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Americans are Funding and Supporting Genocide
Saturday, 07 February 2009 12:20
by Timothy V. Gatto

The War against the Palestinian people by the Israeli Self Defense force (IDF) has been nothing short of genocide against a people that can’t defend themselves. The American media has consistently portrayed the Israeli nation as the injured party, when in reality; it has provoked Hamas by using siege warfare against the Gaza Strip since September of 2008. Hamas had nothing to lose by shooting their inefficient missiles at Israel. To understand exactly how lethal these missiles are, more Israeli’s have died in automobile accidents than in terrorist attacks. To further complicate a situation that has no immediate answers, Palestinian and Jewish DNA are remarkably similar, suggesting that they originated from the same ancestors.

While Israeli citizens were videotaped outside the Gaza borders, smiling as helicopters rained rockets of white phosphorus down on a metropolis where 50% of the people are under the age of 15 years old, one must wonder why the United States is so steadfast in its support of this rogue nation. Who sold them their white phosphorus munitions? Who sold them their helicopters that were used to rein death upon helpless civilians? According to human rights organizations, only 15% of the casualties in Gaza were Hamas.
“A Palestinian father has claimed that he saw two of his young daughters shot dead and another critically injured by an Israeli soldier who emerged from a stationary tank and opened fire as the family obeyed an order from the Israeli forces to leave their home.

Khaled Abed Rabbo said Amal, aged two and Suad, seven, were killed by fire from the soldier's semi-automatic rifle. His third daughter, Samer, four, has been evacuated to intensive care in a Belgian hospital after suffering critical spinal injuries which he said were inflicted in the attack early in Israel's ground offensive”. (Independent UK Jan 22, 2009)

Why must Americans stay beholden to a nation that operates against every principle we claim to adhere to? The cease fire has been declared and still Israel bulldozes Palestinian dwellings with impunity.

This country supports Israel while it castigates Venezuela and it’s democratically elected President. Hugo Chavez. We are also at odds with Bolivia’s Evo Morales and other freely elected leaders in South America. Sure, Chavez espouses socialism, and while he espouses it, we practice it right here in the USA. We have practically nationalized the banking system in the U.S. and have pumped billions of dollars into our “free market” economy, fearing that if we don’t, it will collapse. This is as “socialist” as anything done by Chavez. It seems odd that as Latin America becomes stronger and more influential with each passing year, the United States becomes more irrelevant.

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America uses its veto power as a member of the U.N. Security Council to thwart any condemnation of Israel’s barbarous tactics against the Palestinians. Former Senator George Mitchell travels to Israel and deep inside he must know that his mission will not bring peace as long as the Israeli people continue to build settlements on the West Bank. There seems to be no thought of reigning Israel in, not with almost as many dual citizenship Israeli’s among President Obama’s cabinet and his closest advisors like Rahm Immanuel. The entire deck is stacked against the Palestinian people, courtesy of American support for Israel.

It is no wonder why most Arabs despise the U.S. If this country really wanted peace, we would be impartial and stop supporting a militant state that commits genocide against helpless women and children. The choice is ours to make. Without U.S. support, the nation of Israel would have to change its ways if it wanted the international support that would be essential for its survival if America stopped shipping its military supplies to them. This is something that President Obama needs to look at. Apartheid is thriving in Israel. When will it be time to practice morality in World Affairs? One South Africa is enough, and even that country had to revaluate its practices. Israel needs to start looking within if it desires to survive. At the current birth rates of Israeli’s and Palestinian’s, soon Israel will be heavily outnumbered and at the mercy of the same people they are torturing now, it is only a matter of time.

Some may call me an anti-Semite for writing this, but the last I heard, Palestinians were a Semitic people also. I don’t wish to see Israel fail, but if they continue to use force rather than diplomacy, I see no other outcome.

Gatto can be reached by email here and blogs at http://liberalpro.blogspot.com

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Andrew said:

American Genocide
In 1962 the United States of America coerced the Netherlands (with threat of a trade embargo) and the United Nations (with offer of a $200m bond scheme) to sign into the 'New York Agreement' selling the colony and people of West Papua to foreign ownership by Indonesia. A powerful American and director of the Freeport corporation Robert A. Lovett wanted West Papua's gold and copper to be mined by Freeport.

For 45 years the Indonesian military using US bombers, guns and munitions have killed hundreds of thousand's of West Papuan people; while Java has shipped a million of its farmers to this Pacific colony which Indonesia wants to keep hold of after Freeport and other miners have exhausted its mineral wealth. It is a site of genocide, the Media and UN visitors have been denied access or subject to Indonesian military escort since 1963 when Indonesian forces came into the country and stripped its schools and other buildings for items that could be sold back in Jakarta. Maybe a million people have been killed in the jungles of West Papua, we have no way of knowing the numbers.

We do know it is genocide, an unarmed black population sold for the benefit of foreign powers.
February 08, 2009 | url
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