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You are behaving like Hitler
Saturday, 17 January 2009 12:04
by Richard Kastelein

That's what André Nouschi, 86 a former combattant of the Free French Forces, historian, wrote to the Israeli Ambassador to France:

Tuesday the 13th, January 2009

Mr Ambassador,

For you it's shabat, it should be a day of peace but it's one of war. For me, and for a few years already, colonisation and the theft of Palestinian land by Israel is exasperating. I'm therefore writing to you as a French citizen, as a Jew and as someone who worked for the agreement between the Univerity of Nice and that of Haiffa ...

It is not possible anymore to remain silent with respect to the Israeli policy of assassination and imperialist expansionism. You are behaving exactly like Hitler behaved in Europe with Austria and Czechoslovakia.

You are in contempt of UN resolutions like he of those the SDN and you are assassinating women and children; do not invoke terrorism, the Intifada. This is a direct result of ILLEGAL and ILLEGITIMATE colonisation. IT IS THEFT. You are behaving like land thieves and you are turning your back to the rules of jewish morality.

Shame on you! Shame on Israel! You are digging your grave without realizing it. Because you are condamned to live with Palestinians and the Arab states. If you're lacking this political ingenuity, then you are unfit to be in politics and your leaders should retire. A country that assassinates Rabin and glorifies his assassin is a country without moral and without honor.

May the heavens and your God kill Sharon the assassin. You were defeated in Lebanon in 2006. You will be defeated again, I hope, and you will send to their death many young Israelis because you did not have the courage for peace.

How can jews, who have suffered so much, imitate their hitlerian tormentor? As far as I'm concerned, since 1975, colonisation brings back old memories, those of hitlerism. I cannot tell the difference between your leaders and those of Nazi Germany!

Personally, I will fight you with all I can just like I did between 1938 and 1945, until the justice of man destroys hitlerism which is at the heart of your country. Shame on Israel. I hope your God will launch against its leaders the vengeance they deserve. I am ashamed as a jew, as a WW2 veteran, for you. May your God curse you until the end of times! I hope you will be punished.

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Michael said:

Poor Mr Hitler
Hitler really seems to be getting a bashing on account of the Israeli genocide. At times like this perhaps it would be better to compare the actions of Israel with the actions of the Communist Jews that ran the Soviet Union. Gaza is nothing new, these people simply staved 8 million people to death in the Ukraine much in the same way as they are attempting in Gaza. Besides Jew Stalin killed four times more people than Hitler.
January 18, 2009
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Project Humanbeingsfirst.org said:

Not repeating the 'Sherman mistake'
Last week Alan Hart called them the 'New Nazis'. This week my virtual collaborator in common aims, Richard Kastelein, reproduces André Nouschi's letter where Nouschi notes: "you are behaving like land thieves and you are turning your back to the rules of jewish morality", where he obviously forgot that this isn't anything new but has been calculatingly ongoing for almost a hundred years since the Balfour Declaration, and accelarated in the last 60.

Perhaps Nouschi be reminded of Yitzhak Shamir's famous 1943 imperative: “Neither Jewish morality nor Jewish tradition can be used to disallow terror as a means of war, ... We are very far from any moral hesitations when concerned with the national struggle. ... First and foremost, terror is for us a part of the political war appropriate for the circumstances of today, and its task is a major one: it demonstrates in the clearest language, heard throughout the world, including by our unfortunate brethren outside the gates of this country, our war against the occupier.”

The occupier then was the British Mandate, the occupier today, squating in Eretz Yisrael, as seen by the Zionists, are the Palestinians.

Please permit me to further excerpt one passage from my response to the 'New Nazis', which appears to be directly pertinent to André Nouschi's letter. The full text of the comment is at dictatorshipwatch.com for 'New Nazis'.

begin excerpt

Yes the pious Jews in Israel are using the Nazi tactics no differently than “Gott Mit Uns”, and just as George Galloway reminded the world yet once again in his recent speech. However, to equate Israelis with Nazis is inacurrate. The Israeli Jews are not the New Nazis. It is convenient to associate them to something abhorrent but irrelevant. What relevance does Nazism have today? None whatsoever. But the more direct relevance to the Settling of the United States of America and exterminating upto 10 million of its indigeneous natives is not to be drawn – for that might be a wee bit too relevant and uncomfortable. President George W. Bush for once had truthfully blurted out the grotesque reality-space while on the 60th birthday-bash visit to Zionistan “Our two nations both faced great challenges when they were founded. And our two nations have both relied on the same principles to help us succeed.” The core-principle being, the outright elimination of indigenous peoples, wherein, “the very same army that had recently conquered and occupied the Southern states – led by Generals Grant, Sherman, and Sheridan – mass murdered Indian men, women, and children during the winters, when families would be together, with massive Gatling gun and artillery fire. In a letter to his son a year before he died (1889), Sherman expressed his regret that his armies did not murder every last Indian in North America.” The Pious self-righteous Jews of Israel, atheist or orthodox, don’t intend to make the ‘Sherman mistake’ in Palestine! They have noted it time and again that “We declare openly that the Arabs have no right to settle on even one centimeter of Eretz Israel … Force is all they do or ever will understand. We shall use the ultimate force until the Palestinians come crawling to us on all fours.”

end excerpt

And that's the far more grotesque reality of the matter. Tactics vary - from Oslo to Peace Processes to "take 10 and give back 1" to strangulation as a people and a civilization to outright slow and fast genocide - all for one explicit and deliberate purpose. Eretz Yisrael! Those who lose sight of that perspective, are part of the problem as they conveniently focus attention away from the real systemic disease among the Zionist Jews - atheist to orthodox, left to right, Khadima to Labor - all are imbued with occupying another peoples' inhabited lands, and there is no one to stop them. They merely disagree in the degree. Not the principle. To understand this more precisely, please see "The endless trail of red herrings" and "Someone's Holiday, Another's Nakba, Our Shame!"

Zahir Ebrahim
Project Humanbeingsfirst.org
January 22, 2009 | url
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