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Cheney Sounds Out Jordan, Egypt on U.S. Bombing of Iran
Thursday, 27 September 2007 14:42
by Marjorie Cohn

My cousin Larry Russell, a travel writer, spent three weeks (May 11 through May 31 of 2007) in Jordan as a guest of the Jordanian Tourist Board. He was invited to dinner at the home of Karim Kawar, Jordan's ex- ambassador to the United States (2002-06), in Amman. Dick Cheney and his daughter were Kawar's guests two nights before Larry arrived. Kawar confided to Larry that "Cheney's mission was to sound out the reaction to a forthcoming bombing of Iran's nuclear sites (no ground invasion planned) by the U.S. from Jordan's King Abdullah and President Mubarak of Egypt. They both rejected the idea."

When Larry pointed out that Jordan and Egypt receive regular economic and military equipment assistance from the United States so any resistance to this plan on their parts would probably be of a token nature at best, Kawar just smiled.

Marjorie Cohn is a professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law and President of the National Lawyers Guild. Her new book, Cowboy Republic: Six Ways the Bush Gang Has Defied the Law, was just published. Her articles are archived here .

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a guest said:

apparently,i am a minority of one and most of this world heartily disagrees(including daniel ellserg)with what i observe to be the truth...that bushes,cheney and associates,have a loyalty to the richest arab nations,saudi arabia,egypt,emirates and that our u.s.policies(covertly) are designed to their benefit.the bush crime syndicate could most certainly be bought by the extreme wealth of the arabs....but it may have more to do with religion that binds them...a religion much older than christianty and islam...a religion that i believe never died,but went underground until the time be right for re-emergence.the religion of going forth,as recorded in the egyptian books of the dead.money and religion make fanatical bedfellows...and these fanatic despots all fancy themselves as pharoahs.anyway,i seriously doubt that any bush has a future,politically or otherwise in america and i expect that after their dastardly deeds are fully realized,they will jump ship and join the(go-aheads) cheney's,already embedded in dubai.i know you will think this is far-fetched,but i want to go on the record,as i believe this is the hidden truth.
September 27, 2007 | url
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