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Overcoming the treadmill of dissent
Tuesday, 17 March 2009 07:48
by Zahir Ebrahim

We urgently need to debate this issue as widely as possible. The issue of treadmill of dissent.

Well intentioned activists and worried peoples the world over are getting too distracted with breaking-news, reading this and that report, making this and that speeches, and losing sight of the big picture. That big picture is spelled out in the short passage below excerpted from the latest Financial Terrorism Report March 2009.

The purpose here is to realize that whatever the protagonists of justice and fairness are presently doing, is merely running on a treadmill.

It is my intention, and rational belief, that in the absence of this realization, well intentioned people are being needlessly deceived with hope and wishful thinking, but that with this naked realization, perhaps a collective focus on how to counter the treadmill can be brought about.

This ain't about making one's conscience feel good, or making a living peddling one's books, or peddling one's virtuosity, or just shouting into a bull-horn how frustrated we are and the sky is falling. This is the Olympics final - the one who touches the finish-line first wins. My present sense is that this battle is lost, primarily because a) people are on a self-delusional treadmill, and b) fait accompli is writ large. So what can be done about it? Absolutely nothing if a) remains true. Perhaps something if a) is neutralized.

Please do read “Why Not Be An Ostrich? February 13, 2009” to understand that the agendist-antagonists play chess in other peoples' blood – with many moves lookahead, and many counter-moves, and counter-counter moves, over a long term planning horizon, many decades long, with infinite resources and their own orchestrated legalism at their disposal. The protagonists on the other hand merely react day to day, moment to moment, no look-ahead, no planning, no execution – only tactical reactionary play. With not a penny to their name to effectively bring to bear any efficacy on the matters, they have no ability to mobilize public opinion, their only potent counter to hectoring hegemons. It is not for nothing that many a superlative statesman has timelessly opined: the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

If you stay asleep all your life chasing your “American Dream” (see “Prisoners of the Cave”), you move not a muscle when others are being bombed to smithereens (see “America's Shame!”), you care not when others are being bonded through economic conscription (see “Introducing A Game As Old As Empire”), and finally, when your own house is on fire, you suddenly wake up to frantically look for water to douse it while the arsonists have already taken over all the fire brigades in town. Well, you know the efficacy of that. It is called fait accompli.Financial Terrorism Report March 2009.

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