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Empire and death
Tuesday, 23 January 2007 22:22
A poem to celebrate the State of the Union.

Kill for empire,
die for greed
kill for oil,
die for Bush
kill for democracy,
die for the Fatherland
kill for the Fortune 500,
die for the Homeland
kill for Cheney,
die for Halliburton
kill for the Republicans,
die for the Democrats
kill for American Idol,
die for NASCAR
kill for food,
die for Monsanto
kill for the children,
die for the cluster bomblet
kill for Jesus,
die for Pat Robertson
kill for BigPharma,
die for the drug
kill, kill, kill, kill
an Army of one and a
catafalque for millions
from the Halls of Montezuma
to the shores of the river Styx
“we who are about to die salute you”
we who are about to die curse you
we who are about to die pity you
and your imperial war machine
kill, kill, kill, kill
and the world kills with you
die and you die alone
in the name of Bush
in the name of God
in the name of Wall Street
in the name of Exxon-Mobil
“we who are about to die salute you”
we who are about to die excluded from your world
canon fodder for the idle rich and
the gated community
we who are about to die shit on you
as you have shit on us
in the name of the father, the son and the corrupt
we send the carrion-eating Valkyrie to feast on
the eyeballs of your children for one hundred generations
kill for empire
die for ego
ad majorem Dei gloriam
the greater glory of the Fatherland also
arma tuentur pacem
the gun kills
therefore it makes the peace
kill for empire
kill for peace
Annuit Coeptis.

Frank Pitz 2007

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