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The Corporacracy and Their Cronies Sold Us Out
Monday, 02 March 2009 07:02
by Timothy V. Gatto

Watching the drama unfold on the economy, I’m almost surprised that American citizens don’t complain that many of their concerns fall on deaf ears. Their concerns are not ignored because they are not valid; they are ignored because of political considerations. The two-party system we have in this nation just isn’t big enough to address everything, especially when both parties claim the “center” of political thought. Sure, we have third parties, but due to the way the system is rigged, power will never leave the hands of the two political parties that have ruled this nation since 1860.

When the economy is tanking and the markets are collapsing due to the deregulation that both Democrats and Republicans let exist for a decade, we now see both parties trying to backpedal from any responsibility. The two parties are now claiming that Wall Street needs to be punished for their indiscretions while ignoring the fact that it all came about on both the Republican and the Democrats watch. Americans were well aware of the influence of corporate politics years before everything fell apart.

The American people knew about the “corporacracy”, but were powerless to stop the insane machinations of the two-party system, fully funded by the largest corporate players in America, including the bankers and hedge fund managers. This nation watched helplessly as the underpinnings of our society started to buckle and fall due to the predatory practices of the banks and the shipping out of American industry in order that corporations could make more profit. Jobs were lost at the time, but the situation never became critical until the people used to reaping huge profits, started to see their portfolios become worthless when the “hands off” approach to business led to corporate and financial failures. Once the well-off sector of the population, the ones that had benefitted the most in the preceding decade, started to hurt financially, only then did our government start to question what was happening.

If the financial free fall had not included the wealthy as its victims and had only affected the Middle Class and the poor, there would have been much ado about it, but as long as the richest sector of the population was making money, nothing probably would have been done about it. In fact, when you look at the numbers from the last decade, the Middle-Class in America lost tremendous ground. The average wage fell dramatically, unemployment has been rising, and millions of jobs had been lost due to outsourcing our manufacturing base. Workers who were paid a livable wage as long as they had union representation now found themselves working two jobs after losing their job to outsourcing. Meanwhile the politicians ignored the plight of the American worker, even though they saw the problem as plain as day. Only when things started catching up to the wealthy did they bother to do anything of a tangible nature. People who once held good, well paying jobs now worked at fast food outlets or delivered pizzas. When did the Federal Government begin to care?

The situation in this nation has become dire indeed, while the majority of Americans see their tax dollars being handed over to the same bankers that had victimized them in the recent past. Corporations that had enjoyed prosperity in the last decade were now asking for bail-outs from the Federal government, offering to cut the wages of their workers in order to come back to profitability. This in itself illustrates who will bear the brunt of the mishandling of the economy. Where are the protectors of the working class? In actuality, the political system in Washington isn’t set-up for that. It is in fact a corporacracy that only responds when corporate backers deem it necessary. Now that corporate profits are at risk and the bankers with deep pockets are being affected, the government pleads with the people they have ignored for years to bail these entities out.

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Now that the Democrats are back in power, somehow many Middle-Class and poor Americans believe that the Federal government will now come to their aid. This is true to some degree because at this point they need all the support they can get to stave off national bankruptcy. The new President is appealing to all Americans to get behind his stimulus package. The Republicans have tried to block the new President at every turn, even though they are now so weak after the failed policies of the Bush Administration, they don’t seem to matter anymore. The GOP has been trying to portray Obama as a “socialist”, while nothing could be further from the truth.

The GOP continues to turn a deaf ear to the average wage earner. They’re voting record proves this, but still many in the Middle-Class and some poor claim to be “Conservative Republicans”. This is absolutely hilarious to me. The Republicans have never been the party of the average American; they have always been the party of the rich as they are the Republican “base”. Yet, time and time again, poor and Middle-Class Americans line up to vote against their best interests.

The same can be said of the Democrats. I recently read a comment that members of Congress should dress like NASCAR drivers and have their biggest corporate sponsor’s logo on them. While this is humorous, the shame is that its closer to the truth than you can imagine. This was acknowledged by Obama when one of his first executive orders was to limit the influence of lobbyists. Some of the goals of the Democrats are commendable; however most of the core values of this two-party bureaucracy are still intact. We are still fighting wars in two nations under the banner of The Global War on Terrorism. We still proclaim that “Al-Qaeda” is our #1 enemy; Posse Commutates that prohibits Federal troops from being used as law enforcement is still suspended and the war drums beat for war with Iran while we support the genocidal actions of the Israeli’s.

If there are lawmakers or citizens that want to change the current paradigm in American politics, the best way to do so is to support legislation that levels the playing field between the Democrats and Republicans and the “third” parties. It is inconceivable that the two major parties can genuinely reflect the wishes and political thought, with all the disparities that exits there, of over two million voters. This is a fraud that is consistently supported by those in power. We will never see real change in this country until more political views than that of the two “centrist” parties that currently rule now is brought to a screeching halt. Basically, until run-off elections, easier qualifications to run for political office and mandatory State and federally funded campaign financing is implemented the political system in America will be manipulated by the rich.

Tim Blogs at Liberal Pro and you can email him at timgatto@hotmail.com

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