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Washington Confidential
Tuesday, 30 January 2007 10:47
by Larry C. Johnson

Give Scooter Libby credit for something, the man is at heart an artist with a firm grip on irony and probably has inked a deal with Danny DeVito to play him when this tawdry event becomes a movie. How else to account for his July 7, 2003 chat with White House spokesman Ari Fleischer. Fleischer testified in court today that during a lunch with Libby, Scooter told Ari that Valerie Plame worked at the CIA in CPD (a division in the Directorate of Operations) and that this info was, "hush, hush and on the QT".

Paging Danny DeVito. Mr. DeVito please. Yep cineophiles, Scooter was quoting Danny Devito from L.A. Confidential. As described by Clark Kimball of the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Danny DeVito:

...was the slimeball publisher of a tabloid tattler that outed celebs and civic insiders, helped in no small part by "moles" inside the Police Department, in particular Kevin Spacey as the "technical adviser", a detective who found a synergistic partner in DeVito. Their careers were mutually boosted by high-profile arrests and tawdry exposes. Of course, both characters paid a huge price for their methods.
DeVito answers the phone throught the movie with this stock phrase, "HUSH, HUSH, and on the QT".

Damn! It don't get any better than this. Talk about art imitating life. Danny DeVito played a scumbag, but Scooter Libby really is one. DeVito outed fictional celebs while Libby helped expose a CIA undercover officer. And Danny DeVito's character gets beaten to death. Ahh, we can only dream.

At this juncture, Libby isn't getting a physical tune up (police slang for beating), but U.S. prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is certainly kicking his psychological ass. The few witnesses on the stand this week are shredding Libby's credibility and raising serious doubts that Scooter had no time to worry about the Wilson's exposing the Bush lies because he was busy figuring out where to take Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz for a power lunch.

Scooter Libby as Star Fucker. That boy has missed his calling. He's unoriginal enough to be a real star, but by God he has the vindictiveness and pettiness to be a terrific Hollywood studio executive. When he is in prison he should plot his comeback in the hills of Hollywood rather than the halls of Washington.

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