutionary” class war against the failed social democratic impulses from the forties and sixties led by the mentor of the new class, Ronald Reagan. Actor with the first chimp to be linked to the White House aside, Reagan had always been the Vice President of Sales and Marketing of the growing Pseudo Capitalist class. He perfected the role in politics and became CEO of the Corporate State of America.

This time the Boys would build their death grip apparatus. That took place under the second acknowledged chimp linked to the Oval Office, George W. Bush, and an understandable but freak reaction from the religious zealots of the Middle East and a once again terrified America and enabled by the wannabe bourgeois Democratic Party created in the aroma of Bill Clinton’s duplicitous political character.

The failure of a Bushite coupe d’ etat was in the character of the Pseudo-Capitalist’s financial sector whose primary oath of allegiance was to greed rather than that of either nation or class. Out of which grew two failed apparatus: the new Pseudo-Capitalist regime which became more and more anarchic; and the apparent, incompetent war science as practiced under Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. Apparent because they successfully built themselves a fortress base in the Middle East and they have focused U. S. citizen consciousness on the illusion of world threat from an equally incompetent world-wide terror network.

The lesson for the average American is a simple one, repeated time and time again but not understood:

If you don’t control the means of your own production AND the process of distribution of the product, someone else will.

Then you will be little less than a worker … ok, let’s try costuming your role, an employee drone, (in factory or business or government bureaucracy,) and/or the Sales Prospect, the Customer and the Sucker all rolled into one hapless citizen!

And this time as you have failed to take power in the face of absolute systemic bankruptcy, you have two wars, (losers,) a broke national treasury, (the money stolen by the Pseudo Capitalists,) a depression of real estate value and of your ability to own your own homestead which is being gobbled up as fast as foreclosures are occurring, and a secret police intelligence apparatus and a very strong tendency of this culture to seek materialist paradise through war.

So what has all this today with today and Obama and where goest Obama if allowed to “go anywhere” in the midst of this domestic and international crisis? Where he told you he would go – up another Democratic, “liberal-to-moderate” Pseudo-Capitalist creek akin to that of Roosevelt, Truman, JFK and Johnson! And you will be rowing away with your back to the future.

The only good news about Obama is the opening the Pseudo-Capitalist failure has provided for outside intervention by a socially directed movement to force him to a more and more progressive alternative. The worst case scenario will be that Obama will obey the more sophisticated members of the liberal wing of what is now, “his class,” and create an even bigger State monster attempting to use the delusional theory of the Pseudo-Capitalists that you can own and control government while continuing to use the theory of greed and profit and that the world population in its growing suffering will do nothing. History indicates just the opposite.

The growing decay of the current system, the continuing exposure of the leaders of the current crisis, and the current ruling class’s inability to solve their own economic crisis may provide for an alternative analysis and group of solutions akin to the intervention of Roosevelt’s minus war as the solution. The “demand for change” however requires a heightening education of the Americans of what they need “change” from. That must be the alternative media’s full time goal: educate the masses.

It starts with reading Bindman’s Pseudo-Capitalism (Available immediately at Amazon.com) for if you don’t understand the problem at hand, you can’t create a solution.
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