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On Auto Manufacturers, Tax Dollars and Import Tariffs
Thursday, 21 May 2009 08:22
by Peter Stern

It's a depression, damn it, NOT a recession! - Auto Manufacturers and Congress Need to Get Aggressive

First off, Americans should boycott Chrysler. The leaders of that corporation are far too arrogant and unethical to benefit the American public on any level. They have taken billions of our tax dollars and have NOT worked in the best interests of the American community. They have threatened bankruptcy at every turn despite the billions taken from taxpayers for its own purposes. Chrysler should go into bankruptcy and/or should shut-down completely instead of its closing down a few hundred dealerships. This is just another Chrysler ploy. Leadership there really does not have a good "poker face".

As for GM, there is speculation that Chinese imports will cause it trouble in the near future. I think the administration and congress need to step-up on this issue and take immediate action.

Ford has acted quite honorably under our economic hardships and should be congratulated. Americans should buy Ford products without hesitation.

The bottom-line is that the U.S. should triple the tariffs and fees of Chinese, Japanese and other auto imports so that people buy more American made products. Then there will be a demand for our own products because they will be cheaper and it will open the doors for more American hiring and business expansion.

It's time the U.S. makes the appropriate changes that will enable Americans to get passed this economic depression and to set the bar higher on the World level. We must do whatever necessary for our auto industry and to place the market on a better slant to buy American made products. It's time we are more market competitive here and overseas.

Peter Stern, 16700 FM 1826, Driftwood, TX 78619, 512-426-4802

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