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Lexicon of Disappointment: The Readers' Edition
Thursday, 23 April 2009 19:59

by Naomi Klein

A few days ago I posted my column "Hopeover, Hopelash, Hopebreak: A Lexicon of Disappointment" and asked readers to send suggestions and modifications. The goal was to come up with a more complete lexicon as we near the 100-day mark. 700 or so comments later, here are the best of the bunch. Let the record show that you people are way more cynical than I am...

— Hope-ache. Sample sentence: "Not tonight, dear. I have a hope-ache and it's got Obama written all over it.
" Posted by BeastOfYuccaFlats.

— Hopestick. "Kind of like Dipstick, someone who was really naive enough to believe that Obama was Jesus." Posted by Somefool.

— Hopeback. "Like blowback (an unfortunate set of circumstances that occur after our nation has made mistakes overseas), hopeback refers to the unfortunate consequences that occur as the result of mistakes made by Obama supporters so blinded by the prospect of what Obama stood for, they neglected to listen to what he actually said." Posted by Egaeus.

— Hope Floats. This one comes from John Cusack, who worries that hope got waterboarded and there won't be a trial for the guy who did it.

— Hope-a-Doped. "Folks who maybe thought the presidency was an all-powerful position might feel somewhat Hope-a-Doped upon learning sometimes the answer is 'No, we can't.'" Posted by TheEmptinessOfTruthiness.

— Hopetimism. "The belief that your president is strategically laying low and not rocking the boat too much, while inviting insults and wacky vitriol from Republicans until they just give up harassing him. At that point, he will unleash all the plans he's been storing up for making our lives better. Then he'll get the last laugh at the Republicans' expense! He'll show them!" Posted by Toypiano. (Related submission: "Hopeaholic")

— InstaHope-A-Matic. "Thinking that President Obama can fulfill your every dream in 90 days or less." Posted by LeftLeanWing. (I think that's a shot at me!)

And just to end on a positive note:

— Organic Hope-ilizer. That stuff that people don't like, but is healthy and necessary to grow healthy Hoperoots.

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