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Holier than Dow
Saturday, 14 March 2009 14:33
by Jayne Lyn Stahl

For those of us who feel good watching Bernie Madoff being led off to prison in handcuffs, think about this:
Richard M. Nixon was never led off to jail in handcuffs. Nixon got to resign, and live out his life at taxpayer expense. He even has a library named after him...
and think about this
America never got to witness George W. Bush and Dick Cheney led off to jail in handcuffs, and the swindle they pulled off will outlive us all.
What's more, the government can't account for trillions of dollars since the Bush years. In fiscal year 2000 alone, the Defense Department reported over $1 trillion missing in action. What, if anything, does Bernie Madoff have to do with that scam, and where's the money?

Bernie Madoff is the tip of the iceberg, and a useless distraction from the real criminals for whom it will be buiness as usual despite what amounts to this collective massage.

If nothing else, parading the scapegoat that is Madoff through the town square has shown us that there is something holier than the Dow, and that is the almighty buck. We're no closer to knowing where it stops with Madoff behind bars.

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