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Robin Hood 101
Sunday, 22 February 2009 19:32
by Jayne Lyn Stahl

Aren't we glad Governor Schwarzenegger is so elated about his state senate's approval of a budget? But, how about the rest of us who live, and work, in California? Is there anyone among us who won't be adversely affected, and impacted, by the state sales tax, and license registration fee.

And, what about the 20,000 state workers who received layoff notices? How about the state's public elementary schools, and senior's programs, which will receive draconian cuts? I'll bet if you're the mother of a fourth grader, anywhere in California, you're not out there toasting the budget. Every person collecting disability, or SSI, in this state, who goes to bed hungry, or lives out of their car, won't be nearly as enthusiastic, either.

Look, I agree with Schwarzenegger when he says "it's Math 101" You have to raise taxes when there's a behemoth budget deficit, but I'm sick to death of his party's mantra "tax and spend liberals" as if the Democrats are responsible for the economic caldron in which we find ourselves. To the contrary, the current financial meltdown is strictly a bipartisan affair.

No one would argue against raising taxes as a fundamental requirement to closing a budget gap- — the question is, whose taxes should we raise? How about the capital gains tax? How about taxes on yacht owners, or owners of private planes? How about a progressive state sales tax that has a graduated tax on luxury items like signature Mercedes, or a graduated car registration tax? No doubt, a plan like this would mean taxing those who go to the governor's country club at a rate much higher than the one to which they've become accustomed.

California still remains a state of vast wealth. The problem is that wealth is immunized, and is recession-proof. The latest state budget will ensure that it remains so.

The spectre of Reaganomics is alive and well and living in California. But, as we've seen over the past two decades, the only thing that trickles down is corporate greed and corruption.

Instead of Math 101, we suggest that California's governor, and state legislature, bone up on Robin Hood 101, and start taking from the rich and giving to the poor instead of the other way around!

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