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National Impeachment Movement this Saturday in Philadelphia!
Friday, 10 November 2006 03:18
by Dave Lindorff,

With Democrats in control of Congress again, it's time to start a national campaign for impeachment.

Nancy Pelosi may say no impeachment, but the American public wants it to happen. They know that this administration is a clear and present danger to Constitutional government and to the rule of law, and they want Congress to act.

Music by Tom Chelston


In order to get Pelosi and the rest of Congress to obey their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, a coalition of organizations is meeting this Saturday at 1 in Philadelphia, just a block north of Independence Hall where over two centuries ago the Constitution was written and signed. Groups including Gold Star Families for Peace, Democrats.com, Veterans for Peace, Code Pink, Impeachpac, and others, joined by representatives from such organizations as NOW, Constitution Summer and the After Downing Street Coalition, will be plotting on how to build a national movement.

Among the plans being discussed are a march on the Capital in January and delivery of a million signatures on an impeachment petition.

There will also be a panel of bloggers, including yours truly, talking about how to get impeachment into the media and public consciousness.

Tickets to this historic event are $10 at the door, but readers of this column can get theirs free by going to national impeachment movement. Look there too for a schedule of events, directions to the Constitution Center and Kirby Hall, where the forum will be held.

Spread the word, and let's make impeachment happen!
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