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White Phosphorus Being Used Against Gaza is a War Crime
Thursday, 15 January 2009 19:45

by Timothy V. Gatto

The claims that Israel is using white phosphorus against the Palestinians in Gaza are a crime against humanity. Imagine using a scattergun on a crowd to take out one criminal that may or may not be hiding amongst them. What would the reaction be if our government was to utilize this approach? The Israelis are in effect, using this method against innocent women and children.

White phosphorus is a weapon of mass destruction and with napalm is banned by international law. The effects of white phosphorus are a burning of the skin, through muscle and in some cases to the bone. There is no defense against white phosphorus and it kills indiscriminately. The United States used white phosphorus in the Iraqi city of Fallujah and the photographs of the causalities were horrendous. There were pictures of infants wrapped in swaddling clots with their faces band hands burned beyond recognition. You see, white phosphorus doesn’t burn cloth, only human tissue.

If Israel were not a rogue nation, they would have gone to the United Nations to press their claims that Hamas was sending rockets into their outlying territories. Of course if Israel did so, the UN would come back at Israel and demand that they lift the blockade of the Gaza Strip that happened long before any rockets were fired into Israel. It seems to me that Israel in not only rogue state, but it is also a sponsor of terrorism due to the carnage they have unleashed in Gaza.

The United States is culpable in this genocide against the innocents in the Gaza Strip by vetoing any measure to stop it in the UN Security Council. The United States has backed every single incidence of Israeli aggression for years. It doesn’t appear that Obama will change our stance toward Israeli aggression by the things he has said during the campaign.

The American People could stop this carnage by protesting against the position held by the United States. There are no nations on earth that commit any greater atrocities against another country in this day and age than Israel, yet the US continues to support their international crimes. This makes us complicit by not standing up to our government and demanding that they side with those that demand that Israel stop it’s aggression against the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip.

Email Tim at: timgatto@hotmail.com and he blogs at: http://liberalpro.blogspot.com

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