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Cutting Edge Catamaran Construction and Design
Friday, 14 September 2007 17:22
by Richard Kastelein
Avante Yachts is a Catamaran Design and Construction consultancy circled on using the latest, cutting edge eco-technology in design and engineering with pod-drives, diesel-electric drives, as well as alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, water and hydrogen. We are specialists in constructing high quality vessels in Latin America including Brazil, Ecuador and Belize.

GRONINGEN, NETHERLANDS (PRWEB) September 16, 2007 — With many years in the Marine Industry Avante Yachts is focused on consulting clients in building innovative, sail and power multihulls using the latest eco-friendly, cost-effective marine technology on the market. Especially in Latin America, with its competitive salaries and top notch engineers and tradesmen.

"We feel that Latin America is a viable option to building boats in China - as so many other boatbuilders in the industry look east," stated American partner Allen Brown. "And that's for a number of great reasons... including the outstanding government support mechanisms in place to support boat builders in the region," he added.

Company co-founder Brown engineering at MIT in the sixties and has been a boatbuilder for over 20 years - bringing a plethora of innovative and creative engineering to the company.

"Not only do we feel that using emerging technologies to drastically save on the cost of, or completely eliminate fossil fuels (it may be inevitable), makes sense... I think it's simply smart boatbuilding to use what tools and products we have available to build better, more efficient boats," said Dutchman Richard Kastelein, Brown's partner. "And the fact that we can consult on building boats that are more environmentally friendly in an increasingly more sensitive ocean environment also adheres to our ethos."

Like so many areas of technology that are growing exponentially due to the general explosion of knowledge in the information age - incredible advances in alternative and more efficient marine industry alternatives for power, design and communications are very real. And very exciting.

"What was not feasible five years ago is very possible now," added Kastelein. "We have now shifted from hands-on boatbuilding to consulting and managing projects," adding that Avante Yachts has been active with building projects in Ecuador, Brazil and Belize over the past few years.

The company owners stated they are working with several clients and investors to build boats using hybrid diesel-electric and straight electric drives for propulsion in their catamarans in order to capture market share in what they feel is the next wave in the industry due to the rapidly rising cost of fuel and pollution-restricting legislation.

"Imagine an electric day charter sail catamaran for a hotel that is plugged in to shore power every night and runs every day without a drop of combustible fuel," stated Kastelein. "No pollution affecting sensitive reefs, lowering of operational costs, less noise, and no offensive diesel fumes… it's a win, win situation. The market is huge and there are very few builders and designers who are facing the rapid changes and building boats using these technologies," he added.

The group not only has day charter catamarans on their mind - but has also been discussing the production of cruising power and sail catamaran lines with several designers. Avante Yachts are looking towards capitalizing on the latest technologies in yacht construction to fuse efficiency, strength and quality in their boats.

The advantages of building in latin America include - government programs and Industry support allowing for duty free importation of quality marine products from overseas for boatbuilders that export their final product out of the country, large pools of talented engineers and craftspersons, competitive salaries, low cost of living, vast array of fine products such as farmed hardwoods, resins, composites, fibreglass and much more….

Access to the American market is paramount with Miami, Florida - the heart of the global boating industry only a heartbeat away. One of the great problems with building in the East is market access.

For more information please visit www.avanteyachts.com or contact us by email at sales@avanteyachts.com

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