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Propaganda in the Time of Obama
Saturday, 20 December 2008 18:07
by Gabriele Zamparini

Dozens of progressive and alternative websites have re-published Patrick Cockburn's appalling article originally appeared in CounterPunch a few days ago. As Jonathan Steele's article in the Guardian a few weeks ago, this Cockburn's article is so extreme one wonders if those alternative websites have become alternative to reality.

After selling Obama as the Anti-Bush and the Man of Change, the lib-left intelligentsia is now at work to depict the new planned phase of the imperial project in the Middle East and beyond as a debacle. We are asked to believe that Corporate America is retreating from Iraq or - to use Cockburn's words - that the U.S.'s "moment in Iraq is coming to an end".

For geostrategic reasons that should be obvious to anyone at this point, Washington needs to remain and consolidate its presence in that region called so vaguely Middle East. Corporate America's hegemony and its survival depend on the direct control of this part of the world, having in mind the rising of other major powers in the international scene, particularly China, Russia and the European Union.

Obviously the US planners never wanted to occupy Iraq with all their troops forever; all they needed to do was to install a puppet government, destroy the Iraqi nation, disintegrate the Iraqi state, crush any authentic national resistance and prepare the US permanent presence in the country.

The puppet government has been installed through that charade called "political process". We even got used to that ridiculous expression, Green Zone, the Quisling government's hideout.

The Iraqi nation has been destroyed through imported sectarianism and civil war that put Iraqis against Iraqis. Since the invasion, Iraqis have been called Shia or Sunni, Arabs or Curds, Muslim or Christian. More than 1.2 million Iraqis have been slaughtered and more than 5 millions have left their homes and become refugees.

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The Iraqi state, once the most advanced state of the region, has been disintegrated through the infamous debaathification and other sectarian practices. After a massive propaganda campaign aimed at its moral lynching, the legitimate government of the Republic of Iraq has been lynched by the invaders and their collaborators. In the West, notorious human rights organizations, the lib-left intelligentsia and the anti-war movement's politburo have contributed to that propaganda.

The Iraqi national resistance has been crushed by the military occupation and the sectarian militias that operated undisturbed for many years under the Occupation's eyes, when not in joint operations with the invaders. Iraq teems with prisons, operated by the US occupation or by the sectarian Quisling government, where several thousands freedom fighters and ordinary Iraqis are being tortured, sexually abused and killed; among them women and children.

Meanwhile, the US planners have been working to establish their permanent presence in Iraq; they have been building several permanent military bases together with the biggest embassy in the world. As I wrote in my previous blog, the same day Counterpunch published P. Cockburn's article, Reuters reported, "Ali al-Dabbagh, spokesman for the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, said some U.S. forces could be needed for 10 years":

"We do understand that the Iraqi military is not going to get built out in the three years. We do need many more years. It might be 10 years," Dabbagh said at a Pentagon press briefing.
But besides what this or that puppet might say, one needs just to stop the flow of propaganda and think; if the US didn't respect the UN Charter and international law when they invaded Iraq, they will certainly not respect any meaningless agreement signed by its own Quisling government. To focus on the SOFA is just another diversion; the US plan, far from being a "total defeat", as Cockburn writes, has been completely successful. Mission accomplished.

The official lib-left intelligentsia must continue its real job as gatekeeper of dissent; its audiences, the most aware, active and willing to stop their governments from continuing to perpetrate crimes against humanity for the sake of elites' profit and power, must be controlled through "friendly" propaganda. When Obama's war machine is preparing to use all its bestial might against the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan and with an economic and financial crisis without precedent hitting millions of people, the public opinion in the West needs to be tamed once again.

The eunuchs have gladly renounced to their organs in change of a little place at the table of the gods, or maybe they are just happy for some falling crumbs.
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Comments (1)add comment

Project Humanbeingsfirst.org said:

Manufacturing dissent and manufacturing consent are two sides of the "imperial mobilization"

This is indeed the grotesque unadulterated truth:

" ... the US plan, far from being a "total defeat", as Cockburn writes, has been completely successful. Mission accomplished."

Permit me to add to what "Mission Accomplished" means by simply re-remembering David Ben Gurion's pithy wisdom: "what is inconceiveable in normal times is possible in revolutionary times".

I had explained it thusly here: http://humanbeingsfirst.blogsp...istan.html


This 'ubermensch' breed clearly perceives that “what is inconceivable in normal times is possible in revolutionary times”. It is only in the pain of “Birth-Pangs”, as for any new birth in nature, that the 'New World Order' can be born. The Third Reich wanted it – and failed. The Fourth Reich wants it just as bad, and are indeed playing their game well.

The “Mission Accomplished” sign actually meant what it stated. While most in the mainstream, as well as in the so called 'dissent-stream', derided it in the aftermath of Iraq, little do these gentle-minds perceive the diabolical agenda that was accomplished quite successfully indeed – to set the “Birth-pangs” and labor pains in motion by raping the fertile womb.

That was surely successfully accomplished! One might even wager that it was William Kristol who likely came up with that sign – he seems to be just the type to relish in such devilish play on words (judging from his previous forays into Presidential speech-writing). It can be quite educational to back-read all the Presidential speeches since 2000 and study up on their craftsmen. The Goebbelian craftsmanship creates a Kafkaesque hypnotism over the American masses and its newsmedia.

It is precisely that 'ubermenschen' power that eludes normal peoples who simply can't perceive the depth of evil incarnate which once again besieges mankind. This is why, Leo Strauss, the legatee of the Austrio-Hungarian empire that had seeded Hitler, also only seeded the new 'ubermenschen' into the privileged Nietzscheian class of being 'beyond good and evil' after assurance of their higher intelligence and superiority. As per Plato's philosophy of the philosopher-king wisely shepherding the flock, Straussians merely drop the 'wisely' part. They, in effect, replace it with 'predatorily'. Thus the self-ascribed appellation 'Hectoring Hegemons'.

Such tortuous minds only make tortuous plans that just the sheer boldness of which boggles some moral mind.


Perhaps Mr. Cockburn, and all of the "progressive left", only possess such simplistic moral minds?

Well to address that very aspect, whether it is sheer naivete or something else because of which veteran 'dissent-chiefs' betray no understanding of Machiavellian political science, by coincidence, I had sent the following letter to editor earlier today to address this very theme but on another 'Mission Accomplished' - Afghanistan:



I have felt it is rather trivial to be a critic of the overt crimes of empire, the so called 'rogue state' phenomenon. Many a book has been written, and many an author become millionaire, rehearsing what is already visible to all and sundry, what is already documented publicly aplenty. Many a historian and academic have actually been quite vocal about it – from Arundhati Roy to Noam Chomsky to John Pilger to Tariq Ali to William Blum.

And yet, the same people are silent on the core-axioms which actually enable the “imperial mobilization” in the first place. That in turn causes the abhorrent crimes against humanity to occur as an effect. It is easy to focus on the effect, not the cause. Or to obfuscate the cause to generalities, such as 'capitalism', 'corporate greed', etc. For to focus on the true agenda and its exponents, such as the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, the Federal Reserve System and the practice of private central banking controlling the Western nations' destinies towards centralized 'communism' style governance, would most assuredly unveil the hidden hands.


Thank you.

Zahir Ebrahim
Project Humanbeingsfirst.org
December 21, 2008 | url
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