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Double-Up America!
Saturday, 04 April 2009 10:23
by Lisa Nerone

Homelessness is on the rise in every state of the (dis)union. California Governor Arnie "The Terminator" has decided to round up homeless American citizens and corral them all inside fenced-in "compounds". Adding insult to extreme injury, one of these suddenly destitute members of society reported to TheLATimes the horror of having to give up his 6 year old because of his homelessness. How many more kids, already having lost their familiar surroundings, are being forced from their parents?

As the economic crisis quickly steam-rolls through America, businesses are going belly up and employees are losing jobs by the hundreds of thousands. Lower and middle income families and singles alike have and are finding themselves unable to manage without a constant incoming salary. Jobs evaporating in every sector of business leaves homelessness as the bottom line, already for millions. These people, once our own neighbors, are forced to camp out in make-shift "tent cities" in public parks.

Tent camping in public obviously isn't safe. Now realize how much more vulnerable anyone is inside a fenced-in giant homeless shelter. There's no privacy, even the limited "comfort" of canvas can provide the needed modicum of sanity during an overwhelming change to daily life. And what more can these most unlucky people expect to encounter?- No privacy, no dignity, curfews, no means of self-protection with the weapons bans, and sharing the same enclosure with the social drop-outs, ex.- drug addicts and the mentally handicapped (such as un-medicated schizophrenics).

How can We The People help?

Chances are good that Arnie's solution will appeal to other such dis-compassioned "leaders". Personally, I wouldn't want to run out of every option, except to submit to government enforced encampment. Most of us know of the curse that was the SuperDome and Convention Center throughout the Katrina debacle. I have no doubt that anyone who lived that government-sanctioned anarchy would rather die than have a repeat experience. But suppose we don't allow it to get so far in our community. Suppose we say NO WAY! NOT ON MY WATCH.

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Not everyone has family to fall back on.

How willing are we, when it all comes down to you and me against IT?- IT is all around us, no matter what name we give IT: government corruption; the economic crisis; bad luck; evil. IT is here.

IT came early to someone I know, someone I don't particularly like. She doesn't have family, and one thing quickly led to another and she was suddenly unable to manage. So, here she is, in my house. It's a small house, and now there are 3 people and 3 large dogs sharing it. But we manage, sometimes with too much noise, too much stuff stuffed into too little space, and sometimes, there's even yelling (my least favorite). If she had kids, it would be even worse on us all, but, they'd all be here nonetheless. Because that's what people need to do for each other, not wait until the government is the only "option".

Do you know of someone, some neighbor's house up for sale?- Maybe a neighbor in your apartment building or subdivision who seems to be home much more often than before. Break through your comfort zone and ask how they are. Start talking to your neighbors, not gossiping, but really talking. It seems apparent to me that life as we knew it, or believed it was, is no more. We've entered into the extreme, and I believe we must answer in the extreme. If you've been reading or listening to alternative news, then by now you realize that sustaining life is once again down to the very basics. Will we have enough food?- water?- shelter?- I believe we extend our chances to succeed, with our integrity intact and maybe restored, if we UNITE. Take in a person, or a family, before they're submitted to the inhuman final crush of separation and homeless encampment. There are worse things than not having "enough" space. Some discomfort is well worth enduring.
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Chris Rice said:

Great article. I remember in the 30s when the sherriff would come with the banksters to evict some poor chap every neighbor would pour out into the street. And whatever the sherriff removed from the neighbors house we'd promptly drag back into their house. This would go on all day and into the night until the sherriff and banker got tired and went home. UNITE OR PERISH!!
April 07, 2009 | url
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