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The White House Hillbillies [Clinton Reloaded]
Monday, 22 January 2007 12:52

by Edward Strong

The only people who identify Hillary Clinton as part of the “left” are the wingnuts on right-wing talk radio and Fox News. By their standards, Clinton and all Democrats save Joe Lieberman are closet left-wing revolutionaries just waiting for the chance to nationalize industries and make peace with America’s adversaries.

Hillary Clinton: The Woman Who Would Be President

She's in, but can she win? That is the question after Hillary Clinton's announcement yesterday that she is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008.

A Hillary victory and a two-term presidency would mean that Bushes and Clintons had ruled the US for 28 straight years; do Americans want that kind of dynastic politics, verging on monarchy? [1]

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Hillary Clinton Was on Wal-Mart's Board of Directors for Six Years

Hillary Clinton has been public enemy number one of the Christian Right and other Republican partisans. She is a female Democratic Senator representing New York. It might be easy to assume that she is a liberal.

But, the facts are different. She is a pro-war Democrat that is actively involved in the Democratic Liquidation Council, an organization that Bill Clinton and other conservative Democrats started in order to move that party to the right. There is another fact that people who think Ms. Clinton is a liberal should consider.

Hillary Clinton was on Wal-Mart's Board of Directors from 1986-1992.

She has never apologized for being so deeply involved with one of the most heinous corporations. Ms. Clinton has not even expressed any regrets or misgivings.

It is time that people started looking realistically at who Hillary Clinton really is, outside of the paranoia of the right-wing and the Clinton-worship so common among many partisan Democrats. [2]

Clinton: Bag Lady for the Israel Lobby

And while AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and Israel pressure the U.S. government to force the Iran issue to the U.N. Security Council, Israel itself stands in violation of numerous U.N. Resolutions dealing with the occupied territories of Palestine, including U.N. Resolution 1402, which demands that Israel withdraw its military from all Palestinian cities at once.

AIPAC's hypocrisy is stomach-turning, to say the least. The goliath lobbying organization wants Iran to be slapped across the knuckles while the crimes of Israel continue to be ignored. And who is propping up AIPAC's hypocritical position? Senator Hillary Clinton of New York.

As the top Democratic recipient of pro-Israel funds for the 2006 election, pocketing over $58,000 as of October 31 last year, Senator Clinton now has Iran in her cross-hairs.

She fully embraces Israel's violence, as well as AIPAC's duplicitous Iran position, she simultaneously ignores the hostilities inflicted upon Palestine, as numerous Palestinians have been killed during the recent shelling of the Gaza Strip.

Over the past weeks Israel continues to mark the occupied territories (they call 'buffer zones') like a frothing-mouth K9 on the loose.

Hillary Clinton's silence toward Israel's brutality implies the senator will continue to support AIPAC's mission to occupy the whole of the occupied territories, as well as a war on Iran in the future. [3]

Clinton manages to out-neocon many Republicans when it comes to Iran

Let's be clear about the threat we face now: A nuclear Iran is a danger to Israel, to its neighbors and beyond.

The regime's pro-terrorist, anti-American and anti-Israel rhetoric only underscores the urgency of the threat it poses. U.S. policy must be clear and unequivocal.

We cannot and should not – must not – permit Iran to build or acquire nuclear weapons. In order to prevent that from occurring, we must have more support vigorously and publicly expressed by China and Russia, and we must move as quickly as feasible for sanctions in the United Nations.

And we cannot take any option off the table in sending a clear message to the current leadership of Iran – that they will not be permitted to acquire nuclear weapons.

Democrats: The Other War Party

From Lieberman to Obama to Clinton to Kerry to Harman to Bayh to Dean, the story is the same. Robert Dreyfuss writes that "just as the Democrats meekly got in line to support the invasion of Iraq, many (perhaps most) elected Democrats are demanding a confrontation with Iran, too.

Some, such as Hillary Clinton, are even trying to out-Bush the president in demanding a showdown with Iran."

The Democrat’s position paper on "defense," "Real Security: Protecting America and Restoring Our Leadership in the World", says Democrats will "roll back the nuclear threats of Iran and North Korea."

The document, gangster style, literally states that Democrats in power would make "an offer Iran cannot refuse" adding, "Iran should understand the existential threat of military response…"

"Real Security" calls for massively beefing up spending both on the military and on so-called "Homeland Security," while offering an ever-so-slightly altered version of Bush’s policy of "staying the course" in the occupation of Iraq. The Democrats are the furthest thing from a "peace" party. [4]

Our Hillary Stands for Imperialism & Capitalism

Even war with Iran is not ruled out, despite the Baker-Hamilton report urging negotiations with Iran and Syria to stabilise Iraq.

“They believe that by tipping over Iran they would recover their losses in Iraq – like doubling your bet,” a Pentagon consultant told highly respected investigative journalist Seymour Hersh.

Bush is relying on the timidity of the Democrats to get his way. It was millions of anti-war votes that enabled the Democrats to storm to victory in November’s congressional elections.

But almost all the party’s leaders voted for the war and oppose immediate US withdrawal. Hillary Clinton denounced people who made that call during the election campaign. Congressional leader Nancy Pelosi says they will maintain support for the troops already there even if they oppose the sending of more.

This fits with their position of being second party of US capitalism – critical of particular Republican approaches, but shying away from anything that might weaken US imperialism. [5]

Clinton a Leftist? Is the Pope a Protestant?

The only people who identify Hillary Clinton as part of the “left” are the wingnuts on right-wing talk radio and Fox News. By their standards, Clinton and all Democrats save Joe Lieberman are closet left-wing revolutionaries just waiting for the chance to nationalize industries and make peace with America’s adversaries.

Hillary Clinton has been a strong backer of the Iraq war from the outset, never expressed regret over her pro-war posturing, and now is only backing away from the war because it has failed.

Clinton a leftist? When is the last time you saw her on the front lines of a labor struggle?

John Edwards has done more for organized labor in the past year than Hillary Clinton has in her entire career, which began with her close relationship with those anti-worker, anti-union billionaires who own WALMART.

Obama’s legal career was as a civil rights attorney; Clinton represented some of the nation’s largest corporations.

I will not insult the intelligence of our readers by exhaustively detailing Hillary Clinton’s lack of progressive or “left” credentials. Democratic voters already know the truth about Hillary, which is why she will not be the Party’s nominee in 2008. [6]

[1] Rupert Cornwell
[2] Libhom
[3] Joshua Frank
[4] Juan Santos
[5] Chris Harman
[6] Randy Shaw
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a guest said:

Chelsea next??
Having Hillary as president (regardless how she tries to present her self) would be one of worst mistakes that voters(??) will ever make. The musical chairs games that these 2 "democratic dynasties" plays for so long should stop right now, if not we should brace for 2nd woman president - Chelsea Clinton.
January 22, 2007
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