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Political Theater with Dick Cheney
Wednesday, 07 January 2009 05:39
by Timothy V. Gatto

altI’ve been watching CBS’s “Face the Nation” for years. The truth is that I really like Bob Schieffer, I always have. Today I saw Darth Cheney and couldn’t have been more bowled over by the questions that Bob asked. It didn’t take long to realize that while the questions were perfect, the answers that Cheney gave Bob were weak and basically shifted the blame for actions taken to the intelligence agencies. It seemed that every answer Cheney gave was accepted by Bob and he seemed eager just to take the Vice-President’s word on everything so that he could move to the next question.

I have hammered “Face the Nation” before, so this article is nothing new. It seems as if Schieffer can ask bold, probing questions, yet he takes the most inane answers without asking for clarification or bringing the question to the next step. He asked Cheney if it wasn’t a mistake to go into Iraq with such few troops, thus enabling Iraqi insurgents to loot huge caches of weapons at deserted ammo depots. Cheney replied that the invasion was a spectacular event. He said that the “surge” amounted to only 30,000 extra troops. There was no mention of the unwatched ammo dumps. To this observer, I believe Cheney didn’t seem to believe that tons of ordinances falling into insurgent hands in order to kill American soldiers wasn’t high on his priority list. Bob didn’t press him on the ammo depots. Sometimes it’s not what someone says; it’s what someone doesn’t say that is the most telling glimpse into a person’s character. What Bob Schieffer didn’t follow up on is a telling view into his quest for the truth.

Giving an official a platform to spew lies and half-truths does nothing to inform the American people. The question I have is why our mainstream media people accept bald-faced lies? The obvious reason is that they don’t want to lose their jobs. This gives us a medium where political talk shows prove to be not information outlets, but theater for the masses. They become circuses in which the truth hardly matters. The questions are hard, and this leads the viewer to believe the mainstream media is the cutting edge of truth, when in fact; the truth never appears in this choreographed exhibition of political double-talk.

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Bob Schieffer brought up the question of water boarding and torture. Cheney replied that the executive branch had conferred with the Attorney General and the Office of Legal Council, and there were no laws broken. No laws broken indeed! There have been others in government that were sentenced to death for water boarding in Nuremburg, have things changed since then?

The question of wiretapping came up. This time Cheney reiterated his belief that the Attorney General and the Office of Legal Counsel along with Congress had approved of the practice. Schieffer to his credit asked why Senator Rockefeller had written a letter questioning the wiretapping. Cheney told Bob that the Senator had originally supported the wiretaps but wrote the letter later to cover his ass. The question that followed should have been “Why do you think he felt as if he had to cover his ass?” I just don’t get it, why tread so softly? Doesn’t Schieffer believe that people want the truth or are we destined to be served up pabulum when in reality we’re asking for meat?

It was annoying to see Cheney get off so lightly. If he believes that there have been no terror attacks since 9/11 are because of his and Bush’s trampling of the Constitution, I can’t help but to believe the man is insane or a bald-faced liar. Watching Cheney making his case for the administration that thumbed their noses at the Constitution was poor theater indeed. Sorry Bob, you blew this one.

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