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Let the Shoe Thrower be Judged According to Sharia
Wednesday, 18 March 2009 00:01
by Tom Chartier

al zaidiJustice has been served! That disrespectful scofflaw who hurled not one but two shoes at former… thankfully… President Dumbya has been sentenced in an Iraqi court to three years in the slammer. That’ll teach him to voice popular opinion.

Hailed by most in the Arab world as a hero Iraqi journalist, Muntadar al-Zaidi became an overnight sensation in grand draconian style. Al-Zaidi interrupted Bush’s fond farewell to the Iraqis he so thoughtfully “liberated” with a double barreled “farewell kiss,” in saddle brown… or were those shoes tinted Mesopotamia Soil?

Gee… I wonder why al-Zaidi is reported to be a hero in only the Arab world? Isn’t he a worldwide hero?

But I digress.

Even though shoe tossing may be considered a grave insult in the Arab world, Dubya was un-phased. In fact, he thought the whole incident rather entertaining. It must have brought back fond memories of drunken frat parties. Of the incident Bush said:

“It was amusing. I’ve seen a lot of weird things during my presidency, and this may rank up there as one of the weirdest.”

I have no doubt Bush has seen many weird things… right along with the weird voices he’s heard.

Well now let’s get the picture clear. Dubya, lied to start an illegal war which has killed over a millions Iraqis, displaced four million others, cost the lives of over 4,000 US troops and has probably disabled another 20 – 30 thousand U.S. troops. It will cost the US taxpayers around three trillion dollars in the long run. Iraqis refer to their “liberation” aptly as “the collapse.” Bush gets to retire to life of wealth and ease. Muntadar al-Zaidi tosses a couple of shoes at Bush and calls him a “dog” and gets three years in prison. Hm… does this seem a little disproportionate to you too? Heck yeah! Why only three years?

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What did al-Zaidi really do that justifies three years in the pokey, possibly even the renamed and spiffied up Abu Ghraib prison? Nothing. Heckers, my wife has thrown shoes at my head many times. I duck, let her calm down, apologize for whatever I forgot to do or whatever stupid thing I said without thinking and then laugh about it later. I do not call the fuzz and file charges of assault. I’ll wait for her to stab me with a kitchen knife or donate my power tools to charity before I stoop so low.

Fact is, the real crime al-Zaidi is guilty of is embarrassing Iraqi puppet leader Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. Oh… now that is unacceptable. Public leaders usually reserve the right of embarrassment to their own buffoonery. I think Dubya issued a signing statement to that effect once… but I could be wrong. There were so many it’s hard to keep track.

No slap on the wrist for al-Zaidi! Into the stripy hole! However, it seems al-Zaidi’s defense was successful in getting the charge of “assault against a foreign leader of state”, a crime which caries a five to fifteen year penalty, reduced to “attempted assault…” which carries a one to three year penalty. Al-Zaidi didn’t score well at the game of Bean the Bush or Sock and Awe.

Still, is three years behind bars really justice? There’s no telling what abuses lay in wait for al-Zaidi in the hooscow. If history is any indication, he will face horrors far beyond having a shoe thrown at him. According to the UK Guardian the goons have already roughed him up. Come on! Isn’t that enough already?

In addition, his family members are outraged by the harshness of the sentence and have been reported to shout: “It’s an American court!” A-ha! Good point. This could be a public relations faux pas. If nothing else, it’s an embarrassment… but since it’s officially inflicted it’s legal.

Well then I have a suggestion. Throw the case out and re-try al-Zaidi according to Islamic law, Sharia. I can just see the shivers of horror creeping up the backs of the Western spines. No! Not Sharia! They’ll chop off al-Zaidi’s throwing hands! And then lop off the feet that wore the shoes!

Hogwash! I’m not sure shoe throwing call for such savage punishment in any culture… even in America!

Thanks to the “fair and balanced” propaganda machines in the west like Fox “News,” some rabid Islamophobics, a healthy dose of complete ignorance and irrational fear, the only image of Sharia most westerners have is… shall we say, medieval. This is not exactly accurate.

Remember, the “news” does not report the safe landings of airplanes. Most Islamic countries do not resort to such punishments we in the west find so shocking. And to be fair, have we not executed many criminals for murder as well? Of course we have. Is the gas chamber, the electric chair, the noose or dose of a toxic cocktail more humane than the quick beheading? The difference is that since we find capital punishment distasteful we hide it from public view. Isn’t this a bit hypocritical? Does it not allow us a safe degree of denial?

Also consider the public amputation of hands and feet for theft. Well, I agree, I find this harsh. However, admit it, wouldn’t a lot of Americans feel better if Bernard Madoff’s hands and feet were publicly chopped off? The victims of his massive Ponzi scheme sure aren’t going to see much justice… or their long lost money. Or how about the AIG executive “Deciders?” Just how many millions of taxpayer money to bail out AIG are they trying to steal… and steal is the correct term… $165 million? Lop off their hands I say! Okay, we don’t do that sort of thing here, and I’m not suggesting we should.

Sharia may not be for the secular west. But neither is it something to be feared. The sensational film footage splattered across our infotainment networks of draconian Sharia punishments depicts the exception not the rule. Such punishments are also largely restricted to oppressive regimes such as Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan under the Taliban and now Pakistan’s Swat Valley under control of radical cleric Maulana Fazalullah. The issue is not Sharia itself but which brutal dictators are abusing it to control their subjects.

So what about our War Hero shoe tosser Muntadar al-Zaidi? I suggest the best way for justice to be served is to let the Iraqis judge him according to Islamic Law. Whatever the verdict and sentence, this would undoubtedly be more acceptable to Iraqi society and the predominantly Islamic Arab world. I’d leave it up to Iraqi clerics to decide what punishment to apply, but I have never found any brutal punishments in Sharia or the Qur’an for shoe tossing. I admit, I could be wrong, but I doubt al-Zaidi would be locked away for any time under Sharia. His punishment would most likely be more just.

That said… to be fair… how about judging George W. Bush under Islamic Law?

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Connie Baum said:

Vintage Chartier! Great job, Tom. You do keep things real.

Be well,
Connie Baum
follow me on www.Twitter.com/motherconnie
March 18, 2009 | url
Votes: +2

John said:

Soft on terrorist
Only 3 years. Life is too good for him. There are guys in Gitmo that were guilty of being from another country in Afghanistan when the Americans were buying foreigners. They have spent a lot more than 3 years in a hole being tortured. And not even that good old Passion of the Christ Roman flogging we all love the Jesus got. Just the standard Nazi Pol Pot variety stuff we learned from the best. Like Jesus was told by the Priests, better an innocent die for the good of the rich fat cat priests. That's what this country is all about, punishing everyone cause the State knows everyone is guilty if something. Especially when they are poor. Madoff ran out of money so he is getting a little bad PR. Limbaugh is still standing up for the millionaires at AIG to make sure they get their taxpayer millions. He is still proving he is the true leader of the Republican party and standing by party ideology..
March 18, 2009
Votes: -1

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