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Untamed Atrocity: "Creative Destruction" at Work in Baghdad
Monday, 19 February 2007 12:08
by Chris Floyd

Car Bombs Kill at Least 60 at Baghdad Market (New York Times)

The intent of bombings such as this is clear: someone is trying to draw out the Shiite militias – specifically, the Mahdi Army militia of Moqtada al-Sadr, the only powerful armed faction in Iraq that maintains a quasi-independence from the Americans, the Iranians, the Ayatollah Sistani and the Maliki government.

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki cannot simply attack the Mahdi Army directly as part of the "dazzling" surge he and the Bush Administration are putting on; that would be political suicide for Maliki, who still depends on Sadr's faction to keep his grip on the exceedingly poisoned chalice of the Green Zone government. Yet it has long been apparent that the Bushists now want to settle up with Sadr once and for all. Maliki is caught between these clashing rocks, serving two irreconcilable masters: the American conquerors, and the fundamentalist cleric who commands the loyalty of vast swathes of the Iraqi electorate, specifically the masses of poor Shiites. The only way Maliki could countenance a military move against Sadr is if it is taken out of his hands entirely – i.e., if the Americans are forced to respond to attacks from Mahdi units enraged by the current campaign of bombing.

Sadr, meanwhile, is playing the long game. He has announced that his people will "cooperate" with the government's security crackdown, giving Maliki the necessary cover to hold back on any moves against the Mahdi Army. Sadr knows what anyone with eyes can see: that those vast swathes of Shiites now loyal to him hold the nation's future in their hands. Whoever can win and maintain their respect and support will be the most powerful figure in Iraq, whatever office he does or does not hold. 

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The only way this outcome will not hold true is if the Mahdi Army is wiped out on the battlefield, and a Saddam-like reign of terror decimates and cows the Shiites back into submission. Therefore it is in the interest of every faction in Iraq that would like to eliminate Sadr and his faction from the power equation to draw the Mahdi Army out of hiding now through extreme provocations.

Unnamed "American and Iraqi officials" tell the New York Times that the current wave of atrocities in the Shiite enclaves is likely the work of "Sunni militants" seeking to enflame sectarian tensions and undermine the government. And it may well be so. But if it so, then the Sunni militants and the Bush Faction have the same goal in the current operation: to provoke the Mahdi Army into action so it can then be destroyed by American forces.

(Here one cannot help but recall the Pentagon's plan to set up the "Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group (P2OG)," designed to "infiltrate terrorist groups" and "stimulate" them into action, in order to flush them out and destroy them. The plan was first uncovered by William Arkin in 2002. For more, see Into the Dark: The Pentagon Plan to Foment Terrorism, and Ulster on the Euphrates: The Anglo-American Dirty War in Iraq.)

While the gasbags in the U.S. Senate dither over a toothless, meaningless "non-binding resolution" expressing some displeasure over one small aspect of George W. Bush's monstrous on-going war crime, there is very dirty business afoot in Baghdad. The "creative destruction" once hymned by the war's loudest cheerleaders has reached a such level of noxious murk that there is scarcely any way of knowing just who is behind what anymore – perhaps even the perpetrators themselves have no idea whose interests they are actually serving.

In this grim mephitic fog, only two facts are clear: Innocent people keep on dying – and war profiteers keep banking the loot.
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a guest said:

anglosaxon nation -like england is th emain sposor of terrorism
october, 2002.

So according the the Guardian editorial on 2nd of Decemebr 2002 The british should try to topple, if they could have the power, the persons like daddam hussain, Dr. M. mahathir of malasia. Mr. Mugabe of Zimbawe, and Mr. Jacque Ciraque Of france. All of these people have one thinmg in common-they have all challneged the english bastardy and bully tactics . In fact their oppesition ot english intersts must make them heroes for the rest of world becasue entglish are the curse of this world and are real pestilence which should ebe eliminated. Remmeber when israel had bombed Iraques nuclear reactor in summer of 1981 days befor it going critical then it was the english media and their stooge english media who wre doing anti israeli propaganda along with Iraq-ofcourse at that time english thought that the only way to get ARAB MONEY WAS BY LICKING ARAB'S ARSE.- when america is kicking that arse then english like a hyena-that they are-have joined them. In fact english are actively sabotaging and spying european trade secrets-english are enemies not only of coloured population of the world but all other whites of Europe and of even america-english infiltration inside america has ensured that america foreign policy and even domestic policy is run for english benefit and small number of anglosaxonx(who are basically plumber class in america just like in england)-english is a race of pirates turned blumbers)That is why english have infiltrated media and hollywpood and are boring the rest of the world with their rubbish actors and actreess-who are more of whores than anything-that too ugly english whore. That is why though england does not produce anything worthwhile-may be infected beef?-it is still not under recession while japan .far east and whiole of europe has been made to live in prolonged recession by the english manipulation of stock market world bank and all unproductive financial transations.

