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Below the Bottom Line
Sunday, 26 April 2009 06:15
by ddjango

I want to see the evidence.

I am grown totally frustrated and impatient with the cult of Obama, with the cult of the President in all. Please don't speak to me of "it's only three months, give him time". The administration has had ample time to show their course and it is clear that the course has not changed from the velocity by which we have proceeded for fifty years or more: a course of attempted conquest, imperialism, genocide, destructive and always-shifting international alliances with evil forces, and outright lying to and manipulation and exploitation of American citizens and the diverse peoples of the world.

I want to see the evidence.

The evidence that Obama is his own man. The evidence that he is dedicated to democracy. The evidence that he is in control - not beholden to the same oligarchy, corporatocracy, and fascist elements stabbing their tentacles into every vulnerable pore of a hypnotized and weary society. I need the evidence. I will show you mine - do you have it in you to show me yours?

Here is my evidence:

  • a vague commitment to leave Iraq in the next few years, but leaving some remains indefinitely, dependent on certain also-vague conditions of stability. Today, somewhere around sixty people died in bombings in Iraq;
  • expansion of our interference in Afghanistan and Pakistan, killing hundreds, if not thousands, of non-combatants in unmanned drone missile attacks, thus pushing the people into waiting arms of the Taliban and Sharia and the "governments" into catatonic destabilization. The Iraq war is simply the "wrong" war. We will sink ourselves more deeply into the fetid nuclearized mud of western Asia, rather than the middle-East, where we can better kill, kill, kill from the safety of remote computer-game bunkers where our kids can rain death on towel heads and WOOT their triumphs on Twitter when off-shift;
  • the unconscionable denial of hideous war crimes perpetrated by the former administration; the similar denial of the erosion of constitutional civil rights to privacy, speedy trial, habeas corpus, and due process;
  • the cynical and arrogant support of the wholesale looting of the assets of the American middle and lower classes to reward 21st century Robber Barons, common thieves, and organized gangsters, rewarding crime with government employment and outrageous payouts;
  • diversion of trillions of soon-to-be worthless dollars from the devastated, victimized people desperate for jobs, food, housing, and the least protection from misery, disease, and death;
  • the bare-assed bold abandonment of the promise of transparency in government and the further development of a surveillance and "crowd-control" state;
  • the solidification of ties with the paranoid and blood-thirsty genocidal state of Zion.
My list here is woefully incomplete, but, I think, enough of an indictment to demand a refutation by anyone who can provide one. "Wait and see" just. Doesn't. Cut. It. I have seen enough and seen it clearly.

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I am not disappointed, for disappointment derives only from hope and/or expectation that truth and justice and reconciliation will occur. I knew better.

I am not alone in my indictment. Witness . . .

Kunstler, from "Note: Hope = Truth":
What it comes down to, apparently, is a leadership elite across all sectors -- politics, business, academia, media -- that is incapable of processing the truth, and then conveying it to the broad American public. Alas, this also appears to be a common theme in history, with a commonly tragic outcome, which is that elites get ruthlessly dumped and replaced by new elites, often composed of zealots, maniacs, nincompoops, and others generally ill-disposed to the able management of complex affairs. It's called the "circulation of elites," and in times of crisis it tends to take on a kind of downward spiraling flavor, with each gang of discredited leaders tossed out for a progressively worse one until a kind of exhaustion is reached -- whereupon the archetypal man-on-a-white-horse arrives on the scene . . .
Kimberley, with "No Better Off with the Democrats":
How much better off are we because Democrat Barack Obama defeated Republican John McCain for the presidency? What do Americans have to look forward to this year that they did not last year? The departure of a Republican administration and the arrival of a Democratic one ought to mean that sweeping changes in domestic and foreign policy have come to the United States . . .

The lack of improvement in this administration is not confined to foreign policy. The economic collapse that began under Bush is ongoing. The new administration’s policy consists of the same discredited moves that began in the waning days of Republican rule. Billions of dollars have been poured down an endless black hole of welfare to the financial services industry, a policy blessed by then candidate Obama . . .

Barack Obama is clearly a very smart, charismatic man. He is smoother and smarter than Bush or McCain, but at the end of the day that matters little if the economy continues failing or if the United States increases its body count in Afghanistan and Pakistan. No one should apologize any longer for pointing out the lack of difference between Democrats and Republicans. This country and the world are in as much trouble in 2009 with Obama as in 2008 with Bush. Our only hope is for citizens to acknowledge these painful facts and seek ways to bring about change themselves. Change certainly won’t come from a president, even of the Democratic Party.
Les Visible at Smoking Mirrors writes:
I guess I have to say that crime is the normal character of government and business in the United States and probably over most of the world. Decent and capable people are not allowed anywhere near the levers of power until they’ve been compromised one way or another and then they’re no longer decent though they may still be capable; capable of anything . . .

Where I live there are criminals who go around in trucks and empty houses of ALL of their contents; appliances, fixtures, the tile on the floor, the windows… everything. There are criminals everywhere and depending on the state of the economy there may be more criminals at one time than another. When the people making the laws and enforcing the laws are criminals then, it is only natural that many an enterprising soul will also take to crime . . .
At Global Research, Mike Whitney declares:
The banks are all playing the same game of hide-n-seek, trying to hoodwink the public into thinking they are in a stronger capital position than they really are. It's just more Wall Street chicanery papered over with vapid media propaganda. The giant brokerage houses and the financial media are two spokes on the same wheel gliding along in perfect harmony. Unfortunately, media fanfare and massaging the numbers won't pull the economy out of its downward spiral or bring about a long-term recovery. That will take fiscal policy, jobs programs, debt relief, mortgage writedowns and a progressive plan to rebuild the nation's economy on a solid foundation of productivity and regular wage increases. So far, the Obama administration has focused all its attention and resources on the financial system rather than working people. That won't fix the problem.

Deflation has latched on to the economy like a pitbull on a porkchop. Food and fuel prices fell in March by 0.1 percent while unemployment continued its slide towards 10 percent. Wholesale prices fell by the most in the last 12 months since 1950. According to MarketWatch, "Industrial production is down 13.3% since the recession began in December 2007, the largest percentage decline since the end of World War II"....The capacity utilization rate for total industry fell further to 69.3 percent, a historical low for this series, which begins in 1967." (Federal Reserve) The persistent fall in housing prices (30 percent) and losses in home equity only add to deflationary pressures. The wind is exiting the humongous credit bubble in one great gust . . .

This is it. It is not the bottom line. My evidence, and there's plenty of it, says that it's going to get much worse. We're below the bottom line and are about to fall from a great depth.

Disagree? Show me your evidence. I'm waiting.
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