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Out of Gaza! Down with U.S. Imperialist Sponsored Mass Murder in Gaza!
Sunday, 11 January 2009 09:32
by Steven Argue

More than a week of Israeli military assaults on the population of Gaza has left 600 people dead, 200 of them children. In attempt to conceal its crimes, Israel has barred foreign media from Gaza. Yet, many stories of war crimes are still getting out as civilian centers, a school, and aid workers are deliberately targeted by Israeli forces. In areas hit by bombing, Israel has refused rescue operations the ability to operate, leaving many more people to die.

Gaza is a small strip of land that contains 1.5 million people. Most of these people were driven from their land by the Israeli Army’s ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in 1948. With the birth of Israel, a new homeland was created for one people by removing the original inhabitants through force and violence. Palestinians who were forced to flee are not given the right to return to their homeland. Meanwhile, Jews from any country in the world are automatically given citizenship.

Gaza was seized by Israel in 1968, putting refugees from Israel once again under Israeli occupation. In 2005, the Palestinians of Gaza gained formal independence. Yet, the area to which Palestinians have been confined by Israel has no economic basis for independence. Gaza is more like a reservation for Native Americans in the United States or a Bantustan as they existed in Apartheid South Africa. Imports, exports, and travel are all controlled by Israel.

Ever since 2006, Israel, with the help of the U.S. backed dictatorship in Egypt, has choked off Gaza from needed imports, electricity, exports, and fuel. As a result, the people of Gaza suffer unemployment, malnutrition, problems with the water supply, and poverty.

A condition of the cease-fire was lifting this blockade by Israel. For its part, Hamas dramatically reduced rocket fire coming from Gaza. During this time, not a single casualty resulted from that rocket-fire at a time when Israel continued to kill Palestinians. Israel, however, never made any attempt to uphold its end of the bargain, and continued to force collective misery on the Palestinian people through the blockade.

The war against the people of Gaza is not a defensive action by Israel; it is a continuation of Israel’s policy, since its birth in 1948, to inflict death, terror, and misery on the native people in order to establish a nation ruled by one ethnicity and one religion. Yet, despit all of this, lies are being fed to the American people by the corporate media, and the Democrats and Republicans trying to justify Israeli war crimes and collective punishment of the entire Palestinian people.

While giving no political support to Hamas, Liberation News stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people in demanding an end to U.S. military aid to Israel and Egypt. The U.S. props up these repressive governments with billions of dollars in military aid every year. The people of the Near East will be much better off when they are allowed to decide their own governments without the intervention of U.S. supplied weapons.

Yet, to acieve such a dramatic end to U.S. imperialist intervention will take the building of a socialist party in the United States that struggles to end the economic basis of U.S. imperialism, i.e. the capitalist profit system of exploitation and greed. Liberation News is dedicated to this goal.
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