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NovaM Radio
Monday, 30 October 2006 03:33

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Peter B. Collins is a well-known broadcaster, voice-over talent, entrepreneur, and media consultant based in San Francisco.

He started in radio in Chicago in the 1970's, as an air personality and talk show host at ABC-owned WLS-FM, where his nightly program was rated number one. He moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1976, and hosted talk programs on ABC's KGO-AM, the market leader. He spent most of the 1980's hosting a top-rated morning show on CBS-owned KRQR. In 1989, he moved back into talk radio with an afternoon program on KNBR, and crossed the street to KSFO in 1993 for afternoon drive when that station adopted a talk format. At KNBR, Peter B. co-hosted a daily one-hour food and wine show, featuring many acclaimed winemakers and chefs.

His distinct and authoritative voice has been heard in hundreds of radio and TV commercials, as well as station promos for TV and radio, non-broadcast sales and training programs, CD-ROM's and voice mail systems. He is host of Behind the Wheel, a new-car review that airs on radio stations and on the Internet.

Since 1986, he has served as board president of the Freedom Foundation, a nonprofit based at San Quentin Prison, which provides legal and investigative assistance to wrongfully convicted inmates in California. He is an officer of the San Francisco Local of AFTRA, the American Federation of TV and Radio Artists, and serves on AFTRA's national board.

Email Peter B: peter@peterbcollins.com


Who is Mike Malloy?

Mike Malloy came to talk radio by accident. Writing for CNN in 1987, a friend at an Atlanta radio station told him there was an opening for a talk show host on the weekends. Malloy gave it a try and found a home.

Since then, his radio experience has included WSB-AM in Atlanta, and WLS-AM in Chicago. Additionally, Mike's nationally-syndicated program was carried for three years on affiliates of the former IE America Radio Network. He joined Air America Radio Network in August, 2004. In October, 2006, Mike signed on with the new Liberal radio network, Nova M.


In addition to writing for CNN (1984-87) and CNN-International (2000), his professional experience included newspaper columnist and editor, writer, rock concert producer and actor. It is not difficult to pigeon-hole Malloy politically. Generally speaking, he is a traditional Democrat working to return the Democratic Party to its historic liberal roots.
He is married, with six children - the youngest of whom was born in 2004 - and five grandchildren.

Who is Kathy Bay?

Married to Mike in 1997, Kathy never expected a career in radio as a talk show producer. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Kathy was completing her nursing degree when she was given the opportunity to fill-in temporarily as producer of the Mike Malloy Show. Within a few weeks she knew she'd found more than a temp job; she'd found a new career.

A life-long "talk radio junkie," Kathy takes her job seriously and thoroughly enjoys producing a talk show that's intelligent, factual, informative, and most of all entertaining. She now takes great pride -- and has great fun – in the two biggest joys in her life: Her now two-year-old daughter Molly, and continuing the fight against the political Flying Monkey Right.


About the Doc

Dr. Mike Newcomb is known in the media as a progressive political commentator. He is a regular contributor to the Arizona Republic newspaper, and the charismatic host of the smash hit liberal radio talk show"The Mike Newcomb Show"

Mike is also a medical doctor who specializes in caring for the elderly and impoverished. He has a strong belief in the value of human health and dignity, and often treats his patients in the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

Guided by his passion for public service, Dr. Newcomb threw his hat into the political ring – running for Governor of Arizona in 2002. In his first campaign for public office, Mike was the youngest major party candidate for Governor in any of the 50 states. His progressive message -- “investing in our greatest asset, our people” -- clearly resonated with voters. In the 2002 Arizona Democratic Gubernatorial Primary, Mike garnered more votes per dollar than any candidate in the field.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Mike’s parents are lifelong railroad employees who spent a portion of their youth on welfare. Mike is grateful that Federal Government programs were able to provide his family with “a bridge to a brighter future.” The first one of his kin to attend college and to become a physician, Mike believes that education is “the great equalizer of society.” He earned his undergraduate degree in Philosophy at New York University, received his medical degree from Hahnemann University and completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Arizona.

Dr. Newcomb has served as Chairman and CEO of multiple healthcare companies. In addition to his fervor for politics and medicine, he is an avid historian on the life of Benjamin Franklin, and also enjoys reading, chess and sports. He lives with his wife Maritza and their two children in Phoenix.


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