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Friday, 29 May 2009 05:28
by ddjango

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.
- Ellen Glasgow

I really couldn't help but chuckle, listening to Weekend Edition, when Daniel Schorr declared that Obama had "disappointed progressives". He cited the president's re-deal of military tribunals. Heh. If that's the only thing that's upsetting the proggies, they're still under the sedative-hypnotic spell of Oxybama, a drug that wipes memory, causes hallucinations, and distorts reality into some twisted remake of The Wizard of Oz. Sigh and sigh again.

As Andrew Hughes points out at Global Research:
After 8 years of the Bush-Cheney nightmare during which we saw the wanton destruction of Afghanistan and Iraq, the cynical negation of centuries of Law designed to protect the most basic human rights and a foreign policy worthy of Genghis Khan, there came along the "Great Black Hope" in the persona of Barack Obama. The collective world consciousness turned uncritically to what was presented as a new era for peace, change and trust in Government.

Never before had one witnessed such an accomplished use of manipulation, propaganda, imagery and public relations wizardry to sell the public a man who was to take the baton from Bush and run with it in the race to destroy the economy, the rights of the people and help birth a nation totally controlled by those who have always lurked in the shadows of power. "Change" was promised and was delivered in the form of a deepening of the already Dystopic nightmare.

Promises were broken with no apology, the same creative legalese that infested the Bush administration, in the form of John Yoo and Alberto Gonzalez, was again used to deny justice to the inmates of Guantanamo, It was used to justify more torture, more destruction of the Constitution and more illegal surveillance of U.S. citizens.

The President that extended the hand of peace to the Muslim world has murdered hundreds of Pakistani men, women and children. The President who promised accountability in Government has filled his staff with lobbyists, banksters and warmongers. His Attorney General refuses to prosecute some of the worst war crimes committed in modern history and continues to give legal cover to criminals who tortured with impunity.

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The country has been further bankrupted by the continuing theft of taxpayer money as the Wall St. campaign donors receive their quid pro quo. Obama has stood by idly as Bernancke states that the private Federal Reserve is not answerable to either Congress of the American public. The U.S. taxpayer is now on the hook for $14.3 Trillion and rising. Foreclosures and unemployment are rising with no meaningful efforts by the administration to alleviate the symptoms, never mind the cause. The new image of America is one of tent cities, lengthening soup kitchen lines, sheriffs evicting countless thousands of young and old from their homes, once prosperous towns descending in to an eerie stillness and an increasingly disillusioned populace.

The "War on terrorism" has mutated into a control grid for an increasingly aware population. The foundation for this had already been put in place by Bush with the Patriot Act, Patriot Act 2, Military commissions act and numerous executive orders that strangled what was left of Posse Comitatus and the Constitution ...
If there's anyone left on the Left encouraging us to "give him time", I say to them "for what?".

Lest the friendly feds knock on my door before you've finished reading this, let me take pains to reiterate that I do not advocate overthrowing the US government, either violently or non-violently. I do not call for revolution. The fact is that the government has already done a fine job in overthrowing itself - and us in the bargain. The revolution was televised, in 3D, HiDef, and Dolby Surround Sound. It was, many thought, just the latest Spielberg release of "Father Knows Best/Judgment Day". And Dick Cheney as The Beaver. As I said a few days ago, the new world order is already here; it'll just take a few more months for the collective unconscious to explode.

Just like many of you, money's THE issue right now. It's hard for me to worry about The Bill of Rights, three big wars and a lot of "interventions" by spooks and "special forces rapid-response teams", gay marriage, green energy, Miss California, Rush Limbaugh or even who will be the next Injustice on the SCOTUS, when I know my unemployment is running out in about six weeks and I'm facing homeless again if I can't find a job.

I'm not above hoping that maybe everything will be OK if I can just find work. But reality trumps hope for me . . . I know better. William Gibson (Mona Lisa Overdrive, etc.) once said something like "the future is here, it's just not widely distributed". The Bilderberg Group met last weekend to decide on distribution. Anyone who still thinks that there is the time and ability to organize against their plans needs an extra bowl or two of Reality Flakes tomorrow morning.

Behind the curtain of economic metachange, the technology supporting the rulers' agenda is being perfected. A lot of it is already in place. Here are some of the issues to which that technology, with the narrowest of distributions, will be applied ...

The world is severely overpopulated with humans; not just the environment, but the entire ecology is in a critical spiral. Islam is fighting for its existence against the Judeo-Christian world as other national and regional powers strive for hegemony. True democracy is a fallacy; fascism/corporatism is gaining ground. The peoples of the entire world are restless, hungry, angry, and tired; many are just itching for a fight - anything to return hope and justice to their lives.

