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The Neocon Nasties: Are They Naive Idealists?
Wednesday, 07 February 2007 11:34
by Edward Strong

Were the Neocons Naive?

Have we done the neocons an injustice? The Left has impugned them with base motivations. Yet the opposite may be true. They were naive idealists who believed that America's ideology would spread sweetness and light around the world.

We always assume that those who hold opposing views to ours are nasties, out for themselves, using dubious justifications to further their lust for power. With the neocons, it was the assertion of US hegemony in the Middle East.

Perhaps their motivations were pure. The best propagandists are those who fervently believe in the propaganda. The neocons were brainwashed victims who'd had the 'cold war' doctrine fed to them from birth. No wonder they saw American Imperialism as benevolent.

Francis Fukuyama, struggling to disentangle himself from the neocons, said this:

"Neoconservative theorists saw America exercising a benevolent hegemony over the world, using its enormous power wisely and decisively to fix problems such as terrorism, proliferation, rogue states, and human-rights abuses.

But even if friends and allies were inclined to trust America's good intentions, it would be hard for them not to be dismayed at the actual execution of policy and the amount of broken china this particular bull left behind." [1]

Yet the neocons seemed to have learned nothing from five years of catastrophe. Their zealous advocacy of the invasion of Iraq may have been a disaster, but now they want to do it all over again - in Iran.

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What is astonishing about the neoconservative line of argument on Iran is how little it has changed in its basic assumptions about Iraq in 2002. This is in spite of the catastrophic events of the past five years and the gross failure of policies that the neocons promoted. [2]

How The Neocons Fucked Up Iraq

Here's Charles Krauthammer – always in the avant-garde of neocon-dom – blaming it all on … the Iraqis!

"We gave them a civil war? Why? Because we failed to prevent it? Do the police in America have on their hands the blood of the 16,000 murders they failed to prevent last year."

What's jaw-dropping, however, is the completely amoral stance of an alleged "conservative" like Krauthammer, who yelled himself hoarse calling for war with Iraq and now blames the "liberated" Iraqis for the fate that has befallen them.

Do you think Krauthammer is saddened by the vicious killing that is now taking Iraq down into a bloody abyss? Not a chance.

The neocons hate Arabs, all of them, Shia and Sunni alike (and the Persians, too).

As long as these folks are killing each other, they can't attack the United States – or Israel.

That's what motivated the invasion of Iraq, and it's what is pushing them to do the same to Iran – sheer malevolence, but malevolence with a purpose.

Notice how the neocons are pushing this idea of splitting Iraq up into its religio-ethnic components: that's another aspect of the atomization strategy they're employing in the Middle East.

Smash and reduce the Muslim nations to splinters – set the Azeris against the Persians, the Kurds against the Arabs, the Shia against the Sunni, and let the catastrophe spread from Beirut to Tehran to the oil fields of Saudi Arabia.

"Among all these religious prejudices, ancient wounds, social resentments, and tribal antagonisms," complains Krauthammer, "who gets the blame for the rivers of blood? You can always count on some to find the blame in America."

There are American individuals who bear ultimate responsibility, and they are known as neocons, i.e., Krauthammer and his gang of world-conquering "liberators."

They plotted and pined for war, they falsified the "intelligence" to fit their goal of "regime change," and when the blood began to flow – after the "liberation" and the celebrations of a "mission accomplished" – they washed their hands of it and blamed the victims. [3]

"Nuke the Bastards!'

"I say we nuke the bastards!" says ultraconservative Radio/T.V. talk show host Glenn Beck when talking about Iran.

Unfortunately, this sentiment is not limited to mere entertainers. Bill Kristol, respected editor of The Weekly Standard, has repeatedly called for the use of force against Iran.

In an interview with Fox News, he also said that a military confrontation with Iran is not only justified, but it could come "sooner than you think."

Authors Ann Coulter, Charles Krauthammer and possible 2008 presidential candidate Newt Gingrich have all joined this growing chorus of far-right extremists who say that the U.S. should hurry up and invade Iran before Bush leaves office.

These individuals are the intellectual descendents of the people who pleaded with Nixon to spread the Vietnam War into Cambodia as a means of defeating the Vietcong.

That didn't work, but that won't stop them from suggesting a similar strategy for Iraq.

Many of the people talking up the threat of Iran also claimed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that the Iraqi people would greet us with open arms and delicious candy. That didn't happen, but that certainly won't stop them from saying the same thing about Iran. [4]

The End of Empire

Francis Fukuyama, who promised us the ‘End of History’, an idea of which he had plagiarized from both Hegel and Marx, now teaches neocons how to behave. Really, we live in the Flat Earth, populated by one-dimensional ‘intellectuals’.

Wake up, FF, The American Empire is almost dead - morally, economically and politically - and struggling for the last gasp of air. What you observe now is a dead corpse with nails still growing. Enoy the sunset as America slowly sinks in the West.

We've had enough of 'cry wolf' scares – Red Scare, Commie Scare of Harry Truman, Fidel Scare of JFK, Evil Empire Scare of Ronald Reagan, Rogue State Scare of Bill Clinton and Al Qaeda Scare of George W. Bush. Notice the reverse proportion of size of danger and level of fear.

He who lives by projecting fear dies from fear. The American public at large almost unanimously support ‘our troops’, those mercenary baby-killers, as if they were a citizen-army. The inability of our leaders to challenge this misguided patriotism shows that our Republic is no more.

So, Mr. Fukuyama, change the title of your book to the more appropriate ‘End of History of the American Republic’, and stop blaming the neocons and Bush. [5]

[1] Francis Fukuyama
[2] Ed Strong
[3] Justin Raimondo
[4] Chris Cabral
[5] Comment
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a guest said:

I am a Veteran. I find your article absolutely repugnant. How dare you call me a "mercenary baby-killer"! You disgust me and you embarrass us all.
February 08, 2007
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a guest said:

Look in the coffin
Hey vet.

Look in the coffin. Those look like babies and kids to me. How would you feel if you were their 'daddy'. This shot is from Fallujah if I do recall - having seen it elsewhere. It's not secretarian.
February 08, 2007 | url
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