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Closing GITMO: Dick Cheney just needs to herd cattle in Wyoming
Tuesday, 24 March 2009 17:05
by Peter Stern

Restoring the U.S.

The former Vice President must feel safer now that he has returned to his beloved Wyoming homestead. He publicly has denounced President Obama's plans to close GITMO in Cuba, saying that the U.S. will become weaker and more prone to terrorist attacks. With due respect, Cheney had his chance to to lead the U.S. to a better place, but he did NOT do so. Former President Bush and Congress did NOT do so either.

President Obama and other thinking people know that you can NOT rule well using fear and torture tactics. You do NOT automatically make the U.S. safer from terrorism by locking up the majority of the Muslim world and torturing them for information. To think so is unintelligent, irresponsible and raises the question of how we want the world to see the United States.

Contrary to the questionable thought processes of previous leadership, to stop the torture of prisoners does NOT highlight a weakness in America's security. With the right intelligence and use of power we should be able to protect our nation against those who wish to destroy us. Destroying terrorist cells and rogue pacts in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan enables us to make a more profound statement to terrorists that we will fight them to ensure our freedom and way of life. We do not need massive prisons and use of torture to protect ourselves.

We also can attempt diplomatic outreach to make ourselves available to any and all nations who are willing to sit down and maintain open communications that will promote world peace and mutual benefit socially, politically and economically.

The ways of our previous leadership are past and were proven ineffective. We need to get back on track as a nation and restore our true values. We must restructure and progress towards our economic stability, maintain our military strength and resolve as needed, and work to reestablish our relations with world nations and restore the respect we once held.

"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"
- Sun-tzu, Chinese General and Military Strategist (~400 BC)

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