And the western oligarchic rulers are afraid. The middle eastern and western Asian tribes are not just going to roll over. Democratic socialism has gained purchase in South and Central America, Africa has turned mad with sado-masochism, China stumbles under its own sheer weight. Russia cannot let go of its massive, mafia-controlled ego. And on and on.

I have come to see the economic monster as a front man, a kind of King Kong on the stage in front of a thick curtain. Even though it is a terrifying reality, it serves as a momentous distraction from a more terrifying reality going on behind the curtain. That is the reality of techno-fascism.

This reality is not really a secret. We are being constantly bombarded with and indoctrinated into this reality through the mainstream media (print, tv, movies, and internet). Information is readily available; but it is absorbed constantly as entertainment, progress, wondrous science, exciting and liberating technology. Don't be fooled. The science and technology is real, but its applications are sinister. Yes, there is the potential of unprecedented benefit to humankind. But that benefit will only be achieved through a process of democratization, the likelihood of which is smaller than the chances of capitalism miraculously returning to the rising tide which floats, rather than sinks, all boats. The knowledge indeed is vaguely democratized; but here, knowledge is opium, not power. Ownership is power - not knowledge.

Some of these ideas were presented recently in "Transhumanism and the Limits of Democracy", a paper presented at the Workshop on Transhumanism and Democracy by Ronald Bailey . . .
The workshop addressed such questions as how does the enhancement of human beings through biotechnology, information technology, and applied cognitive sciences affect our understandings of autonomy, personhood, responsibility and free will? And how much and what type of societal control should be exercised over the use of enhancement technologies?

What is transhumanism? A pretty good definition is offered by bioethicist and transhumanist James Hughes who states that transhumanism is "the idea that humans can use reason to transcend the limitation of the human condition."[i] Specifically, transhumanists welcome the development of intimate technologies that will enable people to boost their life spans, enhance their intellectual capacities, augment their athletic abilities, and choose their preferred emotional states. What's particularly noteworthy is that Hughes argues that democratic decision-making is central to the task of guiding humanity into the transhuman future.

I will argue that where Hughes and others go wrong is in fetishizing democratic decision-making over the protection of minority rights. Second, I will argue that transhumanism should be accepted as a reasonable comprehensive doctrine and, as such, that it should be tolerated in liberal societies by those who disagree with its goals. Third, I will illustrate the problems of democratic authoritarianism by detailing some of the history of legal interference with reproductive rights. And then, I will briefly outline and analyze various arguments used by opponents of human enhancement which they hope will sway a majority into essentially outlawing the transhumanist enterprise ...
Since I don't usually subject my readers to this sort of stuff, I ask you to read it again. Because what Bailey is saying is, "We made this stuff, we control this stuff, we own this stuff, the hoi polloi don't get it, we know more, we know best, so bugger off."

Did you understand the dismissal of "democratic authoritarianism" in this context?? It means, "people, get outta my effing way." It is the claim of the master to justify slavery, oppression, and the central control of physical and spiritual wealth. It is the motto of Evilution. Bailey's article deserves a thorough, patient, and critical read, because it exactly expresses the views of a small, but extremely powerful cadre of scientist, technicians, corporatists, and ruling elitists determined to gain even more power at humanity's expense.

One of the best examples of the sought-after "human enhancement" movement is the development of the "Super Warrior". Rather than attempt to explain this in words, I simply direct your attention to this image. You'll get the picture. And if you think this being is being developed to defend freedom and democracy, you need an injection of Get Your Head Out of Your ...

In fact, Bailey goes on to say ...
It is an unfortunate historical fact that plenty of unenhanced humans have been quite capable of believing that millions of their fellow unenhanced humans were inferiors who needed to be eradicated.[xxxv] However, as liberal political institutions, with their limits on the power of the state, have spread and strengthened, they have increasingly restrained technologically superior groups from automatically wiping out less advanced peoples (which was usual throughout most of history). There is no a priori reason to believe that this dynamic will not continue in the future as biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, and computational technologies progressively increase people's capabilities and widen their choices.

Opponents of human enhancement focus on the alleged social harms that might result, while overlooking the huge social costs that foregoing the benefits of enhancement technologies would entail. Allen Buchanan posits "that some enhancements will increase human productivity very broadly conceived and thereby create the potential for large-scale increases in human well-being, and that the enhancements that are most likely to attract sufficient resources to become widespread will be those that promise increased productivity and will often exhibit what economists call network effects; the benefit to the individual of being enhanced will depend upon, or at least be greatly augmented by others having the enhancement as well ..."
Frankly, this crap exhausts me. I fear that this evil is the final stake in the heart of democracy, of self-determination, and frankly, of humanity as we know it.

Is the only way to save humanity based in it's virtual specicide? Are we doomed to die at the hands of mad scientists or be enslaved by them? If not, please show us a non-violent way.

Be at and about peace.
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