The French prseident is right is demanding that britain give back to E. U. what it has been taking
unfairly for so long. After all it was never entitled to those money . Besides it has n=been britain who has been vociferous in wanting the enlargement of europe. The prupose why england wanted enlargement was basically to derail european integration and create a rift amonst partner states so that wiht the hepl of america braitain can As a pet dog of super=power(but never a power in itself though
propaganda would be about engand being some sort of power) this rubbish thirld rate country would terrorize and hopefully rule_as american proxy over other countries outside europe. In opther word england is harbouring an ambition of proxy empire(with american help_If it could do on its own then it owuld not have cared for america). tHAT ABITION OF enGLAND MUST BE CRUSHED.


25th october 2002

On the day chechnyan terrorists tokk hostage of 500 civilains in
A Moscow theatre, The headline of BBC was not about that but about sharp shooter terrorist being suppsedly caught in washington> In fact theis chechnyian news was fifth in item(including head line) . These days atlast the british media even say about chechnyian terrorist as terrorist otherwise 2 years ago they were always calling them freedom fighters(which they are -but that is another story). In fact the british media and england as a country had been actively supporting and giving material help to checnyaina terrorists9aided by cia and british spy and british media aswell).
If you lok at the report of british media then you realize the british involvemnt in terrorism by the chechnyian terrorists. When three multistory falts were wiped pout by terrorist in central Moscow a few years ago there was a gleee in british reprting and a criticism of later security arrangemnt by Russian forces in Moscow. ofcourse the british media would have been horrified and bar=king like a dog(which they are) if the Russians had decided to destory checknian civilians as the americans did in afganistan. Then you realize the humbug of british propaganda against terrorism-it is selective and meant to facilitate british infiltration in other countries, In fact the afganistan govet(after fall of Taliban) was oppsed to british tyroops (after all americans fought -what have british got?)presence in afgansitan-but armtwisting by british through american help ensures that rbtitish troops are there in afgansitan0they are forgeing infioltrators and thus should be eliminated(they have less legal reason to be in afgansitan than the soviets who had been primarily invited by the govt, of the day). the british involvemtn in international terrorism is not confined to agasnt Russian interset only.
When the kashmiris killed several Indian soldiers(regular phenomenon) the british paper(independent) blamed India for being a target of terrrism and not talking enough with what it called freedom fighters.(terminology changes according to british interts). Infact during the 80s when India was really relatively stable and srtongatlest the govet, was) then the british decided to destabilize India by sponsoring Sikh terrorismand taliban terorism aswell(agasnt INDIA AND AFGANSITAN). It is only when India has virtually been subjugated to look after british and american interst in economics and (with rteal weakening of india as military power) that the british decided to take supprt for terrrism somewhere else.
The whole world is being put under sieze by theis thrird rate power-england-a nation of plumbers(graduation from a nation of pirates turned shopkeepers) The modus operandi of english is by propaganda and spying through british media-paper, bbc and television-they have infiltrated american media and holly wood and are taking jobs from real americans too, They are real enemy of europe and are the main peple respnisnble for truning nations into thrild world and putting them down to status of thrirld world. Look ate how they destryed japansesw economy through manipulative stock market-while their market never crashes and their low life living in factory turned apartmnets-so ugly-never gets busted.
The world has to rise against this anglosaxon who are waging race war agasint all non anglosaxonas -, That evil can be defeated and eliminated -only people have to recognize real enemyaand then eliminate them.
February 20, 2007